Silly Sunday: For Women’s Day! Movies About Strong Women

Happy Sunday!  This week, a collection of movies about strong survivor type women.  Going with just outlines again, because I love it when you help me fill in the outlines!  Oh, and if you are looking for SRK, he is at the last story.

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Ready for Amitabh to Make you Cry? And Farhan to Make you Angry?

At least, that’s what happened for me!  Amitabh made me cry, and Farhan made me want to throw something.  So, an emotional day for me!

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News Round-Up: Graduations, Marriages, and Rhinos

It’s IPL now, and Ramadan is starting soon, which means everyone is kind of hunkering down and being quiet.  Because there’s no big movie to promote, so why talk?  But there are some nice non-movie things happening that are getting a little reportage.

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