Jab Harry Met Sejal Scene By Scene Part 14: Not Legal Offense

What an interesting scene this is!  Followed by a couple less interesting scenes, then another interesting few ones.  We will see how far I get today. (full index of JHMS coverage here)

Previously, many many things happened.  Anushka and Shahrukh are traveling together in Europe.  They aren’t supposed to be “together”, they are supposed to be a woman traveling alone with her guide/babysitter hired by her wealthy family.  Only Anushka felt something draw her towards Shahrukh and vice versa which lead them into sharing multiple exciting experiences as she followed him in his off hours.  And after all of that, they aren’t quite tour guide/client any more and Anushka suggests that from now on he thinks of her as his “girlfriend”.  That is, a woman he can talk freely with, hold hands, do fun things like karaoke, instead of calling her “ma’am” and lowering his eyes.  A woman like Anushka would only allow a non-related man to behave like that if she was his “girlfriend”.  The girlfriend experiment had a bit of a rough start, Shahrukh got caught up in his feelings a little and Anushka brutally shut him down.  But post-interval, they had a super fun song re-affirming that they just like to spend time together doing whatever, so long as they are together it is wonderful.  And then the song ended with them going into a cafe where they have bumped into Shahrukh’s angry ex Klara.  Oh no!



I was talking with someone about this movie (not in the comments, in real life) and they mentioned that we saw Shahrukh “rescue” Anushka multiple times, and this is kind of her rescuing moment with him, only it didn’t feel (to this real life person) as though it was enough of a rescue to balance the scales.  That conversation made me look at this particular scene in a new light the next time I watched the film.  Yes, it is light and kind of played for laughs.  But that’s because Anushka doesn’t see this as that much of a problem.  Which is how she saves him, really, taking this whole thing that has weighed Shahrukh down and somehow folding and patting and mashing it down until she can show it to him and say “See?  This wasn’t anything at all.”

In the last section I talked about the first conversation with Klara, awkwardly standing outside the bathrooms with Shahrukh trying to talk fast and get Anushka out of the way, and Anushka rapidly assessing the situation, understanding that this woman is attacking Shahrukh emotionally and the best way to defend him is to grab on to him and claim him and deflect the anger towards her instead of him.  This is very much a “defending my man” moment, not from physical violence, but from emotional.  And Anushka has exactly the tools needed to do that, even if Shahrukh thinks of her as a young innocent who needs to be protected.  She is confident in her ability to argue someone around, has a naturally aggressive personality, and most of all has an unshakable faith in Shahrukh to guide her.  Nothing Klara can say will hurt her, because she “has” Shahrukh and that is all she needs.

Image result for silsila jaya rekha

(Just gonna put this out there.)

So, Klara says that Shahrukh left her two years ago and he will do the same to Anushka.  Anushka brilliantly responds by turning to Shahrukh and saying “yes, this is very bad” and giving him a kind of a headshake.  See, this is brilliant in two ways that I don’t think Shahrukh (being a stupid man) is advanced enough to understand.  First, when confronted with an angry woman, passive agreement is the way to go.  I see this all the time at work, angry clients call in and my boss’s instinct is to explain and compromise and apologize.  My instinct is to just say “yes, you are right, that is terrible” over and over and over again until they get confused and end up telling me “well, it wasn’t really that bad, sorry for bothering you, you have been so kind”.  Never apologize, never explain, let them take the lead until they run out of energy.

But beyond what she is actually saying, she is still defending, by the way she takes responsibility for Shahrukh with that little head shake towards him.  She is Shahrukh’s agent, Klara should talk to her and she will decide judgments and punishments.  And Klara had better not try to get through her to get at Shahrukh, or to think she can shake her faith in Shahrukh and hurt him that way.  Anushka is saying without saying, again, “He is mine now, and you better not forget that.  Any problems, you talk to ME.”

We didn’t get the big violent fight, but this is physical in a different way.  Klara is standing there, stiff backed and stiff necked, her whole body ready for a fight.  And Anushka is holding onto Shahrukh and pulling herself up to her full height, not a shrinking violet.  If it had turned physical, if Klara had slapped him, I have no doubt that Anushka would have shoved Shahrukh aside and punched her in the face (now I kind of want to see this version).  This is between the two women from now on and Anushka is ready to do whatever needs to be done to protect her man.  There is a kind of primal feel to what’s going on between the two women here that Shahrukh is just not feeling.  He is still trying to get out of the restaurant without being embarrassed, to keep this all calm and civilized and reasonable.  And Klara and Anushka are soooooooo past that.

