Happy 2 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! My 2 Favorite People in His Life

Happy 2 Days to Shahrukh’s birthday!  Yesterday was his 3 favorite people in his life, today is my 2 favorite people in his life.

2. Karan Johar: His relationship with Shahrukh just makes me SO HAPPY!  That they are so supportive of each other, that they have such an amazing professional chemistry, that Karan picks up Shahrukh’s kids at the airport!

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Karan’s autobiography released this year filled in some more gaps in their relationship, and all of them just make me love them more!  Shahrukh was the one who told Karan on the sets of DDLJ that he should be a writer.  He was the one at the end of the shoot who said “I want to star in your movie, we’ll shoot next time I have an opening and Kajol is on board too”.  He even went to Yash, Karan’s father, and said “I will sign Duplicate with you, and a second film too, but only if I get to select the director for the second film”.  And then he selected Karan.  Which shocked both Karan and his father.

He talked about Shahrukh being more wrecked than himself when Yash got his fatal diagnosis, about them being closer than brothers, about Shahrukh constantly encouraging him and supporting him in every way, whether it was blindly following his direction in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (against his own better judgement), or offering to protect him from gangsters when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released.  All the way to today when Karan is in and out of their house as much as his own, when he is on call any time there is an issue with their kids, brings AbRam to his office with him, teases Suhana about her hair and make-up, gives Aryan advice.

The thing that touched me most about their relationship isn’t something we know, but rather something we don’t know.  A gap that we can intuit.  Back when Karan announced his twins were here, it was already several weeks after they were born.  And I immediately went back through the twitter timeline for Shahrukh.  It was around the time Raees came out, he was doing a lot of post-release promotions on twitter, but there was a strange gap.  Because apparently the day the twins arrived and the next, he was too busy supporting Karan to even tweet.

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1.1. Gauri Khan: Obviously, the most important relationship in his life! I love that they have been together since they were teenagers.  I love that he never even dated anyone else.  I love that she is the only one in his life now (besides his ill sister) who knew him from back before he was SHAHRUKH KHAN.  I love that she chose him before he was SHAHRUKH KHAN, she dated and agreed to marry this kid with no family or prospects, 5 years older than her, a different religion, and no plan for the future beyond “be a movie star”.

I love that she is glamorous and cool and classy, almost seems more like a movie star than he does.  And I love that they are mutually supportive of their professional endeavors, her interior design and his acting.  And that they are equally involved parents, you are as likely to see Shahrukh taking care of AbRam on a film set as you are to see Gauri with him at home.

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I love that they have grown together, gone from frazzled young parents running from film set to film set because the only way he could ever see his kids or his wife was if she followed him, to two mature confident people with their own lives who make time for each other and trust their relationship will adjust.

And I think my favorite moment is something that they would have disagreed on.  When My Name is Khan came out, and the protests and everything were going on in Bombay, Shahrukh was out of the country in Germany for the premiere there.  So Gauri took little Suhana and went to one of the local theaters to support her husband’s film, crossing the picket lines and risking the protesters and threats of violence to do it.

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My favorite part is that it came out in some interview, Shahrukh didn’t even know they were doing this.  Because he never would have wanted it, would have been furious if he knew it was planned.  Gauri did it all on her own (well, with a massive police protection group around them) to support him.

25 thoughts on “Happy 2 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! My 2 Favorite People in His Life

  1. Wow! Thank you for these details that I didn’t know. This was slightly before he pulled me into his orb. I am touched by her bravery, her instinct, her loyalty. As her interior decorating events have developed over these past couple of years, I’ve been equally touched by Shahrukh’s decision not to attend because he wanted the spotlight to fall on HER deservedly and not because he was standing next to her. He is so proud of her.


    • Yes! I like that he will retweet her store opening, and show up for the opening party as a supportive husband, but otherwise it is her thing and he is not involved.

