Happy Birthday Varun!!!! 30 Reasons I Love You

Oops, I almost missed this!  It’s Varun Dhawan’s birthday!  And I know that TJ Stevens in the comments will be mad at me if I ignore it.  Especially since it is a big one, 30!

1.1. I love you because you grew up on filmsets, with casual memories of everyone from Salman to Madhuri playing with you as a kid.

2. I love you because you trained yourself for stardom, by combining study with Barry John in Delhi, and working for Karan at Dharma.  Balancing acting training with general film knowledge.

3.  I love you because back when Student of the Year came out, I recommended it to people because it starred “an okay guy, a cute little girl you just want to hug, and a really really really smoking hot guy.”  Which just proved, once again, that I have no ability to spot an up and coming star.

4. I love you because, even when I thought you were just “an okay guy”, I had to admit you could really really dance!


5. I love you because your dancing still stood out, even when the song was supposed to be about someone else.

6. I love you because your second movie was all about you, and you definitely proved you had what it took to make that work, especially in the dancing area.


7. I love you because your second movie was also a family production.  Showing that you had the good judgement to let your father take command of your career, and the generosity to use your newborn fame to benefit the family.

8. I love you because you did a great job in that movie!  Successfully carrying the majority of the plot on your charm alone.

9. I love you because after one film for the family, you went back to make another for your mentor, and it was your real break-out performance.

10.  I love you because you are SUCH A GOOD DANCER!!!  So good, that the next 6 reasons are all going to be songs.

11. Another song!  This one a little comic, and graceful at the same time.


12.  And this one, the random catchy club number that became a big hit.


13.  Even when you are in the middle of giving your greatest performance, and opposite someone who really isn’t the greatest dancer, you still throw in some great moves.


14.  I always like wedding songs better than club songs.


15.  Although I like Badshah songs almost as much as wedding songs.


16.  I love you because after putting in a decent performance in a light multi-starrer, and an entertaining performance in a farce, you really stretched your abilities and managed a deep sincere layered performance in Humpty Sharma, a deep sincere layered rom-com.

17.  I love you because you followed up Humpty Sharma with something shockingly different in Badlapur.

18.  I love you because if the Humpty Sharma performance made people go “hey, this kid could go places!”, the Badlapur performance made people go “Okay, this kid is definitely going places!

19.  I love you because Badlapur was one of 3 movies in 2015, with is a shockingly large number of films for a bigger name actor to come out with in one year these days.

20.  I love you because each of those movies in 2015 was carefully calculated to show a different kind of talent, acting in Badlapur, dancing in ABCD2, and comedy in Dilwale.

21.  I love you because you were also smart enough to know you would benefit from sharing the screen at this point in your career, with Nawazuddin in Badlapur, Prabhudeva in ABCD2, and Shahrukh in Dilwale.

22.  I love you because, that dancing in ABCD2 is phenomenal!


23.  Really really phenomenal


24. I love you because even more impressive is the song that didn’t appear, you let one of your solos from Dilwale go for the good of the movie.

25.  Although the remaining solo is pretty great.


26.  And I can’t forget your follow up movie either, Dishoom in 2016, that proved you had a sense of humor and still had a willingness to do two hero films if it would help your career.  And provide the dancing skills to balance a pretty face hero.

27.  And that you could also do a “manly stride” and wear a suit and all of that grown-up stuff.


28.  I love you because you took all that experience, in manliness and darkness, and brought it to a richer deeper variation on your same hero from Humpty Sharma, in the franchise continuation, Badrinath.

29.  I love you because you are continuing to have a varied resume, following up the darker rom-com Badrinath with the completely light double role in Judwaa 2.

30.  And finally, I love you because through out this whole journey to stardom, you have been very careful about your personal life, slowly making the public aware of your long term serious girlfriend only once you were famous enough to be able to control the narrative and protect her privacy a little.




14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Varun!!!! 30 Reasons I Love You

  1. Yay! I did think that you forgot and I was getting ready to remind you 🙂

    I still don’t why Premika got cut out! It’s only like 2 and a half minutes long, and the scenes that come before and after the song are kind of weird without it. Plus Varun had a fever while shooting for the song.

    Here’s a picture from the Judwaa 2 shoot that Varun put out today:

    One thing that I find interesting is that Rohit Dhawan works as an assistant director for his dad’s movies. He worked for Main Tera Hero and he’s doing it again for Judwaa 2. It truly is like a family production. Do you know of any other director working under someone else again after becoming a director on their own?

    What is your most favorite Varun dance number? Mine is probably Palat with Galat Baat Hai coming in at a close second 🙂


    • Off the top of my head, Aditya Chopra! And his father, with BR Chopra. And all the Kapoors. But it’s rare, being able to step back to assisting after having directed yourself.

      Hmm, favorite Varun dance number. I think “Sun Sathiya”. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s technically excellent.

      On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 5:06 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh yeah, and their movies were usually family productions too.

        Sun Sathiya is my third favorite, and the song itself is really pretty as well! But it is more of Shraddha’s song. I actually was shocked when I saw Sun Sathiya when it came out, I never imagined Shraddha to dance so well. I also like Chunar from ABCD 2 as well. I never realized that Varun had so many dance numbers in his movies until now 🙂


  2. I wish he’d pair up with Sriram Raghavan once more.And as for Judwaa 2, he can totally handle a double role.I don’t who’s doing Karishma’s role. But neither of the herioines has Karishma’s chutzpah and comic skills. Parineeti could have done a better job.I so wanted to see them together after Dishoom.


    • Me too! Parineeti couldn’t possibly match Karisma, but she could have done something of the same flavor, that kind of rare cute-but-funny vibe. I don’t see either Taapsee or Jacqueline being able to come close.

      On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 10:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t know if you already know this, but Judwaa was a remake of a Telugu movie Hello Brother starring your favourite Nagarjuna. Soundarya played one of his love interests which was a pretty bland role for her caliber, and Karishma’s role in the original was played by none other than Ramya Krishna. You should watch it sometime.


    • Jacqueline is paired up with the Raja character so that would be Karishma’s role right? I really wanted Parineeti too! But she ended up choosing Golmaal 4 over Judwaa 2.

      Varun rejected Sriram Raghavan’s next that’s being made with Ayushmann now, but I do hope they end up working together again in the future. He and Varun have been in talks about doing a sci fi movie for a while now, so I hope that ends up being made.


      • Parineeta would probably get overwhelmed in the Golmaal testosterone fest.Wrong decision! I hope Varun says yes to the sci-fi movie. Did we ever have a sci-fi movie in Bollywood? There was Miland Soman’s Captain Vyom on DD in the 90s.Oh yes, there is also Priyanka Chopra’s Love Story 2050 with Harman.Did anybody watch it?


        • I’m hoping for something on the lines of 24! But since it is Sriram Raghavan maybe something darker.

          But if you want to see Varun not in the commercial space, he is doing Shoojit Sircar’s next film. I doubt that it will be dark, but it will definitely be different from what Varun has been doing lately. Apparently he’ll be playing a football/soccer player in the movie. He’s also currently in talks with Nitesh Tiwari for his next film as well.


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