News Round-Up: Rishi’s Beard, John’s Money, Salman’s Tuxedos, and Race’s Trailer

I just get a giggle out of today’s news items and can’t resist sharing them.  Sometimes celebrity news is very silly!  Oh, and some of this stuff is actually interesting too.

Rishi’s Beard

I noted in the post on Sonam’s wedding that Rishi has a beard and it looks good on him.  Good news is, he’ll be keeping that beard a while.  The bearded look is for a thriller film with Jeethu Joseph co-starring Emraan Hashmi.  Which is very exciting!  Jeethu Joseph should make a smooth transition to Hindi, his tight thriller type films will easily translate from Malayalam.  And Emraan is great in thrillers, and I trust Jeethu to ensure he has a little more to do than kiss and shoot a gun.  Rishi is supposed to be an “investigator” which is a very interesting idea, not the villain but also not the sole hero, I assume a joint hero or second lead to Emraan.

Most importantly, Rishi is filming this film simultaneously with another one Jhootha Kahin Ka which means he will have to be bearded in both.  Fine with me!  The beard looks great on him. (source)

Image result for rishi kapoor beard

John’s Money

The Parmanu fight continues.  Now that it has reached court, there is a threat of it going into receivership, the court taking charge and dividing up any remaining assets among the interested parties.  This is why people don’t want to go to court.  Not just in India, and not just in Indian film, but anywhere.

My father is a lawyer, and his lesson was “once you go to court, everyone has already lost”.  The goal is to avoid it at all costs, because an out of court settlement and negotiation is always going to be a happier ending for everyone concerned, plaintiff and defendant (defendant?  Or is there another word for a civil case?) alike.

The judge has given the parties involved one last chance to work it out amongst themselves, and a deadline of May 10th (tomorrow).  Which is what the judge is supposed to do, no one wants a real verdict in these kinds of cases, but the threat of one is usually enough to force compromises and solutions.  This time, it looks like the current open bills will be paid by John, with a hope that the eventual profits and his direct partners (Zee studios) will help repay him.  KriArj is cut out of the picture, they have not yet submitted financial reports and so on.

I assume, if the case were allowed to drag on, the goal would be to show that KriArj has assets, to claim them on behalf of the people they owe money to, and so on.  But that could take months, or years, and meanwhile the film isn’t released and people are paying lawyers fees and so on.  This is the “if you go to court, everyone has already lost” problem.  Much better to just quietly solve it out of court if at all possible.

Oh, and the fact that John is being so mature and competent and so on, and working directly with the multinational mega studios, makes me hope that the myth of KriArj and other middleman companies being necessary will evaporate.  Clearly Zee should have just worked with John from the get go and it all would have turned out much better than trying to go through some “professional” something or other. (source)

Related image

(Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he isn’t smart!)


Salman’s Tuxedos

Salman is supposed going to have 45 different custom made tuxedos for Race 3.  Fun game for us all, be prepared to go to the theater with a pen and paper to check off each one as it appears.  Or else they are 45 identical tuxedos to be used if one of them tears scene to scene.  But I hope they are 45 different ones and his character just always wears tuxedos, rain or shine, tuxedos to bed and tuxedos to brunch and tuxedos to shower. (source)

Related image



Race 3’s Trailer

How did I not know Remo D’Souza is directing Race 3?  Well, this greatly lowers my interest in the film.  I love Remo for stupid dance films, but for twisted thrillers, I want Abbas-Mustan to direct themselves.  Oh well, I will try to keep hope alive.  Oh, and this ties into the John Abraham story too!  Abbas-Mustan isn’t directing, or producing, because the rights to the series are owned by Tips, not them.  I don’t like this AT ALL, I wish the creative minds had direct possession of their concept and I am worried about Race 3 letting down the series because of that.

(What if there isn’t a sexy song with an actress in spangled clothes?  Will it even feel like a Race film without it?)

Anyway, trailer!  There still isn’t one and the film is releasing in less than two months.  Here is the rumored reason.  The producers have upped the distribution price super high and are waiting for a distributor to bite.  And they won’t release the trailer until after that.  Because if the response to the trailer is bad, they could lose bargaining positions.

Well, this is a very bad sign for the film!  Usually it is the opposite, you release the trailer, or at least let the distributors see a song or something from the film, it gets them excited, the price goes up.  But, if I am reading this correctly, the fear is that if the distributors see something from the film, instead of the “on paper” factors of a successful series, a big name star, and so on, they will not want to pay for it?

Oh, and it’s also a fascinating view of the kind of “what the market will bare” finances within the industry.  Changing plans and trying to catch a profit wave last minute like this, that means any kind of “projected profits” planning for a studio is a joke, you never know what next Friday will bring.  And rather than sticking with your plan, you are going to respond to the market immediately.

This is why Dharma and YRF are so solid.  There is a kind of gloss to their films, a promotional strategy, and certainly a set list of cast members, which make them interchangeable.  But on the other hand, they do spread out the risk, releasing films in every genre every year.  Even if one fails, the other will hit, and the overall projections will remain steady.  But Tips, they are a lot more feast or famine.  Their film division might release 4 films a year, or none.  I’m guessing there is no long term planning, no projections, they take each project as it comes and try to make it the best it can possibly be, and then see where they are when it is all over. (source)

13 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Rishi’s Beard, John’s Money, Salman’s Tuxedos, and Race’s Trailer

  1. Re Remo directing Race 3, I don’t know if you read or remember, but Salmna had agreed to act in Remo’s dance film. Then, after Tubelight failed, he was reconsidering all his commitments and signed on to Race 3 (to get a guaranteed hit, I guess). But, since he’d made a commitment to Remo, he dragged him on to direct Race 3. Even Remo seemed surprised. And, I think for the same reason, Daisy and Jacqueline were also brought into Race 3, because again they were rumored to be costars in the defunct dance film. And Ramesh Taurani seemed to be so nervous, or so enamored of Salman, or something, so he was just going along with everything that Salman suggested, which I think is a bad thing.That is, it’s fine if the hero makes suggestions, but the producer and director are supposed to be sounding boards or provide checks and balances, not just be yes men, which seems to be the case here. For all those reasons, I’d written off Race 3 long ago. The only returning cast member is Anil Kapoor.


    • I vaguely remember hearing about Salman and Remo and a dance film, but I wrote that off as just rumors, didn’t realize it had reached a firmer point in the planning.

      I did see that Bobby is only in Race 3 because Salman wanted to give him a job. And obviously Daisy was there for the same reason. But I had hope that Jacqueline and Anil meant it would be a “real” Race film! But I guess not.

      Oh well, still worth watching just to look for tuxedos.

      Oh shoot, and it’s an Eid film too!!!! That’s what made me so mad at Tubelight last year, the poor theaters somehow manage to struggle through Ramadan, and just when they need a big hit to cover the losses, it’s another flop.

      On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 3:16 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I didn’t see either of the earlier Race films, but I’ve seen some complaints online that Salman is ruining the franchise by turning his character into a kind guy with a heart of gold. From those comments, I gather that the essence of the films is that everyone is crooked, so you never know who’s telling the truth. So if the main character suddenly turns into an honorable and honest one, where’s the fun? I can see their point.


        • The earlier Race films are super fun, partly because they are playing a game on the audience, everyone who should be “good” turns out to be bad, and everyone who should be “bad” turns out to be good. The Cop is corrupt, the faithful secretary is secