My Sister Has No Power, Electrical Songs!

My sister lives in Maine where, thanks to a massive record breaking windstorm, 64% of the state is now without power.  And has been for 24 hours.  While the electrical company focuses on getting power back to places like hospitals (spoiled hospitals!) and she shivers in front of her fireplace (this is why houses with fireplaces are the best!), I thought the least I could do is a songs post that she can read on her phone (no power for the internet router).

First, you know if Surinder Sahni was in charge this never would have happened.  Or at least he would be very sorry about it.


Perhaps they should just plug the Maine power grid into Amitabh’s shirt?


Or maybe Shahrukh and Aish doing a sexy song will bring back Shakti: The Power.


What you really need in a power outage is Anil Kapoor to comfort and sing to you.


Going back to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, yes it has occurred to me that this whole thing could just be because some power company guy is trying to romance his wife while pretending to be someone else.  It is possible that the 36% of the state that does still have power spells out some sort of lovely message.  Oh well, if it brings two hearts together, it’s probably worth it.


11 thoughts on “My Sister Has No Power, Electrical Songs!

  1. What a nice idea to comfort your sister, Margaret.
    Yeah, Suri could help…(liked the idea about the birthday message 😀 ) and maybe this guy, too, as he had already proved his ability to “repair almost everything” as a kid:

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    • Good point! And heck, we can bring in Swades-SRK too, he can always build some sort of generator for them.

      On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 11:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Great song list for a power outage. Didn’t get to see it until today as I catch up. Wish SRK brought a generator with him to my house. No power from Sunday to late Thursday night, meaning no lights, no water, no heat and no internet. I do agree on houses with fireplaces. Hope your sisters power is back on.


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