TGIF: In Honor of the 4th of July, I Declare Independence….From Clothes! (NSFW)

I was going to do something slightly more highbrow.  Indian movie stars with the American flag or something.  But then I thought “No!  Why overthink it?”  And so our theme for this week is a Declaration of Independence….from clothing!

I’m just gonna start at the top!  With a new classic.  A still from a movie, but don’t worry too much about the character motivation and stuff.  They are talking a gay Akshay Kumar, he orders them to strip out of their clothes, and they do.  And coincidentally are wearing the same underwear.  So I guess that is an early indication that although seeming to dislike each other they are destined to be best buddies?  All right, so this whole thing is like justified by the narrative.  Sure.  That makes sense.

Image result for john abraham underwear

Okay, on the other hand, this image is from the promotional tour and there is absolutely no reason for it.  Except for the fact that they clearly know what exactly it is they are promoting.

Image result for john abraham varun dhawan

Now, speaking of promotional images with no real reason to exist besides the obvious reason they exist, we all know why this photographer had Shahrukh take his shirt off and stand in the water, right?  So we can all pretend that there is nothing else underneath on underneath the water?  Oh look, we surprised him!  He didn’t see us there.

Image result for shahrukh shirtless

Unlike Shahrukh, Ranveer just likes us all to watch him.  I mean, I guess this is in character too.   But really, Ranveer just likes us to watch.


Image result for ranveer singh underwear

Ranbir, not sure if he likes us to watch or not?  But I guess he will let us, if he feels like the plot requires it.  In other words, what I am saying is that he danced in a towel (and dropped the towel), in his very first film.

Related image

At least the previous images were kind of hidden within a film.  Or within a photoshoot.  But boy, Vogue India is not messing around!  Naked Hrithik and Lisa Haydon right on the cover!  Definite something that will get you to pick it up from the newsstand, right?  Although, speaking only for myself, I am never going to wear whatever it is that Lisa is wearing.  That looks crazy uncomfortable.

Image result for hrithik lisa haydon

This is from the actual underwear ad campaign that Hrithik did.  I feel like he could be wearing less?  Right?  Like, if what he is selling is underwear, then just sell us some underwear!!!!!  Not sunglasses, not suspenders, not silly looking hair.



Image result for hrithik roshan macroman

Now, see Dino Morea gets it!  This is how you sell underwear!  Or whatever it is that he is selling here, I am unclear.

Image result for akshay kumar underwear

Akshay here, he is selling “unbutton” jeans.  See?  See how you look at this image and think “oh yes, myself as a straight young man, I am fascinated by this image and it makes me want to buy button fly jeans”.

Image result for akshay kumar underwear

Now, while we are talking men liberated from clothing, I think there is one photo that  I just have to put up one more time.  Oh Jackie!  Who stole your clothing?

Image result for jackie shroff naked

And to end, a classic.  A classic because it is Dharmendra, and because it is Sholay.  And because it is a woman tearing the clothing off of a chained man like it’s Conan the Barbarian or something.



Update: Angie, in the comments, just pointed me towards a recent Maddy tweet.  He seems to have picked up on my theme a few hours early.

8 thoughts on “TGIF: In Honor of the 4th of July, I Declare Independence….From Clothes! (NSFW)

    • Oh my god, I really really hope he isn’t reading this. Or any of these people. I didn’t even tweet it to Shahrukh, and I tweet everything to Shahrukh.

      But now I just had to check out that photo, and you are right, needs to be added.

      On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 2:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Indeed! And just posted today, like he knew I would need it for this post.

      On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 6:22 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. You, of course know what Shah Rukh said about that photo shoot? He said he was so self conscious he waited until the crew and everyone had left to get out of the water!


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