New OK Jaanu Trailer! If This is a Chemistry Test for Shraddha and Aditya, They Pass!

Well, the Hindi version of the best song from OK Kanmani is now out!  And it doesn’t sound as good.  It’s true, that thing someone told me years ago, Tamil is a naturally melodious language!

I think I might like the visuals as much though, if not more.  Basically, this feels like a chemistry screen test for the two stars, right?  And I find them completely delightful together!  I like them goofing around and having adventures and being in their own little world.


This was one of my biggest concerns with the casting, that Aditya and Shraddha would be too glossy and movie star-like to sell the natural chemistry that Dulquer and Nithya had.  But it works!  They don’t feel like “movie stars”, they feel like two normal people who are really enjoying spending time together.

Almost equally important, this doesn’t feel like the usual “love song”.  They aren’t on some picture perfect Swiss mountain, or in fancy clothes, or staring into each other’s eyes.  They are messy and talking and playing tricks and just generally not “perfect”.

The same thing felt true of the last song, “Humma Humma“, but that could have been a one off, something that only worked for that particular song sequence.  Especially since it was such an inventive sequence, both the visuals and the choice of song.

But now we have two songs!  And this one is a lot more straight-forward and just relying on Shraddha and Aditya and their characters to sell it.  So it is looking better and better in terms of maintaining the vibe of the original.  Woo!

6 thoughts on “New OK Jaanu Trailer! If This is a Chemistry Test for Shraddha and Aditya, They Pass!

  1. OK, I guess it was just me, but I was concerned that they had their mouths wide open the whole time riding around town and would end up eating a lot of bugs:) Just kidding. The song isn’t as melodious as the original, for sure. Still ambivalent but more vaguely excited to see it, more for Aditya Roy Kapur and the older couple’s story line than for anything else.


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