SALMAN TRAILER!!!!! Tiger Zinda Hai, and Salman’s Social Conscience Zinda Hai Too

Maybe it was because I hadn’t had breakfast yet, but this was an action film trailer that actually made me tear up a little.  Okay, almost certainly it was because I hadn’t had breakfast yet.

The tagline “There Will be Peace” sounds kind of tongue in cheek, like “let me show you a ton of action scenes and explosions and then joke about ‘peace'”.

Or, it sounds like a silly macho statement, using the declarative format like it is an order, like Salman is so macho he is going to force peace on us.

But what makes me tear up a little (again, I know it is silly, plus I am super worried about Virginia today, as are we all I am sure), is that it actually is a film in which they are putting themselves on the line for peace.


Ignore the guns, and explosions, and all of that.  This is still a movie about a Pakistani woman and an Indian man being in love.  And a Pakistani woman who declares she wants to do the right thing to prove that “we” want Peace.

And a movie in which they carefully chose an “enemy” who is not supported by any official state, who isn’t even using the same name as any real world group.  And our enemy’s speech, it’s not about “let’s do this for Allah”.  It’s about retribution, they have been hurt by another group in power and therefore are attacking back.

Compare it with the rabble rousing we get in most of these films, the “evil” Pakistanis behind the curtain controlling things, the Muslim villains talking about “Jihad” and how they will be rewarded in heaven.  And the goal of proving power, or “winning” somehow, instead of saving lives and trying for peace.

So yes, it’s a silly tagline, but it’s an honorable intention.  I am on record as appreciating Shahrukh’s version of patriotism and activism the most, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the other Khans.  And Salman is going out on a bit of a limb here and asking his fans to follow him.  Just like when he played a Muslim in Sultan, or an RSS kid learning the error of his ways in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  It’s not in your face and obvious like when Aamir does it, and it’s not as likely to spark headlines as when Shahrukh does it, but it’s there and it’s brave and I appreciate it.

(It’s not nothing that this very “son of the soil” kind of image is being shown around a Muslim character)

Phew!  Okay, actual content!  A HORSE!!!!!!  I love that!  I don’t care how fake and silly it looks, it’s such an old-fashioned hero moment!  Makes me think this is all going to be old-fashioned hero moments, not “sensible” and “wise” kind of action scenes, but big go for the gusto type stuff.

Oh, and it’s very similar to Take Off (which I finally watched, review going up sometime, I am running behind this week).  But that’s reasonable, it was a big news story 3 years ago, it takes about a year to 2 years to write a script and get funding and a cast together, then 6 months to a year to film the thing, so if two separate people saw the news story and were inspired to start writing, now is when their two separate films would be coming out.  Same as with Dangal and Sultan, it’s not that one inspired the other, it’s that they were both inspired by the same very very big story from real life.  And like Dangal and Sultan, the two films are so obviously different that one should not take away from the other.  Take Off was close to the true story, and focused on the hostages.  This is going to be told as fantasy, and focusing on a fictional rescue attempt.

Katrina continues to be not the greatest at line delivery, but also continues to have surprisingly charming chemistry with Salman.  Salman I think looks better than before!!!!  He is carrying less muscle and weight, which looks good and also I think helps him move more easily.  And the unshaven look is good, makes him seem more mature.  And he’s still Salman!  His face comes onscreen and you get shivers, he’s got “it” whatever “it” is.

Related image

(Also, he has a HORSE!!!!)

24 thoughts on “SALMAN TRAILER!!!!! Tiger Zinda Hai, and Salman’s Social Conscience Zinda Hai Too

  1. Salman does have it even though the rational part of my brain screams about the dopiness of most of his movies (including this one, tbh). I think in terms of pure on-screen charisma he may beat out both other Khans.

    Katrina is so bland. She can dance but otherwise I can’t figure out her popularity.


    • Not just onscreen chemistry, pure objective handsomeness, Salman is where it is at!!!! It’s less obvious now as they all age into their looks, but back in the 90s Salman was stunning, regular features and perfectly proportioned body and all of that. While Aamir was “cute” and Shahrukh was “interesting”, Salman was downright handsome.

      On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 9:17 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I never thought of it like that, but you’re right Salman is the most traditionally handsome of the three. He really does look good in the trailer. I’m glad he’s shed some of the muscle bulk too and grown the beard too. Because his characters were so silly for the most part in his earlier roles, I never really swoon when I see him on screen…though he did look kinda good in Dabangg in the uniform! This film could have my favorite look so far..

