Jab Harry Met Sejal Discussion Post: What Happens After the End?

This is just fun times.  Let’s all share our own versions of what happens after the end of the film, what’s next for them? Again, no right or wrong answer, you don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to agree with you, the film is open.  (full index of JHMS coverage here)

I’m going to start with Shahrukh’s own vision for the future, courtesy of procrastinatrix from the comments who found it in an interview that you can read here:

SRK: “Yes, I do. Like we do back stories, I want to look ahead, too. So, the prologue and epilogue are quite important. We don’t always show it. But, as an actor and storyteller, it is important for me to know what happened. A love story is to be continued always. You want to know what happened to Raj and Simran or Harry and Sejal? I believe, Harry and Sejal had three children. I don’t know why I think so. I can make them do anything, it is extremely empowering. They decided to shift to a small town for some time. Now, she works as a lawyer. Harry takes time off and writes a book. I think, she would be the working partner and Harry would just relax and look after the children.”


Who am I to go against Shahrukh?  This vision works for me.  In many ways.  First, I think we can see in the Klara scene that Sejal really is a good lawyer and enjoys the process of discussion and compromise.  I would want her to continue to use those skills and develop them.  And I want her to continue developing in general, not just stop once she becomes Harry’s wife, but to continue her journey of personal growth.  To find out who she is in her professional life, to break away from just working for the family and discover that she has skills that are valuable on the open market, and she enjoys using them.

To expand on Shahrukh’s vision, in my imagination, I see Sejal quitting her job for the family business either at the same time she breaks her engagement or when she announces her marriage to Harry (I think we can all agree that the Rupen engagement was partially a business arrangement, so work will be super awkward once she breaks it off).  And once she is free of it, she can branch out on her own, take a job that involves more conflict resolution like the Klara discussion, and less boring contracts like the indemnity bond.  Because that seems to be where she shines.

And for Harry, again I agree with Shahrukh.  Harry has spent so many years traveling and tending to others, he really needs some solitary processing time.  Writing a book or simply being a house husband for a while sounds just about perfect to me. Not even having kids right away, but just taking time for himself.  And then once the kids come, he is the naturally nurturing partner, it makes more sense for him to be the primary caregiver.  And it is something that would make him happy, to use all those skills he developed over the years in order to take care of his own children, instead of tourists-who-were-as-demanding-as-children.

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The idea of them in a small town also works for me, to get out of the pressure of the city. To get away from places where it is about appearances and what they were before, to be able to start fresh.  There would also be a certain amount of freedom inherent there.  Sejal could experiment as a professional, open up her own practice, solve real problems, instead of being trapped in a corporate job.  And Harry could go from “the man with the past” to being “that guy all the teenagers have a crush on, but would never do anything about it because we all know he is just a sweet guy in love with his wife”.


The only thing SRK has left for me to fill in are the details.  Let’s start with that gap in Sejal’s life between when she leaves Amsterdam and Harry finds her in Bombay.  As I picture it, there was a small gap not to discover her heartbreak, but to discover how much she had changed and how impossible it was for her to go back to what she was before.  It seemed like at that good-bye scene, to me, she was ready to return, planning to make herself marry Rupen and go back to being the good girl.  But she just couldn’t do it, not because it was breaking her heart, but because she couldn’t force herself back into that box again.  And therefore I picture a break with Rupen, a confrontation with her family, and possibly quitting her job as well.

I assume after she is reunited with Harry, they are married within 24 hours.  And then immediately travel to his village, the next step on his journey and her journey of getting to know him.  After a few weeks in the village, long enough for Mayank and Evelyn Sharma to join them and bring together their past and present and future lives, they will move on.  Travel to a nearby larger town, where Sejal talks her way into a job at the only law office in town and quickly flourishes, and Harry finds a small house and furnishes it for them.  I imagine that children came later.  Don’t know why, but I am picturing the first child being something Harry and Sejal had talked about and she knew he wanted, but ultimately she surprised him with the pregnancy because he was unaware she had gone off the pill.  The second child I imagine as planned, after they discovered that they could work as parents, Sejal did have a maternal instinct in her own way but it didn’t stop her from going to work every day, and Harry was a perfect baby tender.  And then the third child I picture as an accident, several years after the others when they thought they were past the baby stage.


Here are the two things I can’t decide on:

  1. First sex time:
    1. Get a super fancy hotel room at the super fancy hotel immediately and do the deed, then get married the next day?
    2. Wake up a priest, or borrow the priest from the other wedding, and get married immediately, then get the hotel room that night?
    3. Spend one more night literally sleeping together because Harry wants it to be “right”, then the next day do a full formal religious marriage (probably at a Sikh Gurudwara) and have the full formal decorated bed kind of First Night?
  2. Children’s genders (the only one I reject utterly is boy, boy, boy):
    1. Girl, boy, girl?
    2. Boy, girl, boy?
    3. Boy, boy, girl?
    4. Girl, girl, boy?
    5. Girl, girl, girl?


Or, do you disagree with everything (or part of) what I/SRK have said and have your own vision?


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  1. Most important things first: There is no need to wait anymore…they’re already husband and wife 😉
    They would go to meet Sejal’s parents to make it official (I am sure, Sejal told them about Harry and that she would marry him)…maybe, they will come later to visit the couple in the village or the new home…(adjusting their time).
    Harry will do all sort of things, Sejal will first adjust to the village and the life as a couple in the village, then – haule, haule – she will begin to help in legl matters. Harry will do farming and singing and helping with letters to write, will work on the internet, be in contact with Mayank…Mayank and Irina will come to India – the next big town near the village…the four will found and open a tourist agency, Sejal & Harry keeping in close touch with the village…

    First kid after one year, the next one-and-a-half later, the third one three years later…Harry with the kids doing farming and singing and dancing – Sejal joins in whenever possible

    The agency blossoms – close contacts with German, Dutch, French, Swiss, Autrichien and English agencys…Harry guiding special tours – Sejal doing the family lawer business and has an office for general people (villages, small towns)

    I don’t see Harry as a writer…interesting that ShahRukh does 🙂

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    • I like this idea! Shahrukh said Harry would be a writer, but Harry himself expressed a desire to have his own agency. I could see him being that voice on the phone handling the Indian side of things while Mayank and Evelyn and other people he knows from his time overseas handled that side of things. And it would also mean he could work out some of his demons, try to organize tours for the people who “deserve” them, village types who would never think they could or should go abroad until he shows them it is possible for them, not the types like Anushka’s family who abuse the staff and never really understand the beauty of where they are.

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  2. I can’t imagine Sejal cutting off her family that much by eloping or having a wedding within 24 hours. I don’t think even Harry would want that. He knows roots and family members are all important. I think they will be engaged for a few weeks and plan a small wedding. By that time, I imagine Sejal’s family will be disappointed but accept it and attend as well.

    I don’t know what SRK meant by small town, whether small town in India or Europe. I personally can’t see either one being able to survive in small town India – with so many nosy neighbors and everyone all in your business, the dirty and filth, dealing with nightmares like losing electricity a couple hours a day and poor local government, etc. Sejal is a posh Bombay girl used to certain conveniences. Harry is a cosmopolitan guy who likes art and music and culture. Small town India would be a nightmare for them.

    Small-town Europe sounds much more their thing. Harry would work for a few years establishing the travel agency he thought he could (now that he doesn’t have his womanizing problem) while Sejal goes back to school to get a law degree that would work there. After that, he would mostly stay home, take care of the kids and write a book. They can explore tiny whole in the wall restaurants and go out singing and dancing and take a trip back to India whenever they’re in the mood.

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    • Also can’t imagine Harry staying home and taking care of kids while his wife earns the break in small town India! Harry would become the laughingstock of his entire neighborhood.


  3. Shah is such a poet at heart. I can see why he would think Harry would turn into a writer. Although, I’m glad he mentioned that he takes some time off to do it. Because I imagine Harry to still be working in some context; even if he decided to become the primary caregiver once they have kids. Also, I see them moving into a small town somewhere abroad.

    To answer your questions, I’ll go with 1 boy and 2 girls (no idea about the order). And choice A. I definitely imagine them having a very passionate sex life the first few years (the kind made up of showers every night and falling into bed).

    These are two characters I would love to read fanfics about. They will have a very colorful, happy, mad and satisfying life.

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  4. I’m thinking they get the priest from the other wedding to marry them right then and there, knowing they’ll have the other wedding (the one in Butterfly) later on. But they never tell anyone about it. This is so they can have hot sex that night~but the right way, as a married couple. Harry is the one who insists on this~though Sejal has already spoken with the priest to set it up. Just in case Harry shows up. Sejal also has a room at the wedding hotel venue, a small one with a small bed because she would want to be close to Harry while they sleep.

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    • I love the idea of Sejal setting all this up just in case/because on some level she knows. And being able to tell him she had arranged it all, for once taking care of all those details he used to take care of, for him. That may now be my favorite version! Although before I was fond of the idea of one last celibate night together, followed by a real wedding the next day.

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  5. I really don’t think either Sejal or Harry would be able to live in small town India. Its quite quite horrible for the most part- horrible neighbours, power cuts everyday, no proper infrastructure. Though I also think if they went to one of the south Indian hillstations they wouldnt have that much of a nosy neighbour problem.

    Harry is used to Europe and its first world conveniences. Sejal is so super rich she is what I call the Bombay first world. The rest of India is a place such people visit only on holiday.

    I think Sejal’s family will disown her mostly/completely once they find out its Harry. Either they have already done so(because she’s told them that she loves Harry and is going back to Europe to find him) prior to their meeting in Bombay or they will do so once she tells them.

    They may meet at annual functions once in a while but I doubt they will finance the big wedding they expect for her and Harry (I doubt Harry would accept their money also- he seemed to LOATHE her family in that first goodbye wave) and they would never attend the simple (I am thinking Court? since they are different religions) wedding Harry would want.

    So far as I can guess Sejal and Harry are already married when they go to Nurmahal. and the party thats happening there is a reception.

    They of course had sex that night and got married the next day morning cause Harry is not THAT much of a fuddy duddy. He just didn’t want to have sex with her when she was engaged to another and had not “Come out” to her parents. I doubt he will have any qualms in attacking her now that she’s free 🙂 That kiss was as good as sex 😛

    I like SRK’s idea that he will be the stay at home Pappa while Mummy goes to work. I think he will try and write more music and lyrics though, go back to his old dream. And he will start that travel agency he wanted so there will be some financial stability.

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    • I am glad to know I am not the only person who is VERY CONCERNED with when they first had sex. And I like how no one has really suggested that they waited any longer than 24 hours after that kiss.

      I also think they will both be a lot happier if they never have to really deal with Sejal’s family again. I think by the end of the film Harry probably twice hates them, once for how terrible they are in general, and again for how terribly they have treated Sejal. And probably Sejal the same, I can’t imagine they were terribly nice about Harry when they found out she was in love with him, on top of how much the “new” Sejal probably doesn’t like them just for herself.

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      • Her family will never forgive him.Never. Its good that he has a Canadian passport so they cant really hurt him. But they will blame him for Sejal rejecting Rupen and kinda sorta judging them for the way they brought her up. For the rest of his life.

        Its better if he and Sejal stay away from that negativity.

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        • Part of the reason I can’t picture them having a life in Bombay. The risk of running into her family, or even old friends, would be too great. Both because it would be just really really unpleasant, and because there is no way she would be able to get a job, or he to start a travel agency, anywhere that her family has power. But if they move away to somewhere her family doesn’t care about, not Delhi or another large city where they probably have connections, but somewhere small enough that they don’t notice it, then they can be free and her family won’t bother to follow. Maybe if they cared about her a little more, but it seems like the anger/love isn’t great enough to overcome the embarrassment/effort of tracking them down once they are no longer right there.

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          • I just dont think they can live in India, especially north india where her diamond family will have deep tentacles in beauracracy and business and be happy.

