TGIF: What Is More Important Than the Bond Between a Boy and His Mother?

Mothers and sons, that’s appealing, right?  Depending on which side of it you are.  If you are the daughter-in-law, it may incite crazed flashbacks of “JUST TELL HER WE AREN’T COMING FOR THANKSGIVING!!!  STAND UP FOR ME FOR ONCE!!!”  But if you are on the mothers’ side, or if you have no dog in this fight as yet (like me), it is very appealing.

I don’t know why this surprises me, of course Hrithik and his mother would work out together!  I also don’t know why it surprises me that his mother is GORGEOUS!

Image result for hrithik mother

Matching hoodies!  Stupid sleeveless hoodies that make no logical sense, but still!

Image result for hrithik mother

Oh my gosh, Aamir and his mother are the cutest!!!  And how short must she be if she is so tiny next to him?

Image result for aamir khan mother

Salman is the best son, because he has two mothers!  And he is so sweet to both of them.

Image result for salman khan mother

Oh man, John Abraham!  Letting his little old mother play basketball!

Image result for john abraham mother

That was for a public appearance, but look!  Even in a casual setting, so cute!

Image result for john abraham mother

Can any man besides Arjun Rampal pull of the “wife on one side, mother on the other” look and make it seem cool?

Image result for arjun rampal mother

Well, Varun does a pretty good job with it.  No wife, but bringing his Mom to a fancy event, and still looking like a grown up.

Image result for varun dhawan mother

Where Varun goes, so must Siddharth!  Aw, his mom looks sweet!  And kind of shy.

Image result for siddharth malhotra mother

It’s Bahubali month, and this is the only photo I could find of Prabhas with his Mom.  I like how seriously she is holding up that postcard, and how shy he looks.

Image result for prabhas mother

But it still isn’t the greatest picture, so I am making one exception and putting up a photo of him with his onscreen mother Nadhiya from Mirchi.

Image result for prabhas mother

If I do Prabhas, it is only fair to do Rana as well.  Not the best photo, but his face does look very nice and handsome.

Image result for rana daggubati mother

While we are down south, might as well spring by and check out Prithviraj.

Image result for prithviraj mother

And then swing back up north to see another very tall actor, Amitabh!  With his sweet little mother.

Image result for amitabh mother

Here’s another one, when she was young and kind of glamorous looking.

Related image

And here’s one that just makes me smile, where she is very very glamorous.


Speaking of the Bachchan’s, I love this photo!  Jaya is so “can you believe this?”  And Abhishek is so “Yeah yeah Mom, we can talk about it later

Image result for abhishek jaya

Here he is a little bit “I am a good boy going out with mother!” And Jaya is a little bit “Isn’t my son a good boy?  He makes me so happy.”

Image result for abhishek jaya

Ranbir now, Ranbir is a bad boy who his mother kind of loves anyway.

Image result for ranbir kapoor neetu

Well, and she also loves him because sometimes he sweeps her up in his arms.

Image result for ranbir kapoor neetu

Although sometimes he still needs her to take care of him, but that probably makes her love him even more.  Especially when he looks all scruffy and depressed.

Image result for ranbir kapoor neetu

Speaking of sons who need their mothers, Sanjay and Nargis!  He looks so young here.

Image result for sanjay dutt nargis

Now I feel kind of bad for the poor orphans of cinema who have no mother to be photographed with.  So, new section!  Movie stars with the mother of their children.

Like, Shahrukh.  In this very old but super cute photo.

Image result for shahrukh gauri children

Or Dharmendra in this even older photo.

Image result for dharmendra hema esha young


And finally, the greatest son of all Hindi film!  Karan Johar and his beloved mother Hiroo.  Look how sweet he is!

Image result for karan johar mother




22 thoughts on “TGIF: What Is More Important Than the Bond Between a Boy and His Mother?

  1. Prabhas and his mom are holding up a cd and I think this is a picture from the audio launch from Chatrapathi.

    By the way, this is one of my favorite pictures of Mahesh. He’s holding both his mom’s hand and his son’s 🙂


    • I wonder if his Mom was invited because Chatrapathi is so mother-focused? Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

      On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 4:06 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m sure that Prabhas’s parents would be invited to all of his events. I’m thinking that maybe his mom is not comfortable being in the spotlight but they specifically asked her to come up on stage for this particular event because the movie is so mother-focused.