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  2. I adore the equation he shares with Kjo. this is one of my fav interviews, EVER, with Kjo, Kajol, and SRK with Rajeev Masand. Watch the part at 13:00 mark til the end. SRK is adorable, when he is teased by Kjo and Kajol. These three are really the best friends, and it shows. I hope they do a movie together, something like JHMS, Kjo Style..:-)

    Another one during the MNIK Promotions that I Loved, mainly because I’ve never seen SRK blush this much, or stay speechless. Kjo, love or hate him, is the wittiest:-)

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  3. Gauri and Karan…I, too, would have chosen them…and I like your view on their relationship.
    There is another incident of Gauri showing strong support for ShahRukh. Although she had always stressed about the fact that she would not interfere in his work as an actor and did not give interviews to the media she made an exception in 2000 when ShahRukh was written down, ridiculed and emotionally hurt and wrote an open letter to the press:

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      • I agree! And I also agree that this is DEFINITELY a defensive-of-her-husband interview. In the best possible way, she almost never gives interviews, and when she does, it is mostly about how “he is a star, he is still a star, Hrithik is nothing and just you wait and see what he does next”. Although, also kind of depressing because they still have to suffer through Asoka before he gets back on top.

        On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 12:43 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. I think I first realized that something was different about Indian stardom and Shah Rukh’s in particular when I saw how hard everyone tried (tries) to paint him as unfaithful. Of all the things that irk everyone about his success, it is the fact that he has this down to earth, non fawning all over him or anyone else wife. She could give this same interview today. By the by, it also throws into relief how crazy and sad it is that Priyanka keeps trying to fan the fire with hints about her and him which no one picks up or really really cares about. No one with half a brain would think this woman in this interview would put up with any nonsense.
    Great choice of the two of them!!

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    • That was one thing that really stood out for me when I first started looking at Indian film. In American film, the area I am most familiar with is golden age of studios, so 1930s-1950s. And there was this effort to paint stars as “just like us”, when they really really weren’t. And then in Indian film, they really WERE “just like us”! Wealthier, sure, sometimes a lot wealthier. But mostly people who were raised in middle-class households, hung out together as families, put their kids and spouses first, and so on and so on. And instead of the “just like us” idea, the media is trying sell a “not like us” idea. Dramatic love affairs, crazy houses, conspiracy theories, etc. etc. When the reality is that most of them go on vacation with their kids and have family parties and are kind of boring.

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    • Gauri has obliquely responded to the SRK/PC rumors in some interviews saying she knows her husband and her marriage and does not give a damn about rumors. They don’t even try hard to show their own love as a response. For instance, SRK mentioned in an interview with Masand that one of the ways they have coped with his stardom is by making slight adjustments. For example, they never travel together or in the same car unless they’re going somewhere where they have been asked to come together. The reason being that this way the media and fans can rush onto him and make noise and scream and shout and take pics but his wife and children can peacefully go and not have to deal with it all. So they plan it out ahead of time that if he’s going at certain time, his wife and kids will go 10 minutes earlier or later. The crazy thing is I have seen this being used to say that Gauri and SRK don’t actually get along and have a sham marriage because they go places in separate cars!


  5. re: Karan and the twins. I find it interesting that since this period of time Karan has been explicitly describing Shah and Gauri as his family, and particularly with Shah that they are now beyond brothers (which was echoed yesterday by both of them, and not meaning in the professional sense). My instinct is that not only are S&G godparents to Karan’s twins, but they also have committed to an agreement to take care of Karan’s family (including his mother) if anything were to happen to Karan. It would explain the language being used by Karan in particular – and why Shah/Guari are literally the only people he hasn’t fallen out with (as Shahrukh intonated in a joke yesterday).

    And yes Gauri! Love how protective they both are of each other – and its clear that they live their true happy lives behind very firmly closed doors, which is how it should be. The only time I saw him happy and relaxed this summer after the JHMS debacle (meaning the OTT reaction not the film itself) was when they were together. And its lovely that even now they make sure that take time off to be together during big occasions – that’s actually pretty rare for a relationship that longstanding. She brings him down to earth but she’s also his safety net when he needs it.

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    • I also think Shahrukh and Gauri being a couple probably helps with Karan not falling out with them. Just from my own experience of friendships, if you are equally close to both people in a couple, and you get mad at one of them, you can’t totally cut them out of your life because you still want to be close to the other one. That seems to be Karan’s pattern, he gets upset and cuts someone out in a big dramatic move and then regrets it later. That’s what he talked about in his autiobiography, when he and Shahrukh were going through their distant period, he would still call him up and say “Gauri’s freaking out about Aryan going away to school, come over and calm her down”. Gauri was kind of what tied them together, like divorced parents who still share custody.

      Which, dragging it over to the Shahrukh/Gauri side of things, is also a sign of how close they are as a couple. Karan can’t be friends with just one of them.