            It will either have to be some place like Ooty or Waynad or they move back to Europe. I mean he has the passport why shouldn’t they go back. Her legal services will be better valued there too. Indian small towns dont take kindly to female lawyers. Its considered a male profession…

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  7. You know, I never got the sense that Sejal is THAT rich the way you guys did. She is obviously upper class but I definitely do not think her family has what is considered real wealth. If that was the case, they would have been making frequent trips to Europe every time it got hot in India. They would not be on a packaged tour seeing Europe for the first time with a guide. Sejal would have been shipped off to boarding school and then college in the US or Europe. She wouldn’t have that accent – these types of things are a big deal in upper class families. Even her LLB degree is not very valued in India. Ask anyone in India and an LLB is seen as a ‘time-pass’ degree for people who can’t get into more rigorous professions. Rich girls who need to be “educated” to get a good groom are amongst those. Truly wealthy Bombay people would have made sure she got a foreign degree instead for the status it would provide them. An LLB in India would get absolutely nowhere near the respect a law degree in the US or UK would.

    The wedding was also probably something they had meant to spend a lot of money on ever since they gave birth to a daughter. It wasn’t chump change for them. These things are done, sometimes even when they are not affordable, to show off to society how far they’ve come and how much financial power they now have. It would not be designed by them either and left to experts because only the experts know what other people would be impressed by. They aren’t at the level where they can judge taste on their own.

    It’s hard for me to believe they are that powerful that Sejal and Harry would have a hard time surviving nearby if they wanted to. Maybe I’m just optimistic but I feel like at least a few family members would even come to the wedding – at least the younger ones like her sister. A lot of Indian families react angrily when they think an unsuitable partner has been found but they eventually get over it especially by the time the children are born.

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    • Good point. She’s rich enough that there is plenty of money, but not so rich that money has ceased to matter. Like, her family seems pretty casual about paying for train ticket and plane tickets and hotels and all her shopping, and of course Shahrukh. But she was still aware of money as a thing that exists in the world, in a way the truly rich don’t seem to be. When I picture their future life, I am pretty sure between her family and Rupen’s family, there is no way she could get another LLB job working in the jewel market in Bombay. And possibly in any other city. But maybe a different kind of industry would still be open to her.

      I don’t much like her sister, she seemed way too pushy, but you know what I can imagine? Her sister being designated as essentially the family spy. Her parents and older relatives can’t be seen to associate with her, but they still want to know if she might do anything that could damage them further, so her sister will go to her wedding, report back to the relatives that it was all small and strange but not to worry, they are leaving town immediately and won’t embarrass them further. And then get the monthly reports by email of “we settled here, I have a job, woops I’m pregnant!” and so on. It seems like what she was already doing with Sejal traveling in Europe, the rest of the family couldn’t really be bothered to contact her, but they wanted to have someone around who sort of knew what was happening just in case. And heck, really going out there, I would LOVE it if 15 years from now, Didi’s kid runs away from home to go stay with crazy aunt Sejal who she vaguely knows from family photos and comments, because she/he doesn’t want that planned out life either, and Sejal gets some part of her family back in a new way.

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  8. They need to move to the village from Swades, where the electricity problem has been solved, and Sejal can be friends with Gita and Harry and can hang out with Mohan. After all, by now there’s even a high school in the town! (Mohan and Gita have gotten older, of course, and have a few kids of their own.)

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  9. I keep thinking about how much Harry hated her family when they were clients. I have a friend who has lead high end tours and some groups are great, some horrible, some boring, some fun. Sejal’s family was horrible. So, not clear how much they would have to do with them. But grandchildren always bring people around.
    I think the 3 children, staying home and writing a book was not Shah Rukh speaking about Harry, it was Shah Rukh speaking about Shah Rukh. He has a fantasy that he could or would do that even though he knows he’s a workalcholic. I also think Shah Rukh can’t imagine living anywhere but India but Harry could. I like the idea of smaller town Europe or even Canada, with frequent trips home. The woman who hugs him when he returns to the roof in Punjab can’t be his mother, she isn’t old enough. Look, maybe it is death of parents that sent him to Canada.

