Happy 10 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 10 Best SRK Expressions

A light one after I got sucked in to two posts yesterday.  He jokes sometimes about how he is only working with 5 expressions, but we all know that is a joke, he is really a wonderful actor.  Although he also knows how to use his face in certain set ways that the fans love.  Here are my 10 favorites, feel free to add your own in the comments (reminder: no way to insert images from your computer, but if you can find them online, you can insert an image link by simply going down a line before and after.  It works best with a short link).

1.1. Slight smile with dimples and shared joke eyebrows

Image result for shahrukh khan smiling


2. Cocky “I know you are in love with me” half smile

Image result for shahrukh khan smiling


3. Noble repressing pain still face

Image result for shahrukh khan sad


4. Smiling through the pain face

Image result for shahrukh khan sad

5. Tight lipped holding back tears face

Image result for shahrukh khan sad


6. Intense eyebrows/wrinkly forehead sensitive face

Image result for shahrukh khan sexy

7. Holding it in angry face with the scary eyebrows and tense jaw

Image result for shahrukh khan angry


8. Open mouth struck by love face

Image result for shahrukh khan angry

9. Sexy eyes.

Related image


9.  And my favorite, which is gifable, the cocky “you forgot how sexy I am” smile

Image result for chalte chalte gif shahrukh khan

16 thoughts on “Happy 10 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 10 Best SRK Expressions

  1. Again, I couldn’t keep it to just 10. I’m mixing his acting and real life expressions. In no particular order:
    1. The swag face when he’s making an entrance. Just 100% confidence. Example, 10-15 seconds into the Marjaani video.
    2. The look he gets when listening to an interviewer patiently, chin slightly down, eyes slightly raised and widened, wrinkly forehead. Sometimes bites his lips or pulls his collar back.
    3. Straight sweet smile on the edge of a laugh, eyes crinkly, teeth showing and parted. Like when he’s around kids or surprised by a funny comment.
    4. His cricket watching face, especially when it’s not going so well. Just intensity, intelligence, and fierce concentration.
    5. Blood covered rage face–just after he’s gotten beaten up, when he turns on his opponent and you know the other guy’s in trouble. Crazy eyes, bared teeth, sweaty hair.
    6. All of his drunk expressions–sorry I can’t pick one!
    7. His face when he’s contentedly hugging someone, eyes closed, mouth soft, sometimes punctuated by a little nuzzle on the huggees forehead. Like the poster for PBDHH.
    8. I think of your number 8 look (open mouth lovestruck) as his “I love you so much it’s making me stupid” face. Lovestruck is more elegant, lol. Favorite example is in Sona Nahi Na Sahi when he looks at Juhi just before going through the imaginary marriage ceremony, towards the end of the song.
    9. Your number 6 is pretty close to his “come hither” face. My, my, my.
    10. The completely child-like “did you see that?!?” look he gets when he does a little trick on set, or wins a rapid-fire round in an interview.
    11. The “I want to say something but I just can’t” look. Like in Chennai Express at the beginning of Tere Rastaa Chhodoon Na or in JHMS when Anushka shows him the ring in the airport. Intense eyes saying everything, lips tightening.
    12. His shy looking down while smiling face, with dimples and eyelashes in full effect.

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    • I can picture each of thise perfectly!!!!! which either means I have spent too much time starring at Shahrukh’s face, or just the right amount.

      On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 5:20 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I’m gonna be sad when it is over too! Luckily, it will phase right into the annual holiday giveaway season. And then January will phase right in to the “best of 2017” series. And February…..well, I’ll think of something clever for Valentine’s day.

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      • If you’ve spent too much time staring at SRKs face I don’t know what to say about myself! And I’ve only been at it since November of 2012 when he first came to my attention in JTHJ. (such a happy accident! Thank you Life of Pi for being such a crushing disappointment and leading me here!) But, as always when thinking of SRK, I’ve lost my train of thought…
        But I love your 10 & Procrastinatrix’s as well. All I have to add is the ‘I’m the noblest man who ever lived’ face~the one that made Zaara’s mother promise her to him for all succeeding lifetimes! And the ‘I’m the man who both worships & wants to make love to you till you see paradise’ look. And the one where he looks at a woman as though he’s never seen one before & simply cannot believe they exist!

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      • You don’t think he relishes those nights of laughter? Not I. I think he looks forward to the “let down” from the focused shooting. I think he enjoys the chance to garner love from his fans. I think he thoroughly delights in the creativity the hosts display setting up his segments. I believe he feels nourished by the interaction with his fans because he values them.


        • Oh yes, I think he enjoys it. Sometimes. But I think other times he might be going through the motions a little. If the host isn’t that funny, if the fans aren’t present, if he has to put on an act of being into what is happening when he just feels like going home and sleeping.

          On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 12:11 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Great fun to try to picture also the only described expressions. He has soooooo many and sometimes it changes in a fraction of a second.
    Among the smiling ones, the kind of your number 9; Margaret, is also my favourite…in short, I love when there is that slightly ironic touch which comes because of his way of smiling with his mouth corners downwards.
    I like to watch him in press conferences…often going with the flow of the questions and the ambiance…where even his listening differs:

    I like the kind of magic he displays when responding with those expressions where your eyes hang either on his lips or are lost in his eyes and you would believe everything he says or when he enthusiastically explains something:

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