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(Again, just gonna leave this here)

Which is what needs to happen for this situation to be resolved.  Klara is so angry, what Shahrukh did to her has brought her to a kind of crazed level of emotion.  And Shahrukh just doesn’t feel the same way, so he is afraid of her feelings.  Anushka does feel the same way.  Not about Klara, but about Shahrukh, she can respond to her with that same kind of crazed, “I don’t even care, I am going to end this” attitude because she is not going to let her man be talked to like that.

Tragically, it does not end with a huge girlfight.  Well, not a physical one.  Instead, Anushka kind of herds them all over to a table, sits down, and tells Klara to tell her what happened.  Klara lists out, Shahrukh had fun with her for years, then ran away without telling her, and she went through many troubles.  Shahrukh is sitting between the two women, but neither of them are looking at him at this point.  Anushka has successfully drawn the focus to herself.

Anushka neatly minimizes the situation and lists off 3 points “Fun, Run Away, Troubles”.  And then goes on the attack, asking “he just had fun, you did not have fun?” (love it that Anushka knows perfectly well any woman would have fun with sexy SRK and knows this is a trick question).  This is the one moment that Shahrukh is drawn into the conversation, Klara kind of looks at him, and he gives her sort of “well, you know you did” eyebrows, she kind of almost smiles in memory and then agrees that yes, she did have fun.  Anushka neatly categorizes it as “consensual fun!  Not a legal offense in Europe.”  And then moves on, “run away?  You have signed legal document from him promising not to leave?  You have?”  Klara kind of hesitates and says, “No, I don’t have document”.  Anushka smiles in triumph, “No legal offense!” and then moves on, “troubles?  You had many troubles?  What kind of troubles?”  Klara is put on the spot now and finally pulls out “He did not even leave his key behind!”  Anushka nods “Ah!  And you had to get a different key made!  And it cost money!  How much money?”  Klara looks confused and hesitates, Anushka pulls out her fingers listing off, “One Euro, Two Euro, Three Euro….?” Klara bursts out “20 Euro!”  Anushka nods and then turns to Shahrukh (who has been invisible to both of them this whole time) and tells him “pay her!”  Shahrukh kind of hesitates, Anushka nods at him like “yes, really, I mean it” and he pulls out his wallet and starts pulling out money but doesn’t seem like he knows what to do with it, so Anushka just grabs it and hands it over to Klara, and finally tells her “Now, what you just did?  That is harassment.  That is legal offense in Europe.  And if you bother him again, he can sue YOU.”  Klara takes the money, wads it up, throws it back, and storms off.


Related image

(I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard about what happened the last time Anushka’s man was attacked in one of her movies.  Klara is lucky she just got threatened with a lawsuit)

Pause!  Let’s talk about SO MUCH STUFF in this scene!  First, an acknowledgement, Klara is totally in the right.  Absolutely 100% in the right.  Shahrukh got her twisted up in complicated emotional knots and then rather than dealing with it, he just left, “ghosted” her as the kids call it these days.  She has been stewing in this for 2 years, feeling like he never respected or cared for her (which is probably true), that she was an idiot, doubting her entire self-worth.  And now she has a right to an explanation from him, to venting her anger on him.

But that’s not the point of this scene.  The point isn’t who is right or wrong, the point is who Shahrukh was in the past, and who Anushka is now.  Anushka doesn’t care one bit if he was right or wrong.  Just like he didn’t get mad at her for getting into a fight at a sleazy bar.  He is “hers” and she is going to defend him to the death.  And Shahrukh didn’t know she would do that until just now.  He didn’t believe anyone would do that for him, defend him even when he was in the wrong. He is so used to not standing up for himself, to taking the blame with his clients, with the women he loves and leaves.  And here is someone emphatically taking his side no matter what, even in a case when he is absolutely totally in the wrong.

