Happy Birthday Ranbir Kapoor!

Happy Birthday Ranbir!  I’m not giving you 33 reasons, because you haven’t been in enough movies for me to come up with them!  Plus, I am worn out after my 84 for Yash Chopra.  But, I will give you 12!  And maybe, if Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is really good, you will earn 34 for next year.

1. 1. I love you because you had a hard childhood and don’t pull any punches talking about it.  You may have been raised in a wealthy and glamorous family, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t still suffer with your parents’ fighting, separations, and problems.

2. I love you because you studied at NYU before you tried to make it as a star, even though your name alone could have guaranteed you a part with no training.

3. I love you because you paid your dues in India as well, as an AD to Bhansali before you had your launch.

4. I love you because you weren’t ashamed to pay tribute to your father and drop a towel in your intro scene, just like he did decades earlier in Bobby.

Image result for ranbir kapoor towel

5. I love you because, although the movie itself is not the best, I really like this one song form your first film.


6. I love you because you paid tribute to your Dad again by singing one of his biggest hits, while still putting your own stamp on it, in your next film which became your first big hit.


7.  I love you because Wake Up Sid is a legitimately good movie in every way, and you were brave enough to take a risk on an untried director with a strange story idea.


8. Speaking of risky scripts, you took a chance on Rockstar as well.  Which gave you a chance to share the screen with your great-uncle Shammi at least one time.


9.  Most of all, Rockstar let you give a really raw performance supported by an amazing soundtrack.

10.  I love you because you followed the very different movies Rockstar and Barfi! with a big mainstream hit, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, and showed that you have what it takes to be the standard singing dancing star.


11.  I love you because you openly admit that Besharam was an enormous mistake.  Although at least this one song is kind of nice?


12.  Tamasha, your most recent film, was not the greatest movie.  But again, great songs!  And you did your best to sell them.


Special bonus 13th reason: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil looks really pretty and you look very pretty in it.


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