TGIF: Nothing Hotter Than a Traditional Man!

Well, that headline is just not true.  Clearly a three piece suit wearing man is the hottest possible option.  But, for this week, I am going to follow a suggestion from Miss Braganza and do a post of men in traditional outfits.


Let’s start out with perhaps the most ridiculous and also most delightful version.  The Kurta, in a world where fastenings were never invented.  Worn by Sidharth and Varun.

Image result for siddharth radha student of the year

Akshay is fully fastened, but he makes up for it by his lovely accessory…a good marriage!  (I’m still in the post-Koffee afterglow of being in love with them as a couple)

Image result for akshay kumar in traditional

You know, the traditional dress even works when a your accessory is a sling!  At least if you are Shahrukh Khan.

Image result for shahrukh khan in traditional dress

Speaking of Khans, I just took way way too long to remember this picture existed and it was clearly the best possible version of Aamir in traditional clothing.

Image result for aamir khan in traditional dress

I’m sure it’s for a fashion show, but I’m kind of loving how Ranbir is making this outfit his own.

Image result for ranbir kapoor in traditional dress

At possibly the same show, Hrithik looked gooooood!

Image result for hrithik in traditional dress


You know the cool thing about the traditional clothes?  They look good one everybody!  But in slightly different ways on each of them.  Like Abhishek, Ajay, and Amitabh here.

Image result for bol bachchan

Speaking of, I love this combo of the unshaven look and the flowered scarf!  Good one, Salman!

Image result for salman sherwani

And, as almost always, let us end with Dharmendra!  Who is so traditional, it’s just what he wears around the house.

Image result for dharmendra in kurta


13 thoughts on “TGIF: Nothing Hotter Than a Traditional Man!

  1. Ooh! A fun Friday post 😍
    My fave fave fave is Salman Khan in Dholi Taro from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam…the red vest and black pants.
    Fawad Khan in the Cutiepie song on ADHM looked so good as well. Wish the song was entirely his


  2. Yay, my idea! Too bad there’s no good “finished dhoti” picture from Swedes, but that prompted me to go watch that scene on Youtube again. It always reminds me of the phone scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, only more convincing. (Also, why does Gita know how to tie a dhoti?)


  3. What Dharmendra is wearing is a Lungi. It is kind of a simple wrap around and is not uncommon (though getting less common) in Indian households as a night wear. Rural south Indians sometimes wear lungis outside as well because of the high temperature and humidity. Either it is wrapped around and left loose like Dharmendra wore it or is folded upwards like Mahesh in this Pokiri song (Try not to laugh)

    Either way Lungi is more popular in South India when compared to the north and that is why there is this.


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