We also get to see a bit of Anushka-at-work.  It’s an interesting balance that we already saw a little in the “indemnity bond” scene.  She may be innocent with worldly matters, but she is also smart and really good at her job.  This is a balance that I don’t think you would really get in America.  If you are a “career woman”, that usually means you are out there having a career, meeting people, living alone, so on and so forth.  But in India, there is a particular type of woman who is well educated and well trained for her job, but still lives at home and is treated by her family as a child in every other way.  And we know Anushka is that type of woman from back in the “indemnity bond” scene when she specifies that she does all legal matters, FOR THE FAMILY BUSINESS.  It’s the equivalent in some ways of a girl who went to a cooking school, so she could come home and make really nice meals for the family.  She has the training and she is doing the job, absolutely.  But it exists in this strange relationship where she is still primarily the daughter of the family, not her own person.  Kind of in the same way she got singing training, but only so she could perform at birthdays and family events, not so she could actually learn to enjoy singing.

Image result for queen kangana

(Remember Kangana in Queen?  She was going to college and studying cooking.  But only so she could work in the family sweet shop)

But this scene is a nice reminder that, ultimately, she does have those skills.  They are hers, not her family’s, she can take them with her and use them to defend Shahrukh or for anything else she wants.  And without turning into a different person, I love her English in this scene, it is clear and confident, but it isn’t smooth worldly English, it is Anushka-English.  Including the casual “Klara-behan” thrown in, a nice little “I am being extra nice because I hate you” moment.  The Hindi equivalent of the nasty English “dear” or “sweetie”.   A little thing women do with each other that is so much meaner than an actual insult.  Anushka is very angry here, but is able to channel that anger into her legal skills and negotiation experience.

Jumping wildly ahead, procrastinatrix (Hi procrastinatix!) in the comments posted an interview where Shahrukh explained what he pictured for the life he and Anushka would have had after the movie was over.  And he saw her as going back to work and being the primary wage earner for the family while he stayed home with their kids.  This scene is where we see the most why that would be a happy ending.  Anushka is thriving in this challenging moment.  Most of the film is her on vacation, from her life and herself and everything else.  But here we get to see her at her job, and she is good at it and likes doing it.  She still needs someone to take care of her emotionally (and Shahrukh is there for her!), but she can take care of herself professionally.  She just needs the little push to tell herself that is okay, she can go out and fight in the world instead of staying awkwardly trapped in her family.  I wouldn’t be surprised if along with canceling her wedding after returning to India, she quit her job with the family business and started looking for a place that would hire her for her skills, not just because she is their daughter.

So, that’s what’s up with Anushka.  She is enjoying pulling out her skills, and she is completely amoral in using them to defend Shahrukh, right or wrong.  But what does this tell us about Shahrukh?

After Klara leaves, he turns to Anushka and tells her that he has been afraid to go back to Frankfurt for 2 years because of Klara.  So, let’s take a second and think about this.  We can put together a little timeline!   What fun!

Shahrukh left the Punjab as a young man, let’s make it simple and say 17 years ago when he was 20.  His tourist guide ID card is noticeably younger than his face looks now, and he is clearly so experienced at his job that he has been doing it for a long time.  So, say that was about 10 years ago that he started working in Europe.  At some point, his friend “Mayank” joined him and started working with him, long enough ago for Mayank to feel close enough to ask him to help with his wedding, and to know the whole Klara story.  4 years ago he started a fling with Klara, sounds like it was just sex, no emotion.  But routine enough for them to exchange house keys.  After 2 years, he wanted to break it off and didn’t know how, so he left town.  And for the past 2 years, he hasn’t gone back to his apartment in Frankfurt, or has a significant relationship beyond a few weeks during or between tours.

(One of the many things we see in the full film version is flashes of his empty apartment.  That lose nags at him, it’s not his true home like the Punjab, but it is another place he misses and can’t return to)

We are looking at a very slow slide to the point where we first met him in “Safar”.  At one point, he must have loved and been excited by this job, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to fake it so well now.  Figure that he lands in Canada, his singing dreams fail, he falls into tourism jobs and loves it, is excited to move to Europe, gets an apartment in Frankfurt and decorates it with old comfortable things, gets better at his job, trains Mayank and befriends him.  And starts a slow slide into not knowing how to relate to people any more.  The Klara relationship, that was a real turning point for him 4 years ago.  A messy selfish just sex relationship which left her broken and angry and him guilty.  And after 2 years of that, he didn’t know how to end it besides just leaving, which left her angrier and him guiltier.  And homeless, because he is too guilty to allow himself to return to the only home he has.