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    • so long as we are speculating, what I could see really well (especially based on what we know of Harry’s personality now) is if his parents died and he was living with relatives, an aunt or an older brother or sister, and felt/sensed he was a burden on them. It would make him eager to leave home and not put any “pressure” on them by contacting them afterwards, beyond perhaps a simple note saying “I’m in Canada with so-and-so from the village, everything’s fine, don’t worry about me”. And then as the years went by, he would begin to worry that perhaps he didn’t do the right thing leaving like that, maybe they are angry with him now, maybe he can’t go home because he didn’t leave in the right way. And it would lead into to his whole current issues of not feeling like he has anyone of his own, like he can ask for help from anyone just for himself.

      Which means this moment would be confirmation that he was loved and missed and forgiven, even by people who aren’t his parents and he didn’t think would be able to love and miss and forgive him.

      Oh! you know what it reminds me of? The end of K3G when it becomes increasingly clear that Shahrukh doesn’t feel like he has a right to this family, that the adoption issues are underlying all of it.

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        • Yep. Aunt or older brother’s wife. Some woman who cared for him but he never felt like he had the “right” to expect her to care for him, and has been agonizing for years over whether he did wrong by leaving that way, if she even remembers him, if she forgives him, etc. etc.

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  10. I need a separate box for the when did they have sex question. I think that the events in Punjab really are the wedding. I think they do a proper Sikh wedding there. I think that after that hug at the wedding venue they go to wherever she is living. If you think she has broken with her family, she is no longer with them. I think they do have sex that night. Committed, engaged couples, even people who are religious and strict about these things when unmarried, do so when engaged. Once they have committed to each other, it is not longer inappropriate or tawdry or anything. Its right. Or they could just cuddle and kiss and fall asleep as one does when emotionally rung out which they both are at this point. Now, that I write that, I’m going with that version. He is exhausted. He probably hasn’t slept since he told Manky he was leaving for India. She hasn’t slept at least this whole week leading up to the non-wedding, wondering if he’ll come. They kiss, cuddle and fall asleep. Maybe the first real sexual encounter is in the morning. That would be delightfully symbolic: it is meant for the light of day, no hiding. That’s it. I’m going with that version. (final answer).

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    • I like your version, cuddling and sleeping and comforting each other and then sex in the broad light of day. Like Bunty Aur Babli!

      However, I do think they would want some form of a marriage first. Shahrukh did specifically reject the idea of an engagement when she offered it. But maybe it doesn’t even involve a priest, just the two of them alone in a bedroom and Shahrukh gives her a mangalsutra he brought and she touches his feet. Or they joke and say the 3 “Kabuls” to each other. But something that makes them feel “married” in the sight of God, something a little more than the conversation they just had about the engagement.

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      • Bunty Aur Babli was a film I saw early in my “career’ and the fact that they basically marry each other with no witnesses was revelatory to me. Seemed so pure and good. Yes, that’s it. He didn’t bring a mangalsutra because they are both wary of wedding jewelry, but they could walk around, so simply declare, “I marry you.” I’m fine with that notion. Though do really think that having said they would marry would be enough legitimacy for them at this point.


      • Because I am so conscientious (and too tired to think about writing another post on anything), I just went through all of the Butterfly video to look for a mangalsutra or sindoor, and NOTHING. Which may mean absolutely nothing, it’s not like every married woman wears that all the time. But this film is so careful with little touches like that, I am sure if Imtiaz wanted us to know they got married before going home, he would have put it in. This way, it’s still open.

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  11. What happens next 🙂 was waiting for this post !!

    I believe they leave the wedding venue and go to a hotel. Harry must have already thought of a hotel as he was fully prepared for going back after handling over shagun packet to Sejal incase she does not want to be with him and live with Rupen and is the old Sejal (worst case scenario) So he has to spend a night at least to get a flight back next day. So he already has a hotel to sleep at night in his mind.

    So they land up in a hotel room that night and might have decided to visit Sejal’s parents / priest next morning to have a formal wedding, irrespective of the fact that her parents approve it or not.

    There is no doubt here that they had sex that night itself.. the kiss they had was their romantic engagement and the sex is their marriage. No amount of tiredness or sleep deprivation could have stopped harry from having sex now. They were totally into each other when they hugged … sejal already had the flovour as you said in your other post and is craving for more .. she is confident of herself now ..feeling fully ‘layak’ beautiful & want to give herself to him… while Harry’s embarrassment is also gone post her thumbs up after kiss.

