Watch a Movie With Me in 24 Hours! #MPK

The countdown begins!  24 hours from now, we will all simultaneously press play on Netflix-Amazon-Hulu-DVD Player-Youtube-Einthusan-Spuul and start watching Maine Pyar Kiya!

Just a reminder as to how this will work, we will use the hashtag #MPK, I will give a 15, 10, and 5 minute countdown and then “play” orders.  You can follow the conversation just by searching Twitter for the hashtag “#MPK” and join the conversation by putting #MPK on any clever remark you may want to make.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Image result for maine pyar kiya

(I won’t have a “Friends” hat to wear, but I will be holding my enormous teddy bear.  It’s named “Helga”)

4 thoughts on “Watch a Movie With Me in 24 Hours! #MPK

  1. That was fun – and it didn’t seem to be a 3 hour+ movie. I didn’t tweet that much cos I was doing some sewing at the same time – multitasking! And then I got a couple of minutes behind cos I took a bathroom break, ha ha, towards the end.


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