And now Anushka is starting the process of slowly walking him back through his life.  She has already begun to give him back joy in his work and a sense of integrity as a person (that was the last to go, the most recent failure is the long string of complaints against him in his job), now she has resolved the Klara situation freeing him from his guilt.  Soon, she will force him back to Frankfurt, back to his home.  And fix his relationship with Mayank.  And make him sing again.  Step by step, she is erasing the past 17 years of his life, bringing him back to that happy youth singing for the people.  Until, at the very end of the film, she brings him all the way back to the Punjab and restarts his life for him.


And that’s 2700 words!  Sorry Mayank!  Your sudden arrival and reactions to their relationship is going to have to wait for tomorrow.


30 thoughts on “Jab Harry Met Sejal Scene By Scene Part 14: Not Legal Offense

  1. I really love the description of this scene. It shows how both Harry and Sejal feel the need to protect and rescue each other. My late husband was a “bad boy biker” when I met him and he saw me like Harry viewed Sejal “neat & clean (and innocent)”. After we got together, he used to thank me for ‘saving his life’. My response was ‘thank you for giving me a life’. Just like Harry, my husband rose to the level he felt I needed and that was always within him. I think the old saying of ‘look for the worst in people and you will surely find it’ could also be ‘look for the good in someone and you will surely find it’.

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    • That is so beautiful! One of the things I detest about the nasty comments about this film is the inherent ageism about what love is like for mature people. Anyone who thinks this is just a tired story about a “grandpa” romancing a girl young enough to be his daughter is revealing the sad shallowness of their own experience. Love is possible at any age, but I have seen it over and over as my friends and relatives surprise us all (themselves included) with finding a soul mate, even after a devastating loss.

      After barking for years about wanting Shah Rukh Khan to do a “mature romance”, what do they do when he actually does?

      Also, I think this is one of the few parts of the film when Anushka plays her full height next to him.

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  2. It’s unbelievable how I wait for your writing, Margaret. Apart from the pleasure to read your thoughts I feel e genuine joy to write mines.

    There are some things I perceive in another way…

    “post-interval, they had a super fun song re-affirming that they just like to spend time together doing whatever, so long as they are together it is wonderful.”
    Yep, they will be friends now (finished the girlfriend-boyfriend episode), just friends 🙂 yet the doing will still revolve around the search for the ring. (I feel that they are not at the state where they both admit that the search has become a pretexte)

    I am more inclined to the thought of “rescue” then the thought of “this is my man”. Sejal immediately senses that ShahRukh is in an uncomfortable situation and now it’s her turn who uses the own skills to handle it (I don’t know if she understood Klara’s ‘he is only doing you’… in any way, I mentally hugged her for her answer which surprised Harry). Judging the situation, keeping cool (not taking any party yet – which surprises Klara!), sitting down, focussing on the accusing party, getting to know the accusation, agreeing that indeed the accusing party has a valid reason to be angry…then – switching position – considering the accused party by pointing out the weakness of some arguments…then getting a (Salomon) judgement (Harry has to pay the money for the new keys, she has to stop to act out her anger…which Klara could not…a sore loser).
    I would not try to imagine harry’s and Klara’s relationship because it isn’t important to me…like Sejal, I have no interest to judge neither Harry or Klara, just trying to help Harry out in a very embarrassing situation, because he is vulnerable at that moment. Sejal has got a very fine feel for him…on a level where the butterflies don’t have any power on her (which was made clear through the position they had sleeping in the same bed). Wow…it is such a big step she did and it will be obvious in the way she’ll treat Natasha. I’m so so happy about that scene, too.

    I think, Harry, too, has a well developed feel for other persons…as an artist you most certainly have sensibilities that you try to express through your art. Sejal as a more pratically minded, gives way to her (feminine) intuition because of her affection for Harry (I think she still doesn’t admit to herself that she loves him rather deeply). I am sure her life with Harry will make her more and more sure in everything that she as a woman has to exploit.

    I agree that we get a first glimpse of what a life together would be for both of them. It is time to close the ‘ring-story’…next level (imo) is getting rid of the ring – getting conscious of their love.

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    • One thing you made me think about, in context of this scene and the Natasha scene, is that Anushka isn’t really “jealous” in the normal way. She is happy to meet all these women, not threatened or judgemental of them. Which is another good sign for their future life. She can handle the other women in his past and not hate them. The only reason she is angry with Klara is because Klara is attacking Shahrukh. If she was merely an old friend/old girlfriend, I imagine she would have reacted more like she did with Natasha, happy to meet a new person and friendly.