        • That makes sense. Looking for these photos, most of these mothers are pretty camera shy.

          On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 4:21 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • By the way, did you come up with this topic for Mother’s Day this weekend or is it because of Baahubali?


          • Mother’s Day weekend. There’s a whole post scheduled for Sunday.

            On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 4:33 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • The internet lied to me again! See, this is why I don’t like doing southern stuff, I run the risk of making a fool of myself.


  2. She’s definitely not your standard star mom. Partly because she’s an actress (albeit nowhere as famous as her sons) but mostly because she’s a spitfire.You won’t see her blending into her sons’ shadows.


  3. No problem Margaret. I don’t see you as a fool but an an expert on Indian film. I would like to see more from you on southern movies especially Telugu and Tamil. Many actors from north come down to south to act and they give two reasons. One, south recognizes and respects talent. Second, producers in the north tend to cheat on remuneration.


    • Another couple of refrains I’ve been hearing/reading for the last nearly 40 years is: 1. They’re so much better organized! 2. Their facilities (studios) are so much better!

      As I said, I’ve been hearing this for decades, and I always wondered, and continue to wonder, why hasn’t the Hindi film industry improved in all this time? Especially now, when “Bollywood” claims to represent all of Indian cinema, and also that it is the biggest, best, and richest of all the industries, why the heck don’t they upgrade their studios at least?


      • In one book, I read an interview with an anonymous studio owner/producer, complaining about people complaining about the studios. They were making extras change in bushes and do their own make-up and hair, there were no bathrooms available for them, and no air conditioning on studio sets. And the argument was “lazy people just don’t want to do a hard day’s work, should be grateful for the money we pay them.” The extras tried to go on strike and managed to get some small concession, like bathroom breaks (I don’t remember and the book is in a box so I can’t reference it) which just made the studio owners hate them more and be even less willing to do anything to make their lives easier.

        So this is a stretch, but maybe the Bombay studios don’t spend money to make their studios better because they care about their workers less? Versus the southern studios, where workers in general are better organized and more powerful?


        • Unionization of various technical crew on film sets and studios began in the 1970’s in Madras (which means most of the Southern film industries). But I was reading these comments even before that. At some point some unionization happened in the Hindi film industry, I don’t know exactly when. But the really strange thing is that Bombay was the center for all the union activities in the whole country, starting right from the 1950’s, so I’m surprised that the film industry people didn’t pick up on that, just by osmosis even.

          I really don’t know how extras are treated in the south (or were treated in the past), as most of the unionization I read about was, as I said, for the technical people, not the creative ones. So there’s no equivalent to the SAG, for instance, though now there are “Producers’ Associations” in each industry, but I think they are mainly for lobbying the state governments for various tax concessions and the like. There has always been some kind of professional association for cinematographers, but it wasn’t like a guild or union, with collective bargaining and the like.
          Let me stop there because I think I’m digressing too much.

          The question to my mind is why are the southern producers/studios more responsible or caring? They’re all in the same business. It just seems like the working conditions on the Hindi sets are so much shoddier (as attested to by multiple people, including big stars), and I don’t see why. It can’t be for lack of money. I remember while Saawariya was being shot, and SRK was I guess shooting for OSO at the same time, reading about how Salman had come on to the OSO sets to visit with SRK, because their floor was air conditioned, while the Saawariya floor wasn’t, and he was all bundled up in his multiple layers of shirt, coat, overcoat, and scarf, for winter in St. Petersburg! Saawariya was produced by Sony, and Bhansali and Salman are certainly big enough to rate the best facilities, one would think. But I guess the studio only had one or two floors that were air conditioned. Really strange. Probably the YRF studio is better equipped, but still …


          • When Salman was shooting Ek Tha Tiger, it was a big thing that he brought his vanity van on set. Because YRF never ever allows vanity vans. Because their sets are already air conditioned and modern, and they want stars and everyone else to be working together in the same place.

            But YRF is also the newest studio lot around town. Maybe it’s just a matter of the issues with construction in Bombay? The biggest oldest studios are pretty close in to the city, possibly they just can’t manage to do the sort of refurbishment they need to because of logistical problems?


  4. The above came with wishes for Mother’s Day, which I forgot to say. Anyway, here’s the Mother’s Day greeting from the Bahubali Movie twitter account:


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