Happy Birthday to Shahrukh!!!!! 31 Times Over

For your own convenience, here is a nice long listing of every single birthday post for the whole past month.  Feel free to reread over and over again while you refresh twitter looking for his birthday message to us.

Image result for shahrukh birthday cake

31 Gifs

30 Films

29 Songs

28 Romances Part 4

28 Romances Part 3

28 Romances Part 2

28 Romances Part 1

27 Daboo Ratnani Images

26 Fanvids

25 Sequels/Prequels

24 Ads


22 Co-Stars

21 Hairstyles

20 Body Parts

19 Costumes

18 Possible Scripts Part 1

18 Possible Scripts Part 2

17 Jokes

16 Bridal Adornments

15 Characters

14 Performances

13 Reasons He Might Be a Vampire

12 Happy Facts

11 Adaptations

11 Adaptations Addendum

10 Expressions

9 Reasons I Love Him

8 Shahrukh and Coffee Moments

7 Deadly Sins and SRK

6 Flavors of SRK

5 Ways to Celebrate SRK

4 Real Life Stories Shahrukh Should Star In

3 Favorite People for SRK

2 Favorite People For Me in Shahrukh’s Life

1 Way Shahrukh Makes Me Feel


Update: First photos are out from his birthday party!  Well, birthday house party getaway, the same thing they did last year, a bunch of friends taking a boat from Gateway of India to their weekend place in Alibaug.  This is my favorite, AbRam photobombing Alia and Kat.

Alia, Katrina, Karan: SRK's Close Friends Bring In His Birthday At His Alibaug Bungalow. See Inside Pics


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