    They are modern couple and ‘right’ time was never about rituals for harry… ‘Right’ meant that there is no Rupen or xyz in between and so there is no embarrassment or regret after the act.. it was never like first get actual rituals of marriage done and then we can have sex. It meant that their sex should not be like one night deed.. that need to forget next day and carry on with their life separately. Right meant they will do it again and again and again n enjoy it happily forever…like normal husband wife..

    Next morning they get formally married in a religious place and then Harry takes her to his hometown ..meet family and have a celebration.

    SRK’s interview epilogue works fine and I completely agree to a comment here that its was not Shah Rukh speaking about Harry, it was Shah Rukh speaking about Shah Rukh. 3 children .. him writing a book (he writes very well) while wife is flourishing in her carrier. (Gauri has started her design studio by the way)
    3 children have to be Son daughter son 😉 (Aryan suhana abram) !!!
    1st child unplanned and within 1 year from marriage .. second planned and third is planned 🙂

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    • If they are staying at Harry hotel, not right there at the venue, somehow I am picturing more a funky guest house kind of place. That’s what they enjoyed while traveling, the Portugal hotel room was so much more homey and eclectic versus the Amsterdam one. I could see him taking her to some out of the way place he knew about (how, I don’t know, since he clearly hasn’t been back to India since he left. But then, he always knows these places), where they could sign in as husband and wife, and be together in a place that feels “real” not a sterile hotel environment.

      But, I don’t want them to have a kid right away! I want them to have some time to just be together and figure out their new life. Especially Sejal, she is still getting to know Sejal, I don’t want her to be Sejal-as-a-mother too soon. However, I could see unplanned in a few years. Maybe they never really talked about it and never thought necessarily it would happen (she’s on the pill, their lives seem so hectic), and then she ends up pregnant, he is delighted, she is cautiously optimistic, and once the baby comes it is all wonderful.

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      • I don’t think that Harry has booked a hotel room…he just came by flight, went to the toilets to freshen up and change, went to the wedding reception with the intention to give Sejal an answer to her question asked in Frankfurt and the envelope, would then go back to the airport and take the next flight home passing the waiting time at the airport.

        So no, no hotel room…yet…first they just keep sitting there, hugging, kissing, laughing, talking…just being happy. Then Harry will suggest to ask for a room at the hotel where the current wedding takes place and Sejal may tell him that she already had asked at the reception if there would be a room available and there is (but she hadn’t booked it).
        So happily (and both with their butterflies fluttering like mad) they go to the reception, both!!! (not like in KabhiAlvidaNaKehna) because even without a ceremony they are firmly on the level newly-wed husband-wife to have their wedding night (with the Indian wedding-music from the current wedding as background score). In the lift she may tease Harry that she hopes it will now be the ‘right time’ although she would not mind to take him into her arms again for sleeping because she had liked it…and Harry will tease her that for latter she would have to wait because he would not mind to take his time before wanting to sleep…

        The next afternoon they’ll leave the hotel (when Harry’s travel clothes are washed and ironed) and Harry will present himself as Sejal’s future husband to the family (they all already know that the stubborn Sejal would marry the tour guide if that man would like to marry her!!! That she would even go to the venue looking for him in case he would follow the invitation she made in Budapest. She would have told them – including Rupen – what she lived in Europe during the search for the ring (well, not e v e r y t h i n g) stressing the fact that Harry cared for her more than Rupen and her parents, telling them that she had become another woman (NO, they did not have sex, they even did not kiss…although she wanted to do it, but Harry had said it would not be right), that she had figured out how much she loves him feeling that he, too, loves her very deeply. So, she can’t and won’t marry Rupen – you are a nice guy, Rupen, you’ll find a matching woman, I surely am not the right one for you – and they should cancel the celebration asap. She would even travel to Europe to seek him if he did not come to Mumbai the 25th of November. Kudos to pratical Sejal 🙂

        So, Sejal’s family is – in a certain way – prepared as Sejal did not return the night before… Harry is okay to say hello to them and to invite them to the wedding he would like to do after having shown Sejal the place where he came from (the location not yet decided).

