TGIF Post: Has to be Vinod Khanna. And a Little Varun

This was going to be an all Varun week, in honor of his birthday (birthday post here).  But Vinod has knocked him right off the public consciousness.  Sorry Varun!  Maybe next year.

Vinod was hugely influential in a large part because of his looks.  He was a dramatically handsome man, in a way that few actors had been before.  And so I thought it would be fun to do a compare and contrast, see how his looks stack up to the best of the industry before and since.

  1. I’ve posted this photo before in my Evergreen Heroes TGIF post.  I think it is the best he’s ever looked, but opinions varied in the comments.

Image result for vinod khanna young

But does he look better than Shammi Kapoor, the original bouffant hero?

Image result for shammi kapoor

I don’t know, I think it might be a tie!  But then, as said before, I am partial to this particular Vinod photo.


2. That’s the youngest photo I can find, with his 1950s style bouffant, but this one somehow makes him look even younger, just because of that good little boy style hair.

Image result for vinod khanna young

Amitabh had that same hair early on:

Image result for amitabh bachchan anand

I think Vinod wins this round!

3. I think it was in the early 70s, a few years into his film career, that Vinod finally found the ideal balance between that bouffant and the good-boy look.  Plus some swagger and sunglasses, and this is definitely dishy.

Image result for vinod khanna young

But is his swaggar better than his own son Akshaye Khanna?

Image result for akshay khanna sunglasses

I think the answer is a resounding “Yes! It is!”

4. You can see why he was beginning to be a bit of a national heart throb in this era.

Image result for vinod khanna uniform

Aamir has a bigger mustache in Talaash, and a tighter uniform, but that may not give him the edge.

Related image

Yes, I think I still have to give this to Vinod.  It’s not just the height advantage, he doesn’t want it as much, you know?  Aamir is all “OH yeah, I’m a COP!” and Vinod is all “yeah, I’m a cop, so what?”

5. He can even give Hrithik in Lakshya a run for his money in the “handsome young officers training student” character looks:

Image result for vinod khanna filmfare

Image result for hrithik lakshya

I don’t even know who to pick here!  Might be another tie.

6.  Vinod was one of the early actors to realize the importance of beefcake in his films.

Image result for vinod khanna

But Dharmendra came slightly before.

Related image

Sorry, Vinod, I’ve got to give this one to Dharmendra.

7. Vinod didn’t limit his beefcake to films, he had no problem undoing a few buttons for a magazine shoot.

Image result for vinod khanna filmfare

Filmfare still likes the motorcycle cover shot.  But is Salman any better than Vinod?


Image result for shahrukh motorcycle filmfare

I think I may have to give it to Vinod?  The all denim look is a demerit, but he does give us a hint of shirtlessness and commit to the premise of the “motorcycle sexy tough guy” a little more than Salman.

8. Motorcycle sexy tough guy is good, but I think this might be favorite of his looks though, secretly hot buttoned up engineer type!

Image result for vinod khanna

Also one of the best looks for Shahrukh (ID on halyard is the geeky glasses of today’s era).

Image result for swades shahrukh

Boy, this is hard!  I think Shahrukh’s hero might be a little too secretly hot?  Vinod is just a glasses pull and hair toss away from peak sexy, but Shahrukh requires a full costume change.  So I think maybe Vinod?

9.  And finally, Vinod returned in the 90s, still confident in his virility.  And, okay, it’s not the best old-man-grasping-for-youth photo, but it’s also not the worst.

Image result for vinod khanna young

This is the worst.  Oh Dev.  I appreciate your youthful spirit, but I wish you had dialed it back a bit in photographs.

Image result for dev anand

Dev clearly wins this round for me.


10.  Here’s the real challenge.  Vinod’s most famous ad campaign.

Image result for cinthol vinod khanna

Versus Hrithik‘s recreation of it.

Image result for cinthol hrithik


Yeah, I think Vinod’s is clearly superior.




Bonus: Okay, Varun’s turning 30, I can’t just let it go completely unacknowledged.

Varun with bouffant:

Image result for varun dhawan

Varun with good boy hair:

Image result for varun dhawan dishoom

Varun with sunglasses and swagger:

Image result for varun dhawan sunglasses

No Varun in uniform and/or with mustache.  But plenty of Varun beefcake!

Image result for varun dhawan beefcake

Image result for varun dhawan shirtless

And Varun with motorcycle.

Image result for varun dhawan

Varun’s Judwaa 2 look will probably be his first time playing hot nerd.  But he has done “hot straight-laced look” before.

Image result for dishoom


And he definitely looks good in a leather jacket.

Image result for varun dhawan


11 thoughts on “TGIF Post: Has to be Vinod Khanna. And a Little Varun

  1. Vinod had incredible screen presence and he was the only actor in the 70s and 80s who could hold his own against Amitabh. It was even said that he could take over Amitabh and be the super star had he not joined Osho. Also from what I read of him, he was a very simple guy and very friendly.


    • I’ve also heard he was a very sincere and simple and just plain nice guy. Which is probably why he joined Osho and left the industry, he was just too nice to be happy in that competitive an environment.


      • Yes and when he came back he still had his charm and maintained it till just a few years back when age caught up with him. But even in his old age he still looked very good. It was very shocking to see his photo in the hospital.


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