Happy 12 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 12 Happy Facts

This is a total repost from last year, but on the other hand I had to write two Secret Superstar reviews, and yesterday’s post was loooooooooooong and tomorrow’s post is even longer, so indulge me with a nice little one!  12 things that make me happy about Shahrukh.

12. Shahrukh had a very happy childhood, running around the streets of Delhi with his gang of friends, going home to his mother and big sister who spoiled him, and a father who gave him wise life lessons.

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11. Shahrukh gets to make his living doing something he loves.

10.  Shahrukh has a huge lovely home, his dream home, where he can happily live for the rest of his life.

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9. Shahrukh is still being offered interesting and creatively challenging films, decades into his career, giving himself a chance to grow as an artist and a person.

8. Shahrukh gets to own his own Cricket team!  What could be better for a former high school athlete?

7. Shahrukh is surrounded by friends who love him like family, from Karan to Farah to Juhi to Aditya.

6. Shahrukh has the power to make a real change in the world by voicing his opinions and giving generously of his money.

5. Shahrukh has millions (if not billions) of people around the world, total strangers he has never met, who love him.

4.  Shahrukh has lived past the age of both his parents at their death.

3. Shahrukh seems to get real support and help from his faith, claiming that the most common words out of his mouth are “Insh’ Allah” or “God Bless”.

2. Shahrukh fell in love at age 19 and got to marry the love of his life at 25.

1. Shahrukh has 3 beautiful healthy children he adores, and who adore him.

Image result for shahrukh khan family

(Okay, the two oldest don’t show it much, but then they are teenagers)


9 thoughts on “Happy 12 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 12 Happy Facts

  1. At this very moment, I am (again) the first to reply (because of time difference?)…

    Facts that makes his life happy…that makes him happy…
    I would – without any doubt – agree to the number 1 (his kids)…having them, being with them, knowing he is an integral part of them.

    Everything I’ll write might not sound happy, but I think it belongs to his life and made him the man he is…and he may not live anymore without all the ‘facts’ you wrote about, Margaret 🙂

    If I am right, his mom and dad died at the age of 54 both (there was an age difference of 10 years in birth and death)…please correct me if I am wrong.

    ShahRukh’s early childhood reminds me a bit what Alia told in DearZindagi…he was far away from his parents and lived with his maternal grand parents in Bangalore.

    ShahRukh is extremely introvert (would hide unter his bed as a child to avoid to be with people, would play with one toy for hours to be lost in a world of his own) but would develop social skills through playing to be somebody else.

    Yep, he definitely likes to be an actor, to play roles…it’s the best survival tool he aquired.

    Being loved, feel that love, see that love…it’s like medecine, like a reward, like a reason for being.

    He is inhibited by his profession and responsabilities to be the voice he could be because of his deep understanding of humanity (he cannot be anymore – at least for now – the “jester of the nation”)

    At the age of 14 he lived the agony of his father with a sister who was absent and a mother who was struggling for the daily living. Ten years later he was again absolutely powerless in saving a beloved person’s life.

    At 19 he met a 14 year old girl who became the anchor of his life (and who he almost lost at Aryan’s birth)

    He has faith in that everything he lived and lives is because he has to fulfil something only he can do.

    ShahRukh is (almost constantly) surrounded by people who work for/love/like/ him…they are attached to him…he is attached to them (but in the same way? I doubt)

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    • I didn’t really have any response to this post other than to “like” it and smile. Thanks for adding your insights, Claudia! You raise an intriguing possibility that later on in his life and career he will feel more free to speak his mind and show his playful/smart-ass side a bit more. That would be nice!

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      • Thanks, procrastinastrix 🙂

        He speaks, he shows his lovely “playful/smart-ass side” (and even his naughty one and his angry one)…every now and again, fortunately 🙂 just trying to hold the balance, to not fall off the tightrope :)…I admire him for his courage to try to be the change…

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    • Thank you Claudia for another way to look at SRK. Do love this blog for its many and different insightful views.
      I have a question or two, does anyone know why SRK was sent to love with his maternal grandparents in Bangalore?
      Why was his sister absent at the time of his father’s death? Was she already in the throes of depression?
      Thank you again for your comments.

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      • My memory is that officially he has said in interviews that his grandparents missed having a child around, he and his mother visited them and then he just stayed while she went back to Delhi. I suspect there was also some economic necessity, his family was never well-off, it might have been a relief to have one less child to worry about for a few years. It sounds like his maternal grandparents were not wealthy, but had a steady reliable income in a way his father never quite managed.

        And I think his sister was already in college when his father died? But I’m not sure. I know he has mentioned she was a brilliant student.

        On Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 8:53 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • The Bangalore story I think came up a lot when they were promoting Chennai Express, as a kind of “see, I’m a southerner too! Don’t be offended!” thing. But otherwise it isn’t much talked about. I’m not really clear on how exactly it all worked, since it came up mostly in the context of the CE promotions, they may have made it seem a bigger deal than it was. I could believe it being a matter of a long visit with his mother (which would make sense, I am sure the journey with two small children would be hard enough that you would want to stay a long time once you get there), and then her leaving him behind for several months while she went home, and then returned to pick him up in another long visit. Or it could have been a straight up matter of the household not being able to afford another child at the moment, and just leaving him in Bangalore. Probably something in the middle.

            On Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 2:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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