      On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 8:23 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. SO cheeky of you to put the Amitabh triangle photos in here. I love that you point out that Sejal is protecting Harry physically too, claiming him by grabbing his arm, and being a bit physically in your face with Klara as well as smart and lawyerly. These characters are written so beautifully to complement each others emotional strengths and weaknesses, but in a way that could happen in real life.

    Really glad you linked this scene to the “indemnity bond” one—I see them as so similar (“So this problem with women, is that your only problem?”), except that at first her inexperience with messy emotions and sex in real life doesn’t let her come up with a practical solution. As Claudia (I think?) said in comments on the last post, the fact that she now is able to lawyer-up for Harry despite the messy emotions going on on all sides, is a sign of how much she’s grown up. She’s really starting to integrate her newly discovered parts with the best bits of her old self. Also—aren’t women often better at standing up for others than for ourselves?

    Smart analysis that it matters that Klara is in the right here and Harry is in the wrong. (I hope Klara finds happiness too!) I agree that Harry really needs someone to stand up for him even when he’s wrong, to help him see that he still has worth. But I don’t think Sejal is completely non-judgemental. It’s just that she’s not going to show her (Sejal’s) feelings about it to Klara as an outsider. Once Klara is gone and Harry is sputtering in grateful relief, Sejal lets him know that she’s not pleased. Not sure if you’re going to cover that part in the next scene write-up, though, so won’t say any more about that.

    My favorite bits of this scene are Shah Rukh’s reactions as Harry. You mentioned the bit where he looks at Klara after Sejal asks her “You didn’t have fun?”. Such a fantastic look, saying “We both know the truth on that one, Klara…”. And it also really cracks me up when he starts translating for Klara in case she isn’t following Sejal’s question about “Do you have a signed document…”, and Klara snaps back, “I get it!” Made me lol each time I’ve seen it.


    • the translation moment, I forgot about that! It’s also him dropping into “tour guide” position, Anushka is taking the lead and he is just there to translate and give background information and help out. Which is part of what makes Klara angrier, of course, to see the way they work together and how comfortable Shahrukh is taking Anushka’s side against Klara.

      I’ll be getting to the moment right after when Anushka is angry in a second, because it is such a fascinating thing that actually gets to her! Not what we in the audience, or Shahrukh onscreen, are expecting from her.

      On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 8:23 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. I think if Klara was meant to slap him she would have done it when she said “Bastard” (“Mistkerl” in German)…no, I think she was only thought as a tool to give Sejal the opportunity to reciprocate the ‘rescuing’ and show her ‘growing-up’ as a self-paced woman who eventually fully takes the lead (after her discovery of the ring), not to humiliate Harry.
    In her eyes, she had lost the lead she took after the Radha song when she made Harry romance her, quickly trying to get it back through that rude remark stressing on Harry’s ‘inferiour’ position (that was even made clear in the position they take at the end…him on the stairs and lower part of the terrace, she randomly looking – for the ring??? Ha! – on the higher part.).
    Harry is a patient guy…a bit of a coward, a bit of a hero, a bit of women-loving, a bit of relation-fearing, a bit of a teacher, a bit of an artist…he’s a puzzle, getting puzzled by Sejal but also getting whole by daring to seriously invest loving emotions in her. (I do not wonder why ShahRukh talked about this role being close to him.)
    Harry would not have been surprised about a more negative reaction from Sejal’s side concerning Klara after her “cheating is not good” comment (he has to come to live with low – or no? – expectations…in a lot of ways). Yet Sejal’s constantly disregard of the less positive sides of his character will give him the strength to let the womanizing part of his life behind him – the Klara-scene is the last time this subject is dealt with in a visible way.

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    • Good point about this scene being the last time his womanizing is really brought up. Yes, he is still a very sexual experienced man, but it is no longer something he is ashamed of or which overshadows everything. He turns down Anushka later not because he thinks he isn’t good enough for her because of his past actions, but because the present situation isn’t good enough for her.