        As Harry is welcome in Nurmahal, they decide to do their wedding there (the religious celebration will be the day after Butterfly). The father will not come (shedule problems…*cough, cough*…), but mother and sister will spend some nights in Jalandhar where Sejal and them can go on house-searching because Jalandhar will become Harinder’s and Sejal’s future living and working place. They will keep close contact to the village and Harry’s remaining relatives (two aunts and cousins and nieces/nephews, his parents indeed had died in an accident with a tractor) for helping in the fields or with legal advices or whatever…for the electricity-problems they will come in close contact with Surinder in Amritsar (who has now a prominent position in PunjabiPowers) with whom, his wife Taani and their two kids they will share pleasant times.

        Harry will also keep close contact to Mayank and Irina…(this I already wrote in the first posting)

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        • You know the only thing that rings completely false for me with this? I don’t think Anushka will ever be able to get her family to listen to her, not to the whole story. Or Rupen. I think she will try, but then give up as she discovers any attempt to explain will simply result in telling her that she is confused, or scared, or should just buy something to distract herself. And finally threats, to throw her out of the house, to lock her in her room, etc. etc. The only thing that will work is if she just repeats over and over what she wants. Although I can also picture her getting tired of Rupen trying to convince her,and just lying to him that she did have sex with Shahrukh, knowing that will make him reject her as “damaged goods”.


          • It depends, I believe. If she is adamant and keeps asking her parents if they want her to run away, to really disgrace herself and them, they still wouldn’t be
            happy but I don’t think they would do her any harm. And Rupen? He would clear off in any way.


          • Yeah, I don’t see Rupen having a real deep connection there. If Anushka doesn’t want him, there are dozens of other young women he likes just as well whose parents are lining up for an engagement.


  12. Okay, here’s my idea of their life together. They don’t have children right away because they want to explore their married relationship. But children are definitely on the table. They live in a mid sized city (not Mumbai) and Sejal opens up her own practice dealing with women’s issues. Harry and Mayank partner and open up a travel agency specializing in tours that take people off the beaten track. They set up tours that clients will experience what a country’s culture is really all about. After having connected with his roots, he wants people to experience real situations instead of standard tourist attractions. He handles the Indian part of the agency and Mayank handles the European side. After a few years, he and Sejal have children, a boy and twin girls. Harry is a devoted father and this allows Sejal the opportunity to continue her legal work. As with all relationships, they have their ups and downs, but they always have each other.


  13. First of all, I’m so happy to have found this blog! I saw JHMS And fell in love instantly and watched it 2 more times before also making a friend watch it with me. Stumbling across this blog and the scene by scene made me have to watch it yet again! 🙂 I’m so sad that this didn’t do well in India, I think its a wonderful story!

    I stumbled across a video clip on YouTube from an Indian serial called Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai where apparently there is a couple getting married and Harry and Sejal come to visit…I believe Harry is a family friend. The episodes aired Aug. 2 and 3, 2017. Harry makes his appearance at the end of the first episode and then introduces Sejal in the 2nd episode. Apparently one of them has lost an engagement ring, thus a relatable situation for Harry & Sejal.
    The episodes are available on the Hotstar app, but no subtitles. 😦
    I don’t know if there is anyone here that can translate Harry & Sejals interactions from those episodes, but it would be awesome to know! They are clearly “together” at that point and the family they are visiting seems surprised! They dance to Hawayein and it’s oh so lovely!
    Just thought it would be a nice peek into the “what happens next” world. 🙂


  14. Has anyone seen “Harry & Sejal’s” appearance on the TV Show Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai? It’s definitely post JHMS and they are together. Harry is a friend of the family and introduces Sejal to them…they seemd shock. I have no idea what the exchanges are because there are no subtitles 😦 “Harry” makes his appearance at the very end of the Aug 2, 2017 episode and then they both appear throughout the Aug. 3 episode. They dance, along with the couple getting married, to Hawayein and its absolutely lovely! Would love to know the exchanges that take place! My husband already thinks I’m obsessed with the movie, so I’m too embarrassed to ask him to translate it for me 🙂


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