OK Jaanu Trailer: Was This Worth My Staying Up?

What is with Dharma releasing trailers at midnight my time?  I just went through this with ADHM!  If it was 3am, I wouldn’t bother.  But 11:30 is just on the farthest edge of when I would be awake anyway, so I figure I might as well stay up.  Oh well, I’ll have coffee tomorrow! (if you are curious, my review of the original OK Kanmani movie with SPOILERS is here)

First, and most importantly, I do NOT like the Hindi remix of “Mental Menadhil”!  “Jaanu” is not the same as “Laila” at all and it does NOT work!


But the rest of the remixing is kind of okay!  So far, in the little glimpses in the trailer, it looks almost shot for shot.  Like, down to their positions with her hanging off the side of the bed and him sitting on the floor when they have their conversation about “sin”.

But I have hope, because the couple of tiny things that were new, were really clever.  For one thing, I like the quick sequence of them lying in bed together in a variety of positions and clothes.  It wasn’t sexy, it was just showing how you can get used to sharing a bed with someone as time goes on.

And the quick cut with the slightly wide angle lens to make it a bit surreal looking between Naaseerji and the two of them during that conversation, that was clever.  It’s the kind of stylistic gloss that Hindi film is all about now, and Ratnam never does.  So that’s different, and not necessarily bad.

Also, Aditya and Shraddha have an okay kind of natural chemistry, I can live with it.  Aditya isn’t all suave and cool and film hero like.  And Shraddha isn’t glamorous and sophisticated looking.

That’s important because one of the main points of the original film, I think, is that living together lets you see each other and love each other past those superficial things.  I really liked the image Karan tweeted earlier today, when they are leaning against each other in front of the window, wearing around-the-house clothes, not sexy but not for outside, and they are just laughing together.


12 thoughts on “OK Jaanu Trailer: Was This Worth My Staying Up?

  1. Oh boy! They shot OK Kanmani at Ahmedabad, where I stay. And I loved that movie. I hope and hope and hope OK Jaanu is as good as the original one. Am a huge Dulqar Salman fan and comparisons shall be made. 😀


  2. I don’t like that it’s almost shot for shot, so I don’t have that much hope that it will bring anything new to the story. But I was in a grumpy mood this morning on the train when I was watching it (stupid manspreaders with newspapers!). And where was Leela Samson in the trailer? I will admit that both actors seem relatively well cast (if this were an original). I’ll still watch it though:)


    • I had the same question about Leela Samson! Maybe this is their marketing move, to make that part of the plot a “surprise” to those who haven’t seen the original. Or, more likely, it’s just because they wanted to focus on the “name” actors in the first trailer.

      Have you see in Alai Payuthay and Saathiya? I hadn’t seen Alai Payuthay until just recently, but I made myself watch it in preparation for this movie, and comparing the two was fascinating. It’s the same movie, but the Hindi version is just slightly glossier, slightly more stylish. And with a couple tiny little plot elements that added layers to the original removed. I’m guessing this will be the same, the same movie with with nicer clothes and less texture.


      • I did see Saathiya but I didn’t see the original. Saathiya, unfortunately, was very forgettable for me so I never thought to watch the original. Might be a good idea to revisit it and watch Alai Payuthay, too.


        • I looooooove Saathiya, but I’ve been surprised to learn that it just didn’t click for some people. It might be worth returning to just to see if it works better on a re-watch. Alai Payuthay is good enough, you would probably like it no matter your mood. And they are really interesting to watch in comparison with each other, even just seeing how much more “natural” the hero and heroine are allowed to be in the original, they really do look like people you might see on the street, no gloss at all.


          • I was all settled in to watch Saathiya last night, only to discover that Spuul doesn’t have subtitles for that one. Boo! I’m a huge fan of Rani. I’ve loved everything I’ve watched with her (even Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic…I know, I know.) Somehow this one has slipped under my radar. I popped onto the Einthusan app on my Roku only to find that it’s down since the redesign of the website. Ugh! The DVD is relatively inexpensive on eBay, I may just throw it in my cart the next time I place an order from India.

            I think the OK Jaanu trailer looked decent enough. Nothing terribly exciting, but nothing that really put me off either. I have a soft spot for ‘ARK’- Dawaat-e-Ishq was an early fav in our house. I adored OK Kanmani, so I am definitely going to check this out. Expectations aren’t particularly high so perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised!


          • Saathiya is a GREAT Rani movie! She has a lot to do in it, and she looks great, and her character is wonderful. Highly recommend it!

            And Saathiya/Alai Payuthay are very very similar to OK Kanmani, so you should like both movies, if you can track them down (have you tried your library loan system? Both films were pretty widely released on DVD in North America, I’ve gotten them both from the library).


          • That is great suggestion! I haven’t looked at my library’s movie selection in a few years. A decade ago, they had quite an extensive foreign film collection. They were also very helpful about tracking movies down from the larger branches in the system (I’m about an hour outside of Toronto.) I can’t believe it always slips my mind as an option.


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