      On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 11:25 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Yes! It would have been Sejal’s decision in the spur of the moment (one could really do a psychological study why she is giving that strong signal of wanting to make love with him just after having discovered that this journey in reality had a wrong premise from the very beginning)…there must have been something in his feeling that despite his aroused senses made him stop…something wasn’t ‘right’ (this intuitive reaction is – imo – another hint to his feminine side…because – having Sejal’s consent – Harry as the man in love and in fire since long would not have a reason to hold back). In my feeling, it has nothing to do with respecting the ‘Indian girl’ thingy from DilwaleDulhanjaLeJayenge…it may have to do with his experiences of all those women he had bedded because these women decided to get laid by him (his kind of flirting seemed to let the women decide)…it may have had to do with something else…a deep longing to do it ‘properly’ like a ‘good Indian man’…interestingly it was the first situation where he did not follow Sejal’s wish(es) since they had a relationship…and of all situations one he generally seemed to have mastered really well ;.)
        I find it very intresting, that Sejal’s surprising offering gets his answer in Mumbai through the equally suprising kiss (Harry’s decision after having all said what there is to say) with which he interrupts Sejal’s ‘stuttering’ shutting her mouth. Just before Harry did it I sensed he would do it. It was much more logical than making love in Lisbon.

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        • The kiss at the end was also the exact opposite of the “chupke chupke” thing he objected to. I think the subtitles said it as “on the side”, but a better translation would be “secretly, hiding”. He didn’t want to have sex with her on vacation in a rented room, secretly. He wanted to do the opposite, kiss her in a public place in front of all the world in her hometown. He wanted it to be something he was proud of, and she was proud of, not something they were both hiding from everyone else.

          On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 2:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  5. So much to say: but let me start here: What do you mean, “One of the many things we see in the full film version is flashes of his empty apartment. That lose nags at him, it’s not his true home like the Punjab, but it is another place he misses and can’t return to”, What full version?? Where did you see that?? I think that would have really added. I’d LOVE to see his empty apartment.
    Next, in terms of “losing your audience” one way to perhaps make the posts shorter is not to do such long summaries at the beginning. The people reading have either seen the movie or at least have read the other posts!
    I wasn’t sure why I loved the Klara scene so much and now I know. Sejal shows who she can be. This is the professional her, the one she could and should be.
    Also, in which interview did Shah Rukh discuss what he thinks Sejal and Harry’s life would be like afterwards? I don’t think I saw it or it was one of the ones in Hindi and I missed that part.
    I LOVE these. Keep at it!! And thank you!!

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    • Link to interview, again courtesy of Procrastinatrix:


      The version of Safar we see in the film, you know how we get the Shahrukh with the tour groups, homeless, sad? And then there are these little flashes of other places and things? Along with his passport, the flashes of the Punjab, we get at least one shot of the Frankfurt apartment, specifically the green couch they sit on at the end.

      The long summaries are mostly for me 🙂 They help me get back in the mood and aware of what I’ve already covered and what I want to keep in mind before this part. But I could theoretically write them and then delete them.

      Oh! I just remembered the other reason! You don’t really need them now, but 6 months from now when you are going through the archives and just want to find your one favorite part, they might be helpful. Or if someone links through to one of the posts in the middle first, it will help orient them.

      And finally, yes! I love this version of Sejal, and I think Harry does too. He doesn’t look emasculated or scared, just kind of interested in this new version. I bet her stupid fiance isn’t interested in this version, wants to pretend it doesn’t exist and she is just his sweet little girlfriend.

      On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 9:41 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I hear you about the summaries. I like them, don’t get me wrong. Also, I’m about to see it for the 7th time which is not the case for all your readers. I was just responding to your worries about word count!! I think there is something brilliant about that short facetime chat with her fiancee. You see everything about him in that short conversation. He says, “stop being silly…” and we see who she is to him and to her family. Next viewing, I’ll look for the couch! Oh and thanks for the link. I read parts of it but not all of it!!

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  7. I think my favorite line of this scene is “Klara behn.” It is such a good moment! Sejal just takes charge here and, as others have said, is beautifully confident in her expertise as a lawyer.

    I’d like to know from the Hindi speakers out there what it is that Harry says to Sejal once Klara leaves. It is translated as “You’re a piece of work” but I’m sure that isn’t what it is in Hindi. And I think (but I could be wrong) it is the same phrase he uses in Lisbon when he wakes up and Sejal is in his arms. He says it very softly before shifting her off of him. It is a line that isn’t translated there. So I’m curious to know.


    • I love the “Klara-behn”! And now that I think about it, it’s also a little message for Shahrukh. Klara obviously won’t get the meaning, but to Shahrukh it will signal “sister-wife”. Anushka is taking and accepting the fact that there were women for him before her, and she has a special relationship to those women. She may not like them, but she can accept them.

