March Meets April Today, So Let’s Celebrate the Magic of When a Couple Meets

I’ve been watching City of God basically on a loop for the past 3 days, just sort of in the background while I do other things.  And the one moment I have to stop and watch every time is the “Kaalangal” song.  At first because it is sooooooo sexy, but on repeat viewing because it is just so pretty.  In a way that felt really unique, until I started to remember the other song sequences I had seen like it before.  There is something about that really sweet moment when two people figure out for the first time that they love each other.

Here’s “Kaalangal” first.  So pretty!  So unlike every other moment in the film, and perfect because of that, because the way these two people feel in this moment is unlike any other moment.


Same kind of feel as in this other Malayalam movie that I became obsessed with and watched on a loop.


NOT a Malayalam song!  A Hindi classic instead, one of the sweetest love songs ever put on film.  And a luminous early vision of Madhuri.


Wazir was generally not a very good movie, but I still think this song sequence is lovely.


This song from Parineeta gets a little r-rated, but it is still just lovely and lyrical in a perfect way to show the moment of love reciprocated.


This song from Jodha-Akbar is, again, a little r-rated.  But again, also just lovely.  The moment when Hrithik sings to her, finally breaking past his warrior reserve and finding the poet inside, just gets to me.


I know I am forgetting some, please remind me in the comments of any other songs you can think of that perfectly capture the sweetness of a first coming together in love. And of course I have to end with the original of them all, “Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua”.

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