Vacation Report, Day 1: Rain Rain, Eh You Can Stay I Don’t Mind!

Greetings from an undisclosed location in Southern California!  It’s about 10 degrees warmer, but otherwise exactly the same weather as if I were in Chicago (grey, rainy).  But I’m still happy!  It’s just so nice to get away.

So, after what ended up being 18 hours of travel yesterday (time changes confuse me), I landed at my hotel.  The furnishings of which could be described as either “cheap and basic” or “monastic and zenlike”.  And I am going for the latter.  An especially nice change from my home apartment, a 1 and 1/2 room studio that somehow contains a piano, old-fashioned desk, queen-size futon, dining room table, and 6 bookshelves.

(Monastic, but tragically with no hot John Abraham hanging around)

Today, it is rainy and grey, but I still don’t care, because the slight difference in temperature means it is rainy in a way that makes me feel like this:


Instead of like this:


And I decided to take the bus again today to the nearby bigger town and go see John Wick 2 in theaters.  Because I just really like John Wick.

(It’s just the perfect movie)

And then I came home tonight and watched cable TV in my nice monastic hotel room!  Well, basic cable.  Because, monastic.


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