New Koffee With Karan!!!! Twinkle and Akshay!!!

Once again, The Internet has saved me!  And I encourage you to go on your own quest to discover the newest episode.  Oh, and last week’s episode is now available LEGALLY on this website:

First, Karan calls them out right at the beginning, because they are the only people who have naturally sat that close on the couch.  Which is true!  They spend the whole episode holding hands, or with his hand on her leg.

Image result for akshay twinkle koffee

Karan plunges right into it, asking them to tell how they met.  And Twinkle jumps in, because she will give the non-PC version, and that’s the version Karan wants.  So, she had just gotten out of a long relationship, and she wanted a distraction, and there he was 6 foot of chocolate, and she thought, why not?  15 days while they are on location in Calgary, why not?  Plus, she had run out of books to read.

And then they started dating, and he proposed, but she wanted to wait for her next film to come out, because she thought she would be a big star, this was her big movie, Mela! [laughter]  And Akshay agreed to this, although Twinkle and Karan both point out that Akshay is very smart about the business, so there is a decent chance he knew what would happen with Mela and she would end up marrying him anyway.  And sure enough, opening day, the reports came in, and she called him and said “Okay, let’s get married!”

But then he had to get permission from Dimple, so Twinkle is talking to her mother while she is getting acupuncture and Dimple is saying “I don’t know, I don’t think it is a good idea, we’ll talk about it later” but Twinkle wanted to find out now!  Even with the acupuncture guy there.  So Dimple says “Fine, it’s because I read this article that Akshay is really gay!”

(Akshay gay, means I get to post this video again!)

Anyway, they agreed to live together for a year to be sure, and then her mother would give permission.

They are the BEST COUPLE EVER!!!

That was my favorite part, although I also liked the story about when Karan and Twinkle were at school together, and Twinkle got sick of stealing extra food for him and listening to him cry, so she told him he should just run away!  So poor fat little 12 year old Karan got up at 4am and started down the hill, and then fell and just rolled down to the bottom and bumped right into the poor sleeping watchman, who marched him back to school and the whole school had to look at him in an assembly as an example as a bad boy who tried to ran away.


And then super special romantic bit, Akshay has spent the past month learning to sing “Strangers in the Night”, because they used to listen to it all the time when they started dating in Calgary.  Awwwwww!  In the middle, Twinkle gets up to dance with him cheek to cheek.  And then Akshay goes over to pull Karan up to dance with him too.


Rapid Fire Twinkle: She kept getting distracted by just joking with Karan!  Which was my favorite part.  Also, based on this and the Kajol episodes, I think Karan just likes being friends with women who bully him.  Because MAN!  Twinkle does not let him get away with anything!  Jokes about Section 377, about Fawad Khan, and right at the end she finally makes him crack when she references “That hostage video of yours.”

(She’s right!  It is a hostage video!)


Rapid Fire Akshay: Which was mostly Twinkle too.  She kept objecting to his answers.  Really, they have the best marriage!


So, I highly recommend the episode, if you want to get an inside look both at the Akshay-Twinkle marriage, and the Twinkle-Karan lifelong friendship.


23 thoughts on “New Koffee With Karan!!!! Twinkle and Akshay!!!

    • Looks like Varun/Arjun might be next week? Which is fun, they are old friends but have never co-starred, so it will be neat to see their chemistry.

      Then wikipedia says Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra (don’t know what they are promoting, they were in Deewat-E-Ishq last year, but Aditya’s next is with Shraddha and Parineeti’s is with Varun)

      Then Farah and Sania Mirza (tennis player), which is a little odd, I don’t know that they have anything in common professionally. But I think I have seen candids of them together, so I guess they are friends in real life?

      And then big finish, Sonam and Kareena, which should be a scorcher! They both are not afraid to speak their minds. And they will be trying hard to get attention, for their endangered Veere Di Wedding.

      And then Ranbir and Ranveer, which OH MY GOD. Ranbir broke Ranveer’s cousin’s heart, and now Ranveer is dating Ranbir’s ex, and it is all very messy and dramatic and I can’t believe they agreed to be on the same show. Of course, it will probably turn out to be super boring and all “it’s fine! We’re friends! They media exaggerates!”

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  1. Farah and Sania Mirza are indeed friends it seems; they appeared together in The Kapil Sharma Show and they were a hoot! Can’t wait for their episode with Karan.

    Also, forgot to add I laughed so hard at Twinkle’s story about the button. They are both so witty and here in this episode they seem without reserve or fake facade. Very refreshing!


  2. Karan told that story about meeting Twinkle in boarding school last season when he interviewed Akshay.It was great fun to see Karan on the hot seat for a change.I always got the impression that Akshay-Twinkle got married in a shot gun wedding(imagine Dimple wielding a gun).His modus operandi was naming his current gf as his fiancee.The next thing you hear is that they are no longer engaged and soon enough he’ll get engaged to another girl.I think the correct order was Pooja Batra, Raveena, Shilpa,Twinkle.He had broken up with Twinkle too.Then out of the blue they turned up married.


    • I had the same impression! That he was juggling Raveena and Shilpa for years, Twinkle looked like just a fling, and then suddenly they are married. It could still be true, they could have carefully edited the story for this. But I could also believe that, if they were living together for a year, they preferred to keep that on the down low and out of the press. So stopped making public appearances together during that year, leading everyone to think they had broken up, and then when they got married at the end of the year, the marriage felt like a surprise even though in private they had been together all along.

      Plus, with Twinkle’s awesome description of her just wanting a 15 day fling, I could see them originally getting together for just a location thing while he was still with Shilpa and/or Raveena as his serious girlfriend, and then it just sort of slowly growing into something more, until eventually he let the other 2 girls go and just focused on Twinkle.

      I can also easily believe that they currently have some sort of open marriage arrangement and Akshay is allowed to do whatever he likes while he is on location and it doesn’t effect their relationship at all. Or maybe not, maybe all that stuff about Kat and Priyanka and everyone else is just unsubstantiated rumors. But either way, it doesn’t seem like Twinkle is worried about any of it.


  3. I remember from one of her early interviews that Twinkle was bullied at school among others by a teacher who incidentally kept calling her as ‘the actress’s daughter’. She dealt with the playground bullies by herself but the teacher was out of her class(pardon the pun).Twinkle and Rinkie had to be in boarding school since their parents were divorced and their mom(the primary guardian) was out of town most of the time.But as she said it made no sense for Karan to be there.I get the impression that Twinkle as well as Kajol want a stable home for their kids since they themselves come from a broken home.So they are willing to turn a blind eye.As for Akshay and Twinkle being out of the public eye for a year, the press had been keeping tabs on them,the whole time.They faithfully reported the Goa vacation and all the stuff.Then it came out that they had broken up.Within a month or so they turned up as a married couple.


    • This just supports my theory that break-up rumors either mean a break-up, or an engagement! I don’t know why it is, but it seems to happen like that half the time, doesn’t it? I still have hopes that we might wake up one day soon and discover that Ranveer-Dips and/or Anushka-Virat just got married.

      My impression is that the infidelity was the least of the problems with Kajol and Twinkle’s fathers. They just weren’t around, they didn’t support the family emotionally or financially, and both Tanuja and Dimple ended up being single parents with no support. But Akshay and Ajay (except for their potential infidelities) are perfect fathers! And husbands. Always there for their kids, excellent providers, gracious husbands, everything good. Heck, I might be willing to forgive some playing around on location if my husband was as great in every other way as the two of them seem to be.


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