Happy Spring Forward Day! Springy Songs! (The physical movement, not the season)

Nothing interesting in the news today (so desperate that outlets are falling back on the good old reliable Don 3 rumors), no birthdays, I already put up a review, so time to fall back on the oooooold reliable fill in, a theme song post!  But a fun theme this time (I hope), songs with people jumping around!

I love this movie, I love this song and it is the perfect energy burst to get your through waking up one hour early!  And look how “springy” Hrithik is!  He’s like a human bouncy ball!


This night club continues to make no sense to me (why so many high school boys and white girls?  Why chest bump soccer games?) but this is another very “springy” sort of song.


Ranbir!  Bringing the bounce!


This is the famous “competition medley”, but I think we can agree that in terms of “springy”ness, there is no competition.  Rishi all the way!


While we are in the 70s RD Burman world, I challenge you to watch this without bouncing in your chair in rhythm with Mumtaz’s little shakes.


The “springy” kind of dance isn’t limited to male dancers!  Check out Kat leaping all over the place in this.


Okay, you’ve been patient, here is some SRK to bring us into the start (end?) of daylight savings time.  With those nice springy moves that blew out his knees.


Okay, a song so “springy” they are actually jumping on the bed.


And then, finally, the song that actually uses a trampoline.



Bonus: a regular “spring” song, with the flowers and trees and stuff

13 thoughts on “Happy Spring Forward Day! Springy Songs! (The physical movement, not the season)

  1. Have you seen this? It’s technically not a movie song but the best Indian music video in recent times. It has enough springy moves to make my body ache just by looking at it:


  2. 1. You talk about songs with people “jumping around” and yet you include no songs from “Jumping Jitendra” Kapoor?

    2. You talk of a song where people are “literally jumping on the bed” but don’t include the most (in)famous “jumping in bed” song? At least this one I can remedy. Warning: Mature content. 🙂 (Note: I’ve seen this song video many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen the preceding scene, which sort of sets the context)


    • Oh, that reminds me of a story! my sister told me this from an old interview with Maddy she read. He knew he had become a superstar when he was standing on a train platform and heard something and turned to look and it was an entire train car of women leaning out the windows and yell/singing this song to him because they saw him on the platform.

      On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 5:11 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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