New Kaabil Trailer! Okay, I Can Get Behind the Agneepath-Redux Vibe

The first Kaabil trailer, I was not interested in the romance-y bits, but right at the end when Hrithik got all dark and violent, that I liked!  So this one, which is entirely dark and violent, this is right up my alley!


I like Hrithik in Agneepath, and the second half of Mujshe Dosti Karoge, and that part in Jodha-Akbar when he throws his foster brother off a wall.  So basically, I like Dark Hrithik!  Something about all that beauty turning violent is really tasty.

Plus, “light-hearted” Hrithik line readings can often come across as “mentally damaged Hrithik” instead.  Whereas when his voice gets all intense and slow, it just sounds cool!

And that definitely seems where this trailer is going!  Lots of threats and darkness and all that good stuff.


Plot-wise, we are all agreed that Yami gets raped and the police don’t do anything, probably because her rapist is/is being protected by powerful Ronit Roy, right?  Also, I just learned thanks to the family trees that Flicks posted in a comment yesterday, that Ronit Roy is distantly connected to Prem Chopra.  Do you think he asked for “rape-y” acting tips?


3 thoughts on “New Kaabil Trailer! Okay, I Can Get Behind the Agneepath-Redux Vibe

  1. Ditto! Dark Hrithik shows up in this one and it *could* be a glorious thing! Is it just me or is his face a little puffy in this movie?


    • His face is A LOT puffy in this movie! I think there is always a tendency towards puffiness with Hrithik, and usually the slight scruff is enough to control it. But for some reason they decided he had to be all “good boy” and clean-shaven for this role and it DOES NOT look good.

      Plus, they have his hair all high and tight, which just makes his forehead look huge. It’s just not good. Although I have hope that Dark Hrithik will stop caring about shaving and hair care, and it will all improve.


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