Happy Children’s Day!!!

Children’s Day in India is November 14th, because that’s Nehru’s birthday, and Nehru loved children.  Isn’t that sweet?  And, just like World Animal Day and all the other sub-holidays, I am marking the occasion with a theme video post.

This is one of those topics where I am kind of over-whelmed by options.  So I am going to start with a less well-known one, from a so-so movie, but I really like the soundtrack, so it is the first one that springs to mind.  Plus Amitabh!


All those kids are orphans, which makes me think of the whole rich stream of orphan’s children’s songs.  For instance, the remake of Annie, King Uncle, and their version of “It’s a Hard-Knock Life”!


These orphans are having fun in the mountains, but the real fun for the orphanage day out is of course Disneyland!!!  Where Hema and her orphans went in a fantasy in Dream Girl!


Of course, some orphans are lucky enough to get Shahrukh Khan as a guardian.


Or Aamir (hey!  Juhi’s there too!  She’s always the best nanny-housekeeper-love interest for your guardian)


Although I guess Rani’s an okay nanny-housekeeper-love interest for your guardian too!  Plus, she’s magic!


Of course Salman is such a softy, he doesn’t even need his nanny-housekeeper-love interest to help him!  He is completely fine at childcare all by himself.


So long as we’re getting into the slightly more meaningful and touching songs, let’s watch Shahrukh make a plea for every child to have the chance to shine.


And then Aamir giving the exact same message!


Speaking of Taare Zameen Par, and just in case you need to clear out your sinuses, here is the saddest song ever,


Okay, I can’t leave you with that!  It’s too sad!  Let’s go out on a high note, a super super catchy and fun and ridiculous song!  Be warned, it will stay in your head alllllllllll day.

21 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day!!!

  1. OK, here’s a song. Since you have quite a few with orphan children, here’s one from the Telugu film Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari (Chiranjeevi and Sridevi) which I hope entices you into watching the film, if you haven’t already. 🙂


      • I thought you would be aware of Chiranjeevi by now (aka “Megastar”). Ram Charan Teja (star of Magadheera) is his son, but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a resemblance between them.

        He’s also uncle to Allu Arjun, and a whole bunch of other nephews who’ve recently joined the industry. I can’t even keep them all straight. Collectively, they are known as the “Mega Family.” 🙂

        (I *think* the star of the film Kanche, that I recommended a couple of days ago, is one of the newly entering nephews, but I’m not 100% sure)


  2. Juhi makes the perfect nanny.She wouldn’t even scold if you sneak in a little food from the fair.Rather she’ll join you.And what about the bunch from Chiller Party? They are a handful- each with his own little backstory.There’s even an poor little orphan too-but he’s so self-sufficient and confident that you dare not pity him.


    • Still haven’t seen Chillar Party 😦 But yes, Juhi is really the ideal nanny. So long as you have a nice chocolate hero guardian being all flustered and authoritative to balance her out.


      • I highly recommend Chillar Party! Very heartwarming, but mostly notable (for me) for the fact that the children have a problem that, while it has larger societal implications, actually is a children’s issue, and, best of all, they solve it using means that would be available to children. Completely realistic (and not a little naughty).


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