      Or maybe I am reading into it and it is just that nasty female “I am being nice and formal because I hate you” thing with a Hindi twist just for Anushka.

      On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 11:54 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. “She may be innocent with worldly matters, but she is also smart and really good at her job.” I think this is important. The indemnity bond made her look naive…he makes fun of her with that great “M’lord” bit, but now he gets to see the professionally aggressive her and he likes it.
    “One of the many things we see in the full film version is flashes of his empty apartment. ” I keep looking for this but still miss it. “Along with his passport, the flashes of the Punjab, we get at least one shot of the Frankfurt apartment, specifically the green couch they sit on at the end.” When who sits on the couch? Do you think the shot of that odd room with him on the bed and his bag next to him is the Frankfurt apartment? I can’t wait for the netflix version so I can stop and start this!
    Your last paragraph really captures it. As soon as I read that, I saw its truth.


    • I’m still working on getting you to remember this couch! Okay, the fight after Raula. They start by drinking wine and sitting back on the balcony. And then Shahrukh starts the fight. The thing they are sitting on before the fight, that’s the couch I mean. It looks kind of like a car seat, cheap old green leather with no arms. Clearly the kind of thing you would pick up in an alley or a junk shop for yourself, not something an interior designer would have picked out. Like everything else in his apartment, you can see that at one time he was excited to pick out his own furniture and set it up the way he liked it. Making it all the more poignant that he hasn’t returned for 2 years. And you get a little flash of it in “Safar”, I think right before or after the passport.

      I do think that bed shot is his apartment! The film is so careful to make hotels really look like hotels, we know when they are in those personality-less places. That bed and bedroom is so unique that I assume it is intended to be his apartment. And I assume what it is supposed to show is how, even now that she is gone, he is still sitting on “his” side of the bed and leaving hers empty. Even in a bed they never shared.

      On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 2:42 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Wait, you mean that car seat thing is his Frankfurt apartment? And the after party of the wedding (with the tea making and picture taking) is in HIS apartment? That never never occured to me and OF COURSE. When he says about Sejal that “she felt like home” I kept thinking home in Punjab. But no, or at least no only there. She is home in Frankfurt meaning SHE MADE HIS APARTMENT FEEL LIKE A HOME. Now, that all makes so much sense. That’s really what he means about “playing husband and wife.” They are playing in the place he has imagined (perhaps) having or wife, or thinking he will never have a wife there. And the first bed shot in his apartment in Safar shows him with his briefcase or bag or whatever on the bed with him, something a wife or even a girl never allow. Now so much is so much clearer!! Thank you!!


        • Exactly! I am writing that section now, and the way they move around the kitchen, but even more the way they stand together in the doorway, that is a couple in their own home.

          On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 2:11 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I did not get the feeling that it is important if it is Harry’s apartment in Frankfurt or a suite in the building they had the celebration. Mayank and Irina have the suite/apartment next door – that’s important because it gives the opportunity and the positions for this little conversation.


          • I’m not sure it is the suite next door. My impression was that they were leaving into the elevator at the end of the night. But even if it is next door, it could still easily be Mayank’s apartment that he got in the same building as Shahrukh.

            However, I am pretty sure it is actually Shahrukh’s apartment just because we see that shot of the green couch they sit on all the way back in Safar.

            On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 2:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I wish I could have combined them because they are so related! But the words got so long, I just had to break off in the middle of the last post. Is this the post where I have my idea of the version in which Klara actually hits Shahrukh and Anushka would absolutely take her down?

      Since re-watching, I am even more firmly on that side. Anushka is staying calm and smiley and happy because she is defending against a verbal attack, but if Klara had turned physical, she would have been right there, no more smiles or calm.

      On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 12:14 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I had the feeling that the way Sejal positioned herself at Harry’s side somehow made clear that she was with Harry. Klara may have slapped a solo Harry but not a somehow protected Harry…that’s why only the verbal attacking when he tried again to soothen her.


        • Agree. From two ways. She might have slapped a solo Harry because there would be less social pressure, she wouldn’t worry about being embarrassed in front of anyone else. And also, she wouldn’t slap him in front of Anushka in particular, because the way she was holding on to him and acting made it pretty clear that she wouldn’t hesitate to slap back.

          On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 2:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. Exactly…perfect body language! (Oh, oh, I should not start with that…because…ummm…did you notice Harry slacking down like a scolded pupil and regain his posture and become happily agile again and slightly dominating during the banter?)


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