Happy Birthday Chetan Bhagat! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

I think Chetan has earned his birthday post on my film blog, don’t you?  He’s about to have his 4th big budget big deal movie made off of one of his books.  And according to his wikipedia, he wrote the screenplay for Kick (although that’s a remake, so I don’t know how much there was to writing the screenplay, probably just putting in some Hindi dialogue).  But he isn’t a “real” film person, so I am not going to do a full 43 reasons, just leave it at a dozen.

1.1. I love you because before you were a writer, you were an IIT/IIM graduate and a successful bank employee; you aren’t just successful in the arts, you are successful in the real world as well.

2. I love you because you didn’t make life wait on art, you were 35, a father, and married for 11 years before you wrote your first novel.

3. I love you because you take on writing as a practical career, not a hobby, taking on writing jobs where you find them from writing columns to film scripts, along with novels.

4. I love you because you have embraced your semi-celebrity status, instead of being a remote artist on a mountain top, you are open to public appearances and speeches.

5. I love you because you write in English about the new urban India, you are dealing with India as it is, for the current Indian audience.

6. I love you because you also acted as a judge on Nach Baliye, perhaps the least qualified judge in the history of television game shows, and I find that hilarious.

7. I love you because your book Five Point Someone inspired one of the all time classics of Hindi film.


7. I love you because another one of your books inspired a film that launched the three most promising outsider actors today, Amit Sadh, Rajkummar Rao, and Sushant Singh.


8. I love you because your uniquely grounded romance, based on your real life love story, provided a uniquely grounded movie love story.


9.  Also, I love you because that uniquely grounded romance inspired some really great songs.


10.  I love you because the film that is least faithful to your text inspired a pretty fantastical and un-grounded love song.


11.  I love because, despite the casting, the next movie based on your books looks like it could turn out okay!


12.  And finally, most of all, I love you because your Shaadi.com ads make you seem like world’s dorkiest cupid, and always make me smile.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chetan Bhagat! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. I feel I must give a shoutout to the film Hello, based on Bhagat’s One Night at the Call Centre. It was the first of his books to be adapted for the screen, and it was not only faithful to the original, but made a good movie. I still don’t understand why the film didn’t do well at the box office, unless it’s the fact that its stars were all small timers? Anyway, if you’re going to recognize films for epic songs, you must appreciate the film that gave us the Bang Bang song:


    • I knew about Hello, but somehow I was picturing something a lot more parallel cinema! I assume the song is a small part of the film and Salman has a cameo as himself? That’s still more of a “big” film that I was expecting.


      • Yes, if you’ve read the book, Salman has a cameo at the beginning as the character of the “author” in the book. Here as a movie star, himself. Katrina has a cameo, too. The film was directed and possibly produced (I can’t remember) by Atul Agnihotri. Most of the rest of the cast were family members and regulars of Salman’s films, except one. Maybe that’s what kept the crowds away. Salman also is in the song that plays over the end credits. But it’s no parallel cinema, definitely a normal commercial Hindi film.


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