Happy Children’s Day!!!!

Children’s Day in India is November 14th, because that’s Nehru’s birthday, and Nehru loved children.  Isn’t that sweet?  And, just like World Animal Day and all the other sub-holidays, I am marking the occasion with a theme video post. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

This is one of those topics where I am kind of over-whelmed by options.  But I am going to start with something recent, a sweet song that treats teenagers as the children they really are.


And then there’s one of my favorite films from 2016, which also has a beautiful view of children, Dhanak.

I don’t like this movie as a whole nearly as much as I like Dhanak, but I love this song!

Here’s a considerably younger version of Aamir as parent!  And hey!  Juhi’s there too!

Although I guess Rani’s an okay nanny-housekeeper-love interest for your guardian too!  Plus, she’s magic!

Of course Salman is such a softy, he doesn’t even need his nanny-housekeeper-love interest to help him!  He is completely fine at childcare all by himself.

So long as we’re getting into the slightly more meaningful and touching songs, let’s watch Shahrukh make a plea for every child to have the chance to shine.

And then Aamir giving the exact same message!

Speaking of Taare Zameen Par, and just in case you need to clear out your sinuses, here is the saddest song ever,

Okay, I can’t leave you with that!  It’s too sad!  Let’s go out on a high note, a super super catchy and fun and ridiculous song!  Be warned, it will stay in your head alllllllllll day.

32 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day!!!!

  1. So Children’s Day got hijacked by adult stars! *sigh*

    I’m actually really glad I’ve rewatched a few kids’ films this year (thanks in part to sucky bollywood)

    Gattu was just amazing. You HAVE to watch it. It has the wiseass kid from Haramkhor.

    I rewatched Triyatri and made mom and beau watch it too and they understood exactly why I remembered this.

    Other children’s films that I really love are Rockford, I Am Kalam, Stanley ka Dabba, Chillar Party and Anjali.

    I’m extremely glad CFSI has consistently churned out quality films.

    Have you watched The Blue Umbrella yet? I really want to watch that one.

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    • I have a Malayalam film for you! Two actually. Guppy and Annmariya Kalippilaanu. Guppy has bonus Tovino Thomas, who you will quite like, and Annmariya has a Dulquer cameo. But both of them are more about the kids than anything else.

      I am terrible at watching children’s films, the only one of those you have listed that I have seen is Anjali and (feel free to call my a sociopath), it was the only Ratnam that didn’t make me cry. I still haven’t seen The blue Umbrella, partly because it was advertised sooooooooooooo much on DVDs that I happened to buy, until I got sick of it.

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      • Guppy has been on my list forever! I’ve been so caught up in work since diwali and I’ve only had time to finish stranger things season 2 and watch Cesur Ve Gusel (urdu version) in bits in pieces (during mom’s binge watch). The only other entertainment that I’ve managed to pay attention to is Baaghi. Saba Qamar has totally captured Qandeel Balouch and I can hardly wait for new episodes!


        • I kept reading this thinking you meant Baaghi the Tiger Shroff film! Which, first, would be a very odd film for you to be interested in. And second, does not have a plot at all like what you describe!

          Anyway, Guppy features Tovino Thomas, pretty sure you will fall in love with him if you watch it, which will give Angie company, since she has been loving him all by herself for months.

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  2. Happy to have so many recommendations now…thanks 🙂

    Dhanak is the only one I perceive as a children-movie… I think I would love to have Nehru’s birthday 365 days a year if that would equal to 365 children’s days (the 366th one all four years could be for the adults 😉 ).

    I felt manipulated while watching TZP and Dangal, I loved the children sequences in Swades, KKHH, MNIK, KHNH and One2Ka4 (in KANK I liked the clearly going ‘overboard’ in all the kid scenes and K3G was cute but nothing more)…and I like Salman with kids (he would like to be a kid himself but can’t anymore).

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      • I would like any kind of a sequel! I know it made no money, but I liked it and they left the story open at the end and I really want a conclusion.

        On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 3:12 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. If you’re looking for children’s films that actually have children dealing with children’s stories, I recommend Kakka Muttai (sp?) produced by Dhanush, in addition to the ones above.

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  4. On a different note, every year in India, the government used to hand out awards for bravery to children. (I don’t know if they still do; I hope they do.) Whenever I read the news article on the awards and what the various children did to get them, I used to get a terrific inferiority complex, because these kids were being heroic in a way that I could never in a million years match. I remember one year, the awards were like, this four year old boy fought with a cobra so it wouldn’t strike and kill his baby sister; or, this eight year old girl jumped into a raging river to rescue her two younger siblings from drowning; or, this ten year old kid fought with a tiger (really) which was attacking some other kid. OK, so most of them lived in remote areas where such dangers were not uncommon. But it made me feel like a total wimp, especially because most of these kids did the fighting with their bare hands.

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    • Yep, they still do. I remember they are awarded on Republic day. But wiki tells me that they are sometimes announced on Children’s day. Presentation ceremony is on Republic Day eve and the children take part in Republic Day parade.


  5. Oh Lordy! I am going to have to live a lot longer. With all the recommendations in this post, I’m up to 125 movies to be seen! I have seen all the Children’s Day films, so that is going to help by not adding all them. I need to get watching. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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  6. There is a 90’s Telugu kids movie called Little Soldiers. I remember there was this one TV channel that always used to telecast this movie on every Children’s day. It does get dark at times, but for most parts it’s adorable, quirky, wonderful.
    Look at this little rascal terrorising the neighbourhood. Kavya won the National Award for Best Child actress for this film.

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