Happy Beginning of the Christmas Season!!!!

This is the post I put up exactly a year ago, when the only people reading this blog were…me (I started posting on my Facebook page so at least my parents would read it a couple days later).  I have gotten much more technically competent since then.  So I am updating it and re-posting it. With notes added from “future me” in brackets.

My favorite time of year! I am so glad Thanksgiving is over, so I can freely listen to Christmas Carols, put up my 3 Christmas trees (in a studio apartment) [no longer 3, I went shopping a couple days after this and bought 5 more], and spend all my savings on presents [this is still true].

Every year I hunt around for good Christmas themed fanvids, and every year I am disappointed. Not that there’s much to work with, really. There’s a Santa who counts down to midnight when everyone kisses (?) in Kaho Na Pyar Hai, and there’s that one moment in the love song in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (see above). And some ad where Shahrukh walks through snow. So I really appreciate the few people who made the effort to put together something for me!

[I don’t know why “Preity Woman” feels Christmassy, but it does!]


[I have conflicted feelings about Jab Tak Hain Jaan, but that “gazing at Katrina as she walks away from him in the snow” moment is just pure goodness]


[The version I put up last year has now been pulled from youtube, because the world is horrible.  But there is another alternative version available still, because the world is wonderful]

3 thoughts on “Happy Beginning of the Christmas Season!!!!

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