New Raees Song!

Is this just a thing now?  Shahrukh always keeps back one song for luck, and then posts it a week later?  Because he’s done it again!

This reminds me of “Premika”.  Because they were both held back and then released online after the filming came out.  And also because it feels like they were fully filmed, but never fully edited.  Both songs are only about 2 minutes long, which is song trailer length, but not song-in-a-movie length.

It’s just so odd!  Why would you go all the way to filming a song without realizing it wouldn’t fit in the film?  Or, from the other side, if you filmed the song and partially edited it, why not just go ahead and cut a full length version to release online, even if not within the film.  Or at least on the DVD! (have I mentioned that “Premika” is not on the Dilwale DVD?  Infuriating!)

The excuse is always that it was cut for time.  And I believe that, but I also don’t think it is any excuse!  Wouldn’t you have figured out at some point earlier in the process that there wasn’t enough time, or that this song didn’t really need to be included?  It’s just disorganized!

I just read Rishi’s autobiography, and he talked about how, back in the 70s, the music sessions would be these marathon meetings with the composter and the director and, often, the star on whom the song would be picturized.  Every element was perfectly considered and crafted.  It just feels like, if they did half as much work today as they did then, they wouldn’t end up with these song sequences left on the cutting room floor.

And that’s not even getting into the decision to cut a song instead of a scene!  I would have much rather had “Premika” in Dilwale and lost a Jonny Lever scene.  But it’s always the songs that get the axe.

Oh well, after that whole rant, here’s the song!  It might be that elusive “first meeting” moment that was missing from the finished film?


And it is definitely highly inspired by my favorite song from Dabangg.  Right?

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