Happy 3 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! His 3 Favorite People

Not very different from last year, but I feel like that’s nice, for the last few days, to always have the same thing.  Because when you get to the very most important things about a person, not much changes year by year.

Shahrukh’s top 3 children (tied for first place):

Here’s AbRam, very seriously doing….something, after the match at Eden Gardens.  Sorting and organizing water bottles?  Whatever it is, I think it is clear that it is important to his little mind.

AbRam generally is described as just the happiest child, and doted on by the whole family, bringing light to the house.  And no doubt to the film crews as well, seeing as his father tends to take him to work with him a lot.

Image result for shahrukh abram prague


AbRam’s big brother was just as cute, back in the day.  And also, just as likely to be on a film set.

Image result for aryan kabhi khushi kabhi gham

And today, Aryan seems like just the best big brother!  Very involved and caring.

Image result for aryan abram


He’s also apparently a nice young man, based on this story posed on instagram that a commentator linked back to.


And then there’s Suhana!  So lovely now, so mature and yet young.  And such a confident little girl in this video!  Love her imitation of her mother, “Shahrukh! Eat Your Food!!!”


And confident now as a young woman, casually going out with her father for dinner in dressed up “night out” clothes.

Image result for suhana shahrukh


All 3 kids seem happy with who they are and aren’t interested in hiding it.  Whether it is AbRam wandering into interviews, or cricket fields, happy and safe so long as a parent or sibling is there to take care of him, or Aryan wearing his fame casually, offering to take a picture with a fan after giving him directions, or Suhana being unafraid to be the beautiful young woman she is even with a million camera lenses turned in her direction.

Shahrukh and Gauri had the choice of restricting their children, making them grow up in a bubble, hiding them away behind modest clothes, restricted access, closed cars and bodyguards.  Or letting them live their lives like normal children, do what they want whether the camera is there or not, and trusting the world to treat them kindly.  It’s rare for celebrities to raise their children this way, to believe that the world is ready to love them and not attack them, and that their children will easily survive any such attacks, and it is very very brave.  And so far, it seems to have brought dividends in the form of 3 confident pleasant friendly people.


Image result for aryan abram

4 thoughts on “Happy 3 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! His 3 Favorite People

  1. Indeed, I also think that it is very brave. They also have/had friends from non-filmy backgrounds. Gauri and he want/wanted to give them the opportunity to get an open mind and the least amount of restrictions possible. I think that – of all people – ShahRukh is the most open and honest and rlaxed with his kids, Lalarukh and Gauri.


  2. LOL at the pic of SRK and Aryan. SRK has lipstick marks on his face.

    Actually I don’t think Aryan and Suhana ever spent much time on sets. SRK has said they never liked it and had very different personalities compared to AbRam.


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