2017 Hindi Film Awards FINAL RESULTS!!!! Real Life Options, Best News Story and Biggest Death

These two sections were alike in that they were the only ones that had very limited responses.  All the other sections, related to films, the answers were all over the place.



Karan Kajol-1

Karan’s Babies-2


And it’s the Virushka wedding in a blowout win!!!!!  Proving that people just love weddings.  And also strong career women finding love, and happy endings, and adorable photos from Italy, and all the good things in this story.

Couple of things I find interesting.  Karan’s book talks about how people want to feel a connection to stars, to feel like they are human.  And so the top story of the year for people, the one they cared about most, wasn’t Karan and Kajol patching up, or any of the other inter-industry stuff, but something completely human.  A couple who fell in love and got married.

It also says something about how appealing a young successful woman finding happiness is!  At least, to the limited audience of my blog.  I know my readers are primarily female (I pull strongly from teenage desis, and middle-aged non-desis), so they will relate more actresses than actors in some ways.  But then, the whole country/world did go kind of crazy for this wedding!  It was in the news for weeks, the only thing people were talking about.  So maybe it is a sign that the time has arrived for people to accept, to celebrate even, a working wife who is as successful as her husband, a young couple starting out life as equals.

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Death (click on the name to see their original obituary post)

Reema Lagoo-2

Shashi Kapoor-4

Om Puri-4

Vinod Khanna-2


Om Puri and Shashi in a tie!  Which, again, goes back to my readership.  Being primarily western (at least among those who comment), it makes sense that the two cross-over stars would have a bigger effect than Vinod Khanna, who never really broke out of the Indian audience.

In addition, Vinod had a career that has somehow faded in the public memory.  Despite being in major hits like Dabangg in recent years, he is less talked about the remembered than Shashi, who hadn’t worked in over a decade before his death.  Shashi was in a number of films that have been increasingly appreciated as time passed, a new generation coming to love him through Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila, and so on.  Especially a new overseas generation, these kinds of glossy relationship dramas, and his crossover films with Merchant-Ivory, play very well in America, England, Australia, everywhere in the English speaking world.  While Vinod’s big hits tended not to age as well.

And then there’s Om Puri.  Who spent his early career in parallel cinema and crossing over back and forth to independent art films in England (I still haven’t recovered from seeing him romance Rachel Griffith in My Son the Fanatic).  The kinds of moves that a few people love, and a lot of people appreciate.  Followed by his second innings as the go to older character actor in mainstream hits, most notably the Don films.  While Shashi is someone whose youthful talent came to be appreciated by the majority of the audience more and more as years went on, Om was someone whose late work is what brought him fame.

And then there’s Reema.  Who, I am ashamed to say, I completely forgot about.  I suppose it is a sign of the difference between men and women in the industry.  Reema was mourned for herself, sincerely, but she didn’t bring about a reconsidering of the history of the industry, of the future, of where we have been and where we are going and so on.  And so when looking back on 2017, hers was the loss that was felt least.

Image result for reema lagoo

(But she was still beautiful and wonderful, so I am giving her the photo as a consolation prize)



4 thoughts on “2017 Hindi Film Awards FINAL RESULTS!!!! Real Life Options, Best News Story and Biggest Death

    • She was also only 8 years older than her “sons” onscreen. Made a mother too young, and then died too young!

      On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 10:32 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • True!

      Although, on the other hand, Karan’s babies lost to the Anushka wedding! So primacy of women there.

      On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 7:50 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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