      On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 2:38 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I like the thing about Karan having only three photos in his office; His mother, his father and one of Shah Rukh and Gauri, which he stares at to give him ‘strength’.

        And yes, agree about the couple thing too making it harder to break ties between friends, but I do sense something else and more stable has evolved in the past year – as you said about the Raees tweet gap (well done Columbo! :-)).


        • I am sure, too, that Karan’s babies created a new emotional bond. Karan had to go through fears similar to Gauri’s and ShahRukh’s with AbRam. The babies had come way too early and had to be kept in incubators.
          I also agree with your presumption that Gauri and ShahRukh are kind of God-parents to Yash and Roohi.


    • Karan had mentioned in an article that when his mother is sick, Gauri sits in the hospital all day with her. Even when he tells her to go home, she still stays and that she doesn’t make a big deal about it either as if she’s doing anything special. Gauri has kind of an aloof and detached persona in general but I think for the people she cares about, she is all there.


    • I think he’s relaxed around her because he knows she’s the only person he can be sure of cares about him for himself and not any of the fame or money. He said somewhere how when he got his wax figures, his friends were so happy some of them were crying and everyone was so excited to visit the museum for the unveiling. Gauri, however, couldn’t care less and didn’t even want to go and had to be convinced. The amazing thing is that he was so thrilled by it! He said he loves that she’s so bored and disinterested in all this because it tells him she loves him for himself, not because he’s a superstar.


  6. This discussion lead my thoughts back to very early sentiments expressed in the book King of Bollywood: The Khans refused to toe the conventional Bollywood line on marriage with the wives staying in their husband’s shadow. In contrast Shah Rukh flaunted Gauri. When it was rumored that he had been asked to postpone his wedding until Chamatkar was released, the story goes that Shahrukh said he would quit the film instead.

    Shahrukh was shrill in his declarations of love for Gauri. In a 1992 interview he said, “my wife comes first. And I can tell you this much that if ever I am asked to make a choice between my career and Garui, I’ll leave films….I mean I would go insane but for her. She the only thing I have…I love her body, I am hooked to her.’

    Move up to 2014: I copied out an entry I read on Shahrukh’s Facebook that I promptly locked into my heart: [1/6/2014 10:58:08 AM] “ I promised my wife “You can walk into any party with me without having to worry that I’ve slept with any lady in this room. There’s no girl who will come up to you and say Hello, knowing me better than you know me. It’s a promise I made in my heart.” –Shah Rukh Khan – GQ India

    Can you imagine the lure and enticement of his years 25-40 when you had a much testosterone as he had. Now romancing heroines half his age, the temptations are of another dimension. We see him in the film, with everything tightly controlled. But there are weeks and months in a shoot when they are eating together, going back to the same hotel, traveling all together, etc.. He could easily make every set his personal sexual fiefdom. But he is more concerned with the creative success of the film in progress than his personal exploitations.

    I think it is in the big book Still Reading SRK he says: I came to Mumbai to work with these actresses not have affairs with them. It took Gauri a while to relax in that knowledge.

    Well for all you Super Sleuths, he apparently made the statement to GQ magazine. I saw it on that date but don’t know how much earlier it might have been spoken. I surely would like it if someone could confirm that quote which I’ve never seen again???

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    • Somehow, from the very beginning when my interest for ShahRukh (combined with an unquestioned affection) had led me to read everything available about him, I got the feeling that he is of the rare male human species who is secure in his own sexuality in such a way that he simply doesn’t feel the need for sexual validation (his naughtiness and knack for double meanings is – in my opinion – a very playful behaviour, not cheap flirting). He can show his unbound affection or even love for a woman, touch her, be close to her (like he is without any doubt with Kajol) purely emotionally stirred but not sexually. He indeed could be one of these rare one-woman-man despite being a man for all women. And it seems to me that Gauri is that one woman and that she, too, is very positively a one-man woman.
      However I could be wrong in my feeling which would in no way change my affectionate interest for him.
      By the way, I very much doubt that ShahRukh is gay or bi but I am sure he is able to love men with the same non-sexual intensity he loves women.


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  8. Sucharita Tygi (spelling) of Film Companion is very vocal about calling out Harvey Weinstein like behavior in the industry and is a big fan of Kangana’s because she believes Kangana’s story. BUT, she sent the sweetest birthday tweet to Shah Rukh, confirming (again) that even in a badly behaved industry, everyone knows he is not. (with the exception of one actress who currently lives in my city..grrrrrr)


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