First Look at SRK’s Imtiaz Ali Movie!!!!

Yaaay!  First look and a release date!  But no title.  And, more interesting (to me), Salman tweeted the first look, not Shahrukh.  They did something similar with the Dangal first look, and I think also Sultan?

Taking this back to Koffee With Karan for a moment, in both the episode with Varun-Arjun and the episode with Ranbir-Ranveer (don’t worry, post about that going up later today), Karan tried to get a little bad blood going between the guys, and they just weren’t having it.  there was a strong “we’re only competing with ourselves, not each other” kind of attitude.  I don’t know if I 100% believe that, especially considering how incredibly competitive they all got once the quizzes started.

But I do believe that the film industry knows they have to hang together or they will all hang separately, as it were.  In a bigger sense, that means censorship battles and entertainment taxes and so on, everyone joins hands to fight on the same side.  But on the smaller level, it means that each batch of stars knows they can more easily rise up if they make a mutual support pact instead of a mutual destruction pact.  Actors tend to be associated with each other, if Ranbir does well, Ranveer is going to be in the news.  In a bigger sense, when Ranbir does well (or Ranveer), the news is going to be “this young generation has arrived!  No need for filmmakers to try to sign those old guys any more, a young actor can do just as well!”

And if Shahrukh (or Salman or Aamir) does spectacularly well, the news is going to be “Watch out, the old guys are still the best of the best and you can’t touch them.”  The Khan’s have been fighting off accusations of being past their peak for the last 15 years, they have to stand together if they don’t want to be all brought down.  Plus, you know, there is that sense that they are the only 3 people in the world who can understand what they are going through, there is an inevitable bond.

Which is why Salman tweeted this:


Oh, and in terms of the imagery, it feels kind of like Dear Zindagi, right?  Anushka is running ahead, and Shahrukh and following after her, makes me wonder if it is really more Anushka’s movie than his.  Also makes me wonder COULD HE BE ANY HOTTER?????  OMG, the SHIRT!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “First Look at SRK’s Imtiaz Ali Movie!!!!

  1. I loved that in Anupama’s recent interview said that he met a real mobster who was mad at him for not wearing a shirt in RamJaane..that that’s not how they look..funny. (though I am furious at Anupama for her Dear Zindagi review which mostly demonstrated that she has no idea what it means to be a young woman these days.


    • I agree about the Anupama review of Dear Zindagi. I haven’t even seen the movie but after reading other reviews it is clear that she didn’t really get Alia’s character (but still loved her performance…huh?)

      On the other hand, I did like what I could understand of the Beneath the Surface with SRK (they need much better sound for those walk and talks). And he looked amazing…if he does all films from now on with beard and button-down, tailored shirts (or wet henleys like in Dilwale), I’ll be just as much a fan of SRK as you know who…probably not possible though:)


  2. I remember that both Aamir and Shahrukh tweeted out the first look of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, not so sure about Sultan though.

    Am I the only one that didn’t really like the first look though? To be honest, it looked more like a fan-made poster than an officially released one. Plus, don’t you think that Anushka’s roles are really similar in that she plays characters that are really bubbly and have a confident exterior.


    • Now I am thinking about Anushka’s characters. You’re right, they are all bubbly and confident! But she is such a good actress that, for me at least, each character still feels different. Anushka in Matru Ka Bijli Ka Mandola is different from Anushka in Patiala House and Anushka in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Anushka in PK.

      I wonder if it is that directors and producers keep casting her in similar roles because that’s all they see when they look at her, not that it is all she is capable of? Now I am really wanting to see what she would do with a shy traditional girl type of role, or superficial fashionista or similar!


      • She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses and I would love to see her in a shy, traditional girl role! I’m sure that Anushka herself will be ready produce a movie if she really wants to experiment with her roles.

        Do you look at Anushka differently because she has acted with the Khans along with younger actors like Ranveer and Ranbir? For example, Anushka and Parineeti are the same age but I tend to think of Anushka being the group with Deepika, Priyanka, and Sonam while Parineeti as being in the younger lot with Alia and Shraddha.


        • Yes, I absolutely think of her on a different level. I have the same problem with, like Jennifer Lawrence in Hollywood. I think of it as the “career age” versus the “chronological age”. Anushka started off so young, and was launched with such a bang, that she is 5 years older than Parineeta in terms of career. Kangana too, her first performance was such a powerhouse that she was immediately lumped in with Priyanka and Katrina and people like that. But she is, chronologically, much younger than them. And then there’s Parineeta, who started out (comparatively) older, and then had a slow beginning without a lot of releases.

          I really have a problem with the male versus female ages. Like, you think of Juhi and Shahrukh, or Kajol and Shahrukh, as about the same age, right? And the same with, say, Hrithik and Amisha Patel. Because they were all launched around the same time. But in “real life” ages, there’s about a ten year difference between the men and women. Because heroines are usually launched so much younger than heroes.

          On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 4:42 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Based on what I see in the Phillauri trailer, it looks like Anushka’s finally playing a shy traditional type of girl. Well, at least in the flashback parts. And Phillauri ends up being produced by Anushka herself just like we predicted 🙂


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