TGIF Index! Photos Photos Photos!

Building off of the list I put together for the 2017 Best of DCIB Awards, here is your completely TGIF index!

In no particular order:

TGIF: For Valentine’s Day, Cutest Couple Photos

TGIT: Post-Valentine’s Blues, We Get a Bonus Photo Post This Week!!!!

TGIF: In Honor of Yash and Roohi, BABIES!!!!!

TGIF: Birthday Girls Pitted Against Each Other; Who Wore it Better, Preity or Urmila?

FilmFare Through the Years: Who Wore It Best Which Year?

TGIF Men in Shorts

TGIF: Movie Stars and Puppies

TGIF: Salman’s Most Famous Feature

TGIF: Gender Parity, Sexy Women Through Film History

TGIF: Raees Themed Men With Beards

TGIF: Our Evergreen Heroes

TGIF Superlatives Post, Most Handsome and So On of All Stars

TGIF Stars and The Food They Remind Me Of

TGIF: My Father’s Birthday! Let’s Look at Hot Fathers

TGIF Smoking Men

TGIF Men in Beards

TGIF Salman’s Most Famous Feature

TGIF Sandwich Photos Would You Rather be in a Shahrukh-Salman Sandwich or Madhuri-Rani?

TGIF Garam-Dharam

TGIF Men and Women in Red

TGIF Men in Blue Jeans

TGIF In Honor of My Friend’s Birthday, Things She Likes

TGIF Men in Snow

TGIF Cuddly Men

TGIF The 6 Flavors of SRK

TGIF 13 Reasons Shahrukh Maybe a Vampire

TGIF 27 Shahrukh Images From His Favorite Photographer

TGIF Happy Coffee Day

TGIF Men Laying Down

TGIF Manly Men with Chest Hair

TGIF Boys and Bikes

TGIF Working Men

TGIF Men in Tuxes

TGIF Men in Glasses

TGIF Men in Ties

TGIF Feminist SRK

TGIF Feet First

TGIF Leather Jackets

TGIF Men in Sweater Vests

TGIF Sunglasses

TGIF Independence From Clothes

TGIF Pride-Themed, Gayest Images


TGIF A Game of Five

TGIF Bahubali Cast in Modern Clothes

TGIF Boys and Their Mothers

TGIF Men in White

TGIF Vinod Khanna

TGIF Elevator Fantasies

TGIF Hot Jesus

TGIF Turbans

TGIF Men and Women With Swords

TGIF A Vitamin C Filled Post

TGIF Women Being Worshipped

TGIF Men and Women in Scarves

TGIF Best Couples

TGIF Abhi Baby

TGIF Kingly Men

TGIF Traditional Men

TGIF Actors and Actresses and Baby Animals

TGIF Hrithik Week

TGIF Men in Uniform

TGIF: Men in Lungis

TGIF: Hrithik Week 2

TGIF: Women in Pink Anarkalis



One thought on “TGIF Index! Photos Photos Photos!

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