My First Real Post Post-Depression! Shahrukh is Bringing Me Out of It!

I want to spend another day listening to lament songs and distracting myself by doing work-work, like reconciling the office bank statement.  But Shahrukh is dragging me out of it.  I can’t NOT post about a new Dear Zindagi trailer.

It’s a song trailer, and the song is just so-so.  Makes me wonder if maybe this is one of the songs that was written last minute to replace an Ali Zafar song?  Or maybe it’s just a so-so song.


It does give a little more background to the plot, but just the background we were already guessing kind of.  Alia is depressed (not like I’m depressed right now, but like mentally ill depressed.  For instance, difficulty sleeping), and it is related to a recent break-up.  And it looks like her happy ending isn’t falling in love again, but learning to be happy as herself.

More importantly, her happy ending is meeting Shahrukh!  Did you see how the lighting changed even, as soon as he appeared?  It all became warm and glowing and happy again.

I’m going to try to replicate that experience, I’ve got friends coming over tonight so I won’t be alone, we are all going to eat ice cream and cry together, and maybe watch “Dard-E-Disco” on endless repeat.



2 thoughts on “My First Real Post Post-Depression! Shahrukh is Bringing Me Out of It!

    • I listened to the whole version on Saavn and ended up liking it better that way, than in bits and pieces in the trailer. I’ll throw it out to my friends tonight at our pity party, and see what the consensus is.


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