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          • Thanks! I am the one who likes Arjun, especially in his earlier films…he’s starting to phone in it and he better be good in the next one..the cop uniform and serious first look were promising. Talk about traditionally handsome features…he really does have a strong profile and a sexy grin! I really could see him cast in a historical epic and do it justice.

            But Mubarakan was a bit of a letdown for me. Fun, but completely forgettable. I will buy it for him and the fun performance of Anil Kapoor and a couple of the songs. I’m glad it did reasonably well so he’ll continue to get decent roles. But definitely not one of my favorites of the year…though one of the songs might make it to my top songs of the year list.

            I wrote down the Telugu romance and will look for it!


    • Absolutely. I think it’s kind of interesting to compare films like this, different aspects and perspectives on the same story.

      On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 9:31 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Me, too. They are definitely drastically different takes on the same real story. Take Off was so strong in terms of storytelling and like most Malayalam films really took some time to build momentum and allowed the viewer to really invest in the characters’ fates.


  2. Off topic: what do you think will come out in Virginia? Republican or Democratic?

    On topic: Salman looks very good in the trailer and I think the mix will be like in ETT.
    Strangely I have another impression of Katrina than most of those I read. There are more ways to act than only through facial expressions.
    I found her convincing in JabTakHaiJaan and liked her in the movies I’ve seen with her.

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    • Off Topic: To painful to talk about. Just wanted to mention it to acknowledge that it is on my mind and the minds of a lot of my readers.

      On topic: I think Katrina can be good in the right role, and most of the time I blame the directors/producers for her failures, not herself. I thought she was perfectly cast in Dhoom 3, for that role. And I liked her in Ek Tha Tiger. And even in Baar Baar Dekho. But she needs a strong character/performer opposite her to really shine, Baar Baar Dekho was not going to work with her opposite Siddharth. And I didn’t like her in JTHJ partly because I didn’t like that character and her performance, but also to a large extent because I preferred Anushka so much. She was set up for failure by contrasting her performance and character with a much stronger one, if it had just been her and Shahrukh with no love triangle, it would have been a lot better. And again, that’s on the directors/producers not realizing that their love triangle was off balance.

      On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 10:44 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • That’s the one thing I reproach to the makers; the off-balance.
        I had no qualms with the story because I personally know people who as grown-ups still have the tendency to ‘make deals’ with God…it’s a very childlike behaviour.
        I could relate to and like all the three characters but Anushkas lively performance overshadowed Katrina’s restrained one already in the role she got (a carriere woman able to fight her way being bold, loud and focused). I found it very good that she did not get Samar, that he stuck to Meera’s insecure, hurt but longing for a joyful life character. It showed a deeply routed love. So I understand that he would have to go through his challenge to God to understand that interaction with God has nothing to do with (that) love – like Meera had to learn the same.


        • there is a really interesting older film that deals with this, the softer gentler less personality woman versus the other one. Sharmilee, if you ever feel like trying a classic, it’s fairly easy to get a hold of.


          • Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I just finished watching it. Liked it very much. Although I see it less as a “versus”. Good story, exciting movie, very good performances…and the inspector of Ittefaq was there, too! 🙂


          • Iftekhar! He is in EVERY movie from that era. And almost always playing a police officer. To the point where there is one movie that he is actually the bad guy in disguise as the police officer, and the audience never suspects it, because he is always the police officer!!!

            If you want another movie with the same heroine and a similar sort of twisty but romantic plot, check out Blackmail.


  3. I liked the trailer and I think this one will be better than Ek Tha Tiger. After seeing Sultan, I feel like Ali Abbas Zafar gets the right balance when making a masala movie and I think he’ll do a good job with this one. Plus it looks like Tiger and Zoya have a son?!?


    • Yes! I wonder if he will be biological or adopted? And if he is is adopted, I wonder if we will see that? Some early mission where the find and rescue a kid, and then it comes up again through out the film or something? I don’t know why, I just kind of got that vibe.


        • That’s somehow the feel I was getting. We saw that little boy who seemed to be a bomber, and then later saw their little boy. I could easily believe something about contrasting the kids who are radicalized by the bad guys, with the kid they picked up off the street and taught to love and all that.

          Plus it would pick up on the sort of “found family” idea of Salman and Katrina coming together across national boundaries, to then adopt a kid from yet a third place.


          • Yeah, that would be really good! Plus I don’t think Salman and Katrina would have time to have a kid when they’re on the run. I wonder how many years after Ek Tha Tiger this movie will be set.


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