Happy Birthday Akshay! 50 Reasons I Love you, Part 2

5I already posted my first 25 reasons, here are the final 25 to get us all the way up to 49 and one for every year of your life!!! Happy 50th! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

26. I love you because you continued to buck the trends in the 2000s, just as you did action comedies in the 90s while everyone else did romances, in the 2000s you embraced romance and small budget thoughtful pictures while everyone else went after the action market.

27. I love you because you brought along a whole new generation of actresses, continuing to let your co-stars shine whether they were Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, or Katrina Kaif.

28. I love you because you were the first actor that the international investors looked at, bringing you on board for Chandni Chowk to China.

29. I love you because you are willing to goof off with your wife in public, and I find it charming, even when police cases are filed against you.

Image result for akshay twinkle fashion show

30. I love you because when you married your wife, you also adopted her mother as your own, and regularly appear in support of her projects, and with her in public, not something every son-in-law does.  And you seem to genuinely like her, too!

Image result for akshay dimple

31. I love you because when your father-in-law died in 2012, you took charge and handled all the massively complicated arrangements, as well as serving as the face of the family for all public announcements.

Image result for akshay rajesh khanna

32. I love you because you were in this incredibly catching song from Humko Deewana Kar Gaye that I had playing constantly in my head for basically all of 2006.  Very good finals studying music.

33. Speaking of catchy songs from flawed movies, this one is also a huge guilty pleasure for me!

34. Oh oh!  It’s another excuse to post my all time favorite version of “Hare Krishna”!!!  Which is taken to a whole other level by your excellent cool guy head nods and jacket adjustments.

36. And to round out the “okay movies-great songs” array, this one!

37. I love you because, in your post-2000s era with your stardom assured for all time, you weren’t afraid to make fun of your persona, notably in this amazing sequence.

38. And in most of Tashan, where you managed to play the fearless and great in a fight character, but were also willing to play it just the slightest bit dim.

39. I love you because maybe you didn’t mind playing dim onscreen, since your actions off screen during this period were so clearly proving your intelligence.  For instance, finding and producing the low budget gem Oh My God.

40. Or talking a risk on a thoughtful different kinds of films, like Special 26 or Baby.

41.  I love you because you did a fairly small cameo in Naam Shabana just to support Taapsee’s leading role.

42. I love you because we can add Kylie Minogue to the list of women with whom you have great onscreen chemistry.

43.  I love you because I honestly think your performance in Patiala House was a worldclass acting triumph.  It shows more in the sad songs, but it’s your birthday, so here’s a celebration song instead.

44. I love you because you had no problem strutting your stuff as a male stripper in Desi Boyz.

45. I love you because you can pull off a mustache when you have to, for a mustache role.

46.  And you can also pull off a flute, when it’s a “flute” kind of role.

47.  And at the same time, not be afraid to return to your Khiladi roots!

48. And you can drop a dreamy romantic ballad in the middle of a huge action movie.

49. Speaking of things that shouldn’t fit in an action film and yet do, I love you because you were willing to do this ridiculous and wonderful cameo!!!!

50. But most of all, I love you because your relationship with your wife (as shown in the Koffee episode this year) is the most loving supportive real, and funny, one I have seen in the Hindi film industry.

Image result for akshay twinkle koffee with karan


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Akshay! 50 Reasons I Love you, Part 2

    • It’s not that easy to find! Luckily, I did the same post last year, so I hunted and hunted for it then, and now I have it as needed.

      On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 1:57 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Something like “Twinkle Akshay jeans controversy”.

          Luckily it was in the news a lot again recently, because Twinkle talked about it on her Koffee appearance!!! But I also remembered the photos from when the story first hit, so I knew they were in existance in the world.

          However, this is the kind of photo you are more likely to find, which is great for me, but probably not so useful for you:

          On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 2:34 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Well I did already say that even in such pics for me and many others the reaction/intention of the woman is all that matters! So what I’m saying is this too er works.


          • Huh. Well, I guess that’s a good sign, since it was a men’s jeans campaign, so they did have to sell them to men after all, not just aunties with a crush on Akshay. Although also the aunties, assuming the Aunties got to buy their sons/husbands jeans. Which is what I always assume was why the Vinod Khanna Cinthol ads worked so well, the auntie effect.


          • You don’t see the marketing ploy of “most men are likely to buy something that is advertised to them as instantly making them irresistible to women”? So very common, jeans, deodorants, fairness creams etc. The most interesting or imaginative attempt I’ve seen is of a motorbike company that did these:

            Needless to say I bought them all except the creams and just waited and waited but nothing happened. I was shocked. False advertising.


          • HA! Those ads are amazing! A little disturbing, the idea that there is a whole world of anthropomorphic motorcycles who are sexually attracted to human women, but also very very clever.

            At least in the Indian context, seems more likely to sell things to women in terms of the whole package (no innuendo intended), that is, if you buy this fairness cream you will get engagement-marriage-perfect husband, not just a guy looking at you. I’m thinking of that Priyanka-Saif ad series with the epic fairness cream leads to everlasting love message.

            Also, I am SO GLAD that fairness creams are not a thing I ever have to think about! It’s just one whole element of personal appearance that has never and will never be a factor in my life.


          • Except that is about as convincing coming from someone with your complexion as if Tamannah says it! No offense, I know you mean it.


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