In Honor of Yashji’s Birthday, a Discussion of Film Endings!

This is in honor of Yashji because I think we can all agree he had TERRIBLE endings! Big picture they were fine, the right people ended up together and all that. But the specifics of how they played out tended to be “and then a plane explodes for no reason” kind of randomness.

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Ramesh Sippy Week: Battle of the FanVids! Which of These Two Hyperspecific 1970s Hindi Film FanVids is the BEST Hyperspecific 1970s Hindi Film FanVid?

This is going to be Very Very Hard. Prepare yourself. For one thing, Shashi is in both of them! So the rule of “Shashi wins all” doesn’t even work. Oh, and yes, neither of these is a particularly Ramesh Sippy-y fanvid, but they are in his general 70s era, so I figured it is close enough.

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Sexy Sex Sex! In Hindi Film, Songs in Which Sexual Acts Outside of Procreation Are Implied

I just put up a post about kissing onscreen, and a comment from Alisa/BollywoodNewbie got me thinking about how maybe the reason kisses are so shocking is because they are the one act everyone understands. While all the other stuff that is just implied goes right over people’s heads. Not “against the grain” things, but things that have no logical explanation beyond sex, and imply sex which is not procreational and married and in the missionary position.

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Happy May Day!!!! Let’s Have Some May Flowers!

May day, in addition to being the international day of labor, is also the international day of “hanging flowers and candy on your neighbor’s doors”.  And the Maypole dance and various other obviously pagan spring rituals.  But whatever, it works!  Spring keeps coming!  And to that end, let’s enjoy some pretty spring flower songs.

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Saturday Classics: Silsila! For Holi!

Happy Saturday!  I’m on vacation, so I missed yesterday’s Friday classic post.  And posts will be a bit sparse for the next few days.  But I’m gonna make up for it by doing a stone-cold classic, which is also holiday appropriate, for the random one-off Saturday Classics post.

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Here’s What I Am Doing Today Instead of Posting

It’s not terribly exciting, but I thought I might as well tell you so you aren’t sitting around going “What’s wrong?  Why isn’t she posting?”  It’s just because I’ve got a ton of errands that I’ve been putting off so I am driving around in The World, instead of sitting at home blogging.

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Happy Birthday Shashiji! The BEST Kapoor! 12 Reasons I Love You

79 years old today!  Which in my family is super young (Grandpa’s turning 96 this year), but for the Kapoors is pretty old!  A reward for clean living, and general niceness.  Shashi is clearly the “best” Kapoor.  And so he gets a full dozen reasons I love him.

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Hindi Film 101: Rekha 2.0, The Amitabh Years

This is such a fun one to write!  Mostly because it is so fake.  Rekha is brilliant at manipulating the press and crafting an image for herself, so her whole life story (as presented to the public) sounds like something out of a bad melodrama.  Oh, and almost all of this is based on This Book, which is a super fun read and if you like this post, you should go buy it and read it.

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Happy Birthday Rekhaji!!!

As always, one day before Amitabh.  I’m going to get super lame and cheesy for a second, and make a bad joke: right from the beginning, she’s been chasing after him.  And now, to make up for it, I’m going to try to come up with 12 reasons to love her for her birthday (I briefly considered 62, but then I’d end up reusing a bunch for Amitabh tomorrow).

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Happy Day After Labor Day/Fall!!!

Happy Day After Labor Day!  An odd holiday, most other places celebrate it in May, but in America we do things differently.  It’s also our unofficial end of summer/beginning of Fall holiday.  Schools start after Labor Day, you aren’t supposed to wear white (white is a “summer” color) after Labor Day, everyone has their last cookout and then puts the grill away for the year.  Which means today is the beginning of my favorite season, Fall!

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The 4 Kinds of Fanvids

So, I am a huge huge sucker for a good fanvid, have been for years.  Going all the way back to when I was in college and I would take a break from studying to browse around and try to dig up a new SRKajol vid.

After over a decade of loving these things, I think I have figured out 3 categories of fanvids, specific to Indian fandom.

First, there is fanvid that expands on the themes of an existing artwork, for instance this fabulous one from Alina Yuvvraaj:

Or these, from lalilly:

Then there are the fanvids that expand on the particular awesomeness of a particular star.  Like this, my all time favorite from Zizi K:

Or this one from Alina Yuvvraaj again:

So, both of those kinds of videos, based on a particular movie or a particular star, you can find in any fandom.  Where I think it starts to get unique, is in the next two categories.


First, there are the videos based on a particular mood.  Since Indian film follows the Rasa theory, where the goal is to evoke a particular mood at a particular moment, rather than a cohesive mood through out one narrative, a wide variety of films might have particular scenes that flow seamlessly between the borders of their individual movies.

Like this, the moment when you are in love without realizing it yet and happy (from half a dozen different movies with the same moment).  By Zizi K again:

Or this, which evokes the specific mood of “young and drunk at a club”, by MRSEMRAAN:

Or this, which has the very specific-to-Indian-film emotion described right there in the title.  Women who are sad, and the men who love them from MRSEMRAAN again:


And then finally, there is my favorite category, the totally made up full narratives that go across multiple films and, occasionally, all the way into real life footage.  This is really unique to Indian film, because Indian film is uniquely cohesive film to film.  The same jodis play the same characters going through the same narrative beats over the over again.  And even into real life, in interviews and publicity tours, they interact the same way.  And who knows, maybe it is even related to the reincarnation in Hinduism!  According to some versions, even Ram and Sita were reborn multiple times and lived out their story over and over.

Anyway, one of my favorites, which seamlessly moves between real life and film.  Almost convinces me that Kajol really is eating her heart out, from MissCinemaObsessive:

and then I watch this from lalilly and feel better:

(see, they’re just friends after all!)

Or this one, where she actually does get him, even though he is himself and she is village-Kajol, from Zizi K:

Or this, where it’s not just SRKajol, but SRKajol vs Kajol/Salman and Kajol/Saif, from LUANSU (LUANSU was also the first fanvid maker I found, back in college):

It’s not just SRKajol, I literally screamed with delight when I found this one, hitting up the scandals old school!  And using all film footage to tell a real life story, very impressive! From TheMelicrazyy:

And this leads into the bonus subcategory, fake storylines pulling together multiple films, but with stars who never actually acted together!  Because actors and their characters are so consistent across films, and all films are so consistant with the kind of scenes they include, you can actually craft a narrative revolving around people who have never been onscreen together (my favorite of these is the Abhishek/Kajol/Rani “Teardrops on My Guitar” that was briefly posted like 6 years ago by Nouf89, and then pulled down.  My white whale!  If someone out there has it, please send me a copy!).  But these are nice too.  From rmskch:

(this is so impressive!  Remember they have only been onscreen together for less than ten seconds in her friendly appearance in KANK)

And I had never even considered these options, from 3bit89:

(none of these three has ever costarred with each other in anything!)

So, did I do this right?  Are there the same number of categories as promised in the post-title?  I think so:

  1. Fanvids expanding on one particular film
  2. Fanvids expanding on one particular star
  3. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same mood
  4. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same moods/stars into a narrative
    1. Fanvids combining multiple films with the same moods/stars into a narrative even if the stars never acted opposite each other