On My Way Home!

Here I am at the airport, with half an hour before the flight, just enough time to dash off another quick update post on how my trip is going.  While you all sadly wait for another “real” post that has actual content.

Let’s see, what was my last report?  Right!  Saturday!  We had only watched 4 movies.  Sunday morning, we started An Evening in Paris while waking up.


Once fully awake and ready to focus, on to Jab Harry Met Sejal!!!  FINALLY!!!  My sister wasn’t allowed to watch it until I was there with her.  Which also meant she wasn’t able to read my many many many blog posts.


We got into that, and then took a break once my brother-in-law was ready, and the three of us went off to look at Nature.  Which on the East Coast is the ocean.  It was okay.

(Surprisingly, no one on the beach was doing a sexy song.  Possibly because it was below freezing)

And then we came home and finished Jab Harry Met Sejal, and then my sister made me an elaborate dinner, which she always does when I visit.

(Very similar to this, but without the plastic apron)

And then by the time we ate, it was very very late, so we just went to bed after.  Monday morning, my sister had to go to work, so we went together, and stopped at a diner on the way for unhealthy food with milkshakes and fries.  The best!


And then I went to work with my sister and hid in her office and wrote the Juhi post until she was ready to leave.  And we drove back through a snow storm!  Because apparently I just bring the snow with me.

(Juhi did not suddenly appear)

And then we went home and watched Father Brown until we were ready for dinner, and then Dhoni with dinner, because it is the one movie my brother-in-law would enjoy.


And then we went to bed, and this morning after a leasurely wake up, we went off to the bus in to the airport.


And now here I am at the airport!  And they just announced boarding for my plane, so I should probably stop writing and post this.

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