Happy Birthday Anil Kapoor! 58 Years Young!

Wait, did you think in all the preparation for Salman I would have forgotten him?  Never!  Oh, and also Christmas.  But even Jesus’ birthday can’t distract me from celebrating Anil!  58 today, and I am doing 25 reasons I love him, for the age he was when he got married. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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My Sister Has No Power, Electrical Songs!

My sister lives in Maine where, thanks to a massive record breaking windstorm, 64% of the state is now without power.  And has been for 24 hours.  While the electrical company focuses on getting power back to places like hospitals (spoiled hospitals!) and she shivers in front of her fireplace (this is why houses with fireplaces are the best!), I thought the least I could do is a songs post that she can read on her phone (no power for the internet router).

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March Meets April Today, So Let’s Celebrate the Magic of When a Couple Meets

I’ve been watching City of God basically on a loop for the past 3 days, just sort of in the background while I do other things.  And the one moment I have to stop and watch every time is the “Kaalangal” song.  At first because it is sooooooo sexy, but on repeat viewing because it is just so pretty.  In a way that felt really unique, until I started to remember the other song sequences I had seen like it before.  There is something about that really sweet moment when two people figure out for the first time that they love each other.

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