Happy Birthday Rajnikanth!

I really don’t have much to say, besides “Happy Birthday!”  But it is such a significant event, I felt like I should acknowledge it somehow.  So here, from the depths of my great ignorance, are the first dozen reasons I have for loving you.

1.1. I love that you don’t wear your toupee in real life.  So refreshing!

2. I love that you have two daughters and are a supportive and doting father, showing the world that daughters are a wonderful thing.

3. I love that your son-in-law sings this song to which I am addicted.


4. I love that you are never too proud to provide fan service and give the audience what they want from you.


5. I love that you and Amitabh have a happy balance, even while your fans compete, you are friends.

Image result for amitabh and rajnikanth

6. I loved that I got to write a lengthy post about your very fun and crowd-pleasing film Baasha.

7. I love even more that I got to write a post about how brilliant and perfect you were in a Mani Ratnam movie, opposite Mammootty and Shobana.


8. And I really love everything about Kabali, so much that I wrote and wrote and wrote and kept writing a very long post about that.


9. I love how much your fans love you.

Image result for rajinikanth billboard

10.  I love that you are now loved all over the world, breaking into the Japanese market (for instance) in a way even Amitabh was never able to manage.

Image result for rajinikanth japan

11.  I love that you have worked in almost every language of cinema, and yet keep returning to your homeland of Tamil Nadu.

12.  And finally, I love that you love your fans back!

Image result for rajnikanth with fans

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rajnikanth!

  1. I love it that he’s had a lot of jokes made on him a few years ago. You must read them, or I shall be sending some good ones on your mail 😀 I love the fact that his bday fell on 12.12.12 four years ago 😉


  2. Just two little corrections.

    1. You do know that wasn’t really Rajni in Ra. One, right? It was a double or a cutout or both, depending on the situation.

    2. Rajni’s “homeland” isn’t Tamil Nadu. He’s actually from Maharashtra, and his first language is Marathi. Then he was working in Karnataka as a bus conductor when he got his break in a Tamil movie, and he just stayed there.

    You’re very enamored of Mani Ratnam (nothing wrong with that), but, if you’ve never heard of the director K. Balachandar, you should look him up, and his films, if you can find them with subtitles. He was the one who groomed both Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, as well as a host of others, and made very sharp (I can’t think of the right word) movies about various social issues. He died only about a year ago. You might find the tribute speeches that Kamal and Rajni made on that occasion.


      • Most of Balachandar’s work is in Tamil and Telugu. Some of his films have been remade in Hindi, but don’t look there to find the bulk of his work. You know that Rani movie about the girl who becomes an escort in Mumbai to support her family (I’m totally blanking on the name)? That was a remake of his Tamil film Arangetram. This is just an example. The film where I fist saw Rajnikanth (though I didn’t know that for many years afterwards) as well as Kamal Hassan was the Telugu film “Anthuleni Katha.” It might be on Youtube, but I’m not sure about subtitles. I can heartily recommend that film. And I saw a random Tamil film of his some time in the 70’s (in the U.S.) whose title I can’t remember at all, but as soon as we were about ten minutes in, I could tell this was going to be very different. It’s about a young girl who gets married to a rich older guy, and then becomes dissatisfied with her husband for not being young and dashing, and has an affair, even going to the point of agreeing to elope with her lover (the villain). But her girlfriend intervenes to save her from herself, sacrifices her virtue to the villain to keep him occupied so he misses the flight. The end has the wife waiting for her lover at the airport, and when she finally realizes he’s not coming, starts trudging back into the city, not sure where she’s going to go. Then her husband appears in his car (having been alerted by her girlfriend) and takes her home. Just that. No big apologies, no recriminations, just acceptance. You can see just from these three films how different his storylines are, and he did do a lot of films focused on women. The Telugu film I mentioned is about a middle class girl who is struggling and working to support her family, including her wastrel of a brother (Rajnikanth) who basically bums around gambling, and mooching off the labors of his wife and sister. Kaman Hassan in a guest appearance plays the girl’s boss at her office.


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