Summer songs on a Snowy Day

(This is an updated and re-written and edited reposted post from last year, because I am lazy and the weather is awful again)  If you are in the same general climate zone as me, you just got hit by a surprisingly large and late snowstorm.  Not unheard of late (somewhere we have pictures of me and my sister in snowsuits making a snowman in April), but still kind of late.  In a sort of “I thought winter was wrapping up and now it feels like it is just getting started!” way.  So I thought it would be a good time to re-post a list of summery songs I put together last year around this time.  If you aren’t in the same temperate zone as me, feel free to bookmark this post for the next time you are stuck in the kind of grey days that feel like they will never end.

Pritam is always my go-to when I need cheering up.  Somehow his songs are just sunshine and vacation and freedom and long days all condensed into 3 minutes of catchy beats and sing-along-able lyrics.


Of course, there’s also the actual vacation songs, the ones that make you feel like just hoping in a car and escaping all your troubles.


Well, now this is just turning into the Goa post!  Let me throw in a sunny vacation to somewhere else, just for variety.


Or a vacation to somewhere in India that isn’t Goa!


A song that’s getting pretty old now, but is still guaranteed to make me smile and feel like I am back in college.


A new one that I know I have posted a few times before.  So peppy and pretty and free and sunshine-y!

Speaking of Kerala, “Hosanna”!  I know, it’s not in Kerala, it’s in Tamil Nadu, but the character is from Kerala.


Which reminds me of the more recent song, that is all being in love and road trip and sunshine and freedom.


Another road trip movie that ends up surprisingly violent but has a great soundtrack, SSSSHHH!  Terrible name, great songs.

And finally, my personal guaranteed anti-depressant song!


(If I missed one of your favorite summer and sunshine songs, feel free to mention it in the comments)




10 thoughts on “Summer songs on a Snowy Day

  1. Few summery ones from me:

    Abhi Abhi – Socha Na Tha

    Ik Junoon, Paint it Red and Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein- ZNMD

    Although, can’t think of anymore because so tired.

    It’s getting massively cold here so I’m going to listen to your post a lot more as the cold settles in here :(.


  2. Hahaha how could you forget SNT?! :p

    Yeah I do love that soundtrack. I think I’m going to rematch that movie tonight. Again.


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  4. That Kerala Boat song is amazing! Perfect pick-me-up for the snowy weather. I’ll have to check out some of her other songs. I love the Dil Chahta Hai, ZNMD, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Socha Na Tha songs as well. I hadn’t heard Te Amo but that one is pretty great too. Really nice post!


    • Glad you liked it! Te Amo is from a terrible terrible movie. Terrible terrible. But such a catchy song! Oh, and thematic for today! The romantic guy with Bipasha is Rana Daggubatti, who plays the Bahubaali villain. Have you seen Bahubali yet? You really must!


      • I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t watched Baahubali, other than the first 30 minutes or so. I will have to remedy that before the second part comes out next month. Our theater had a poster so I’m hopeful they’ll get it!

        And thanks for the tip about that movie being terrible. I’ll just listen to the song over and over!


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