Learn Hindi From Film Songs! Part ??? (the “Choli Ke Peeche” one)

I have completely lost count of how many of these I have done.  Oh well, they are just for fun, it doesn’t really matter.  And I’ve had a high number of “thinky” posts over the past few days, it’s okay to throw in one that is just for fun.

I’ll start with something easy: “saree”=”sari”


Here’s another easy clothing related one that has a great song: “Chunari”= scarf.  Usually meaning an accent scarf, more than the “dupatta” which is really part of the outfit.


Speaking of “dupatta”, I think I’ve already taught it in an earlier version, but here we go again with a different song.  It’s an important word, it deserves two songs!


Another word for scarf! “Ghungta”=head scarf/veil.  This song is pretty obvious, it is being sung to the veiled woman saying “Ghungta Main Chanda Hai”=”veiled is the moon (Chanda)”.


Okay, another clothing word and then a slightly bigger challenge for you.  “Choli”=the fitted top like you would wear with a sari, usually translated as “blouse” but not the kind of blouse you think of in western usage.  And then moving on, we have “ke”=of, in, there, and “peeche”=beneath/under.  And finally “kya”=what and “hai(n)”=is.  And so the famous and scandalous and sued for obscenity refrain of the song, “what is under my blouse?”


An easy one, “ghagra”=the kind of skirt Madhuri is wearing.  Long and full with a heavy border.


Another easy one!  “Kurti”=shirt of this type, usually seen more on men then women but Preity is wearing it here.  Long past the waist, rather than the “choli” which is much smaller.  But not as long as the kameez, the usual shirt a woman would wear which is almost knee length.  Oh and bonus, “kudiye”=a word for girl in Punjabi


And now lets put on the Jewelry!  “Kangna”=bracelet, “Jhoomke”=earrings, “Payal”=anklets.  And bonus, “badi”=big, and “mushkil”=problem.  Generally speaking, the song is about how Madhuri causes big problems for the hearts of others with her “Kangna”, “Jhoomke”, and “Payal”.


And finally, let us return to the most famous of clothing songs to learn another very important word, “Lahenga”= skirt (not the particular style of the “ghagra”, just a general skirt).

After the 3rd “ku ku ku ku” break in the song, Madhuri starts singing about the problems she is having with her skirt.  “Resham”=silk, “ka”=of, “lehanga”=skirt, “Mera”=mine, “Resham ka lehanga mera”=my skirt of silk.  Followed by the same refrain with “resham” swapped for “mehnga”=expensive/costly.  “Mehnga ka lehenga mera”=my skirt is expensive.  And finally, why this is causing her problems.  “uthake”= up lift, “chaloon”=to go/walk, “Lehenge uthake chaloon”= [I] lift up skirt and walk.  Next line, “girake”=drop/fall, “ghoonghat”=head scarf.  “Ghoonghat girake chaloon”=[I] drop veil and walk.  Next line, “Kya”=what, “bachaa”=save, “Ramji”=Lord Ram.  “Kya kya bachaake chaloon Ramji”=what shall I save as I walk, Lord Ram!


Full lyrics of the first verse we already learned: “choli ke peeche kya hai, choli ke peeche.  Chunari ke neeche kya hai, chunari ke neeche” What is behind the blouse? Behind the blouse?  What is beneath the scarf, beneath the scarf?

And then a bunch of stuff I won’t overwhelm you with, followed by “Resham ka lehanga mera, resham ka lehanga.  Mehnga ka lehenga mera, mehnga ka lehenga. Lehenga uthake chaloon, ghoonghat girake chaloon. Kya Kya bachaake chaloon, Oooo Ramji!”  My skirt is silk, skirt is silk.  My skirt is costly, skirt is costly.  I lift my skirt to walk, I drop my veil to walk.  What what shall I save as I walk, oooooo Lord Ram!

Add all your new understanding to Madhuri’s dancing, do you see how words can have double meanings?  Think how sophisticated you are to understand little Hindi double entendres!

(In case you were wondering, the next line from Madhuri explains that it is her “heart” that is beneath her blouse and scarf.  Obviously)


4 thoughts on “Learn Hindi From Film Songs! Part ??? (the “Choli Ke Peeche” one)

    • Thank you for commenting! I had the same reaction “no comments? But this post was brilliant!”

      Oh, I can give you more “choli ke peeche kya hai” data! It actually is a Rajasthani folk song, like a children’s song. Which was the defense against the obscenity charges, how could it be obscene if it was a children’s song? But Subhash and Madhuri, obviously, came together to make it something that isn’t quite childish and innocent any more. And now I am thinking about the children’s songs I learned, I guess something like “the itsy bitsy spider” could be sexual too, if Madhuri did the dance moves. Ew, now I am thinking of alternate meanings of “waterspout” and “rain” and stuff. Ew ew ew!

      On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 1:23 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I should have done that, I had them all open anyway for this one because there are enough that I am worried about repeating songs and/or words.

          On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 8:02 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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