Happy Friday the 13th! Great Songs from Scary Movies

Happy Friday the 13th!  And happy “yet another updated and reposted post”.  But a really good one!  All the best songs from horror movies.

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No New Movie Review This Week! I Had a Movie Night at Home Instead!

I may be “bad” and not watch any new films all the way through to September 29th.  There’s nothing I’m super excited about, and it was sooooooooo nice to have a real honest to goodness movie night last night with friends over and all!  Anyway, to make up for no new review (or podcast), I will tell you how I spent my evening on Friday while not at the movie theater.

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Tuesday Tamil: Pizza! An Unfinished Horror Film

Well, I watched Pizza!  Which had a high standard to live up to, because the only other horror movie I have seen is The innocents.  Oh wait, also Ezra.  Which is a lot easier to beat than The Innocents.  I think I would say this one landed closer to The Innocents side of the scale than Ezra.  Oh!  I forgot The Fog!  Which hardly qualifies to be called a movie, let alone a horror film.  But is fun if you ever want to see Irrfan Khan in the worst film of his career.

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