Hindi Film 101: #MeToo and the Responsibility of the Court of Public Opinion

This is a very long post with a lot of big thoughts and some specific examples but even if you don’t read the whole post, you should read this new rule I am instituting for #MeToo related comments: IF YOU ARE COMMENTING HERE ABOUT A #METOO STORY, YOU MUST INCLUDE A LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL DETAILED REPORT, OR SUMMARIZE IT FOR US.  YOU CANNOT SIMPLY GIVE A NAME WITH NO CONTEXT. If you forget, I will find the link and summarize it in a reply.  But I’ll only do that three times before I start just not printing your comments, so please try to remember.

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Happy Birthday Chetan Bhagat! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

I think Chetan has earned his birthday post on my film blog, don’t you?  He’s about to have his 4th big budget big deal movie made off of one of his books.  And according to his wikipedia, he wrote the screenplay for Kick (although that’s a remake, so I don’t know how much there was to writing the screenplay, probably just putting in some Hindi dialogue).  But he isn’t a “real” film person, so I am not going to do a full 43 reasons, just leave it at a dozen.

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Upcoming Rom-Com Trailers! Half-Girlfriend and Mere Pyaari Bindu

Yay, more rom-coms!  2016 was the year of serious patriotic historical dramas, but 2017 is looking decidedly more romantic.  Romantic and dramatic, none of that lightweight stuff like Befikre.  Which means I am watching these trailers going “wait, is something terrible going to happen or is this just a humorous misunderstanding?”

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