No New Movie Review This Week! I Had a Movie Night at Home Instead!

I may be “bad” and not watch any new films all the way through to September 29th.  There’s nothing I’m super excited about, and it was sooooooooo nice to have a real honest to goodness movie night last night with friends over and all!  Anyway, to make up for no new review (or podcast), I will tell you how I spent my evening on Friday while not at the movie theater.

This was my first “real” movie night in my new apartment.  I’ve had friends over to watch movies about half a dozen times, but that was just friends over to watch movies.  Not the full movie night ritual as has been laid down low these many years (8) that I have been doing them.

So, first, real food!  I made pizza for the first time in ages, and am thrilled to report that it turned out great!  The secret is lots of cheese.

(Pizza!  no ghosts in my version)

Even though I ran out of flour in the middle and had to rush to the store and back.


And then Friend Number One arrived, her first time in my new apartment, I gave her the whole tour while the pizza dough was “resting” (why it has to rest, I do not know, but it does taste better if I put in that step!).  And then Dina arrived and I gave her control of the remote while I rolled out the dough.  Which turned into a massive shouting fight over Tiger Shroff (again. Listen to the first one here!), and we pulled poor Friend Number One into it.  Dina argues that her inability to find a “good” Tiger song is the only reason Friend Number One wasn’t converted, my argument is that her inability to find a “good” Tiger song is because there IS NO “GOOD” TIGER SONG!!!!

(This is the one we settled for)

And then Friend Number Two arrived, which was cool because she and Friend Number One were also the guests at my very first ever movie night 8 years ago.  Anyway, Friend Number Two is also now very pregnant, which is super exciting because this is our first movie night baby, so we all fussed over her and made her take the good chair and eat a lot of food.

(And then we did an elaborate song and dance number for her!  NOT)

Anyway, now that everyone was here, we started the traditional massive argument over which film to watch.  See, the key is to make them feel like they have a choice, and then they will be more committed than if I just pick something for them.  Anyway, we went round and round and round and finally landed on, my favorite, Running Shaadi.


Only by the time we were 20 minutes in, it became clear that Friend Number Two (the pregnant one) was really not feeling it.  And since she was pregnant and we were all feeling indulgent, we switched to Ohm Shaanti Oshaana, the guaranteed winner.


Of course, everyone loved Ohm Shanti Oshaana!  But also got very stressed towards the middle, so I brought out the chocolate cake I made a couple of days ago and everyone said “no no! well, maybe just a little bit” and then ate it all as we waited for the happy ending to work itself out.

(How is this the only cake song I can remember?  What am I forgetting?)

And then we finished Ohm Shaanti Oshana, and arranged who was giving who a ride home, and I took Dina home, and then returned to look at my destroyed living room with pizza and cake crumbs everywhere and chairs moved around and dirty dishes somehow multiplying like rabbits, and my kitchen with even more dirty dishes and pizza dough crumbs everywhere and thought “oh yes, a good night!”  Much better than my “not really” movie nights when I just open up a bag of chips and we don’t get into any fights because there aren’t enough people to fight with each other.

(and then I had an emotional fight with Shahrukh because all the party stress just came rushing back to me.  Not really, I washed my hair and loaded the dishwasher and decided to leave the rest for tomorrow)

28 thoughts on “No New Movie Review This Week! I Had a Movie Night at Home Instead!

    • Yep, but those are less “I have to rush out and watch it first thing on Friday” movies. Just in my experience, the blog views aren’t as high and people aren’t desperate to hear how they were.

      The Prithviraj movie is playing near me now, should I go see it? It would mean skipping some other stuff, is it worth that?

      On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 8:41 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Did you also get super stressed during the middle part when it looked like she would be a teenage idiot and embarrass herself?

      On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 8:43 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • It was extra stressful perhaps for my pregnant friend, since she suddenly realized in only a few years she is going to be the parent of a teenage idiot, running around confessing her love to boys who are much much much much much too old for her.


          • I loved the talk he has with her at the abandoned temple the first time around. It was so alpha, in control, dominant and not toxic or condescending at all!

            What movie should I watch next?


          • I have SUCH POWER!!! This is delightful. Action Hero Biju is a good Nivin one, a kind of slice of life cop story, with a mixture of action scenes and comedy and stuff. He’s very Alpha in that.

            And then there’s City of God, with Prithviraj and his eyes.

            Outside of Malayalam, OK Kanmani for Dulquer, we already talked about your Maddy options, and I just watched and really enjoyed that Tamil movie I put up the review of on Wednesday (can’t remember the name). If you are feeling silver fox-y.

            Liked by 1 person

      • So we watched around 44 minutes of City of God in HD and that sucked off all the data i had remaining for the day. Mom and I both didn’t want to watch the film in lower-res so we kept is aside for whenever we have the time today. Also, kinda hoping to have enough time to rewatch Aiyya 😛


  1. Just a note, the guy in running shaadi who trips the lights at the end,isn’t Biswa Kalyan ,was wondering what made you think that in your review?


    • Just thought he really looked like him, i guess. The cast list wasn’t posted at the time I wrote it, so I couldn’t double check. Do you think it’s worth going back and correcting?


  2. I loooove OSO, Nazriya was such a delight! Don’t think there has been another Malayalam actress who is such a joy to watch in a while. I mean I could just watch her roll her eyes all day :)) On a side note, I have a a daughter and I felt anxious when I watched Ann Mariya Kalipilanu, maybe cos I think my kiddo could pull of something like that too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, at least Ann Mariya had everything work out okay in the end! If your daughter is anything like that, so charming and smart and stubborn that everyone just naturally loves her, than she will be fine.

      On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 11:58 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • You and Dina should hang out. I just don’t see it! He looks kind of handsome because he looks kind of like his father, he is a technically expert dancer, and…….?

      Which isn’t to say I didn’t highly enjoy Baaghi and Munna Michael and definitely The Flying Jatt! He does make great entertainer movies.

      On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 12:21 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. We finished City of God yesterday. i would rewatch only for Prithviraj’s fight scenes. ONLY for that! His kicks— OMG! If I ever become a filmmaker, that would be the only casting criterion– how does the actor look executing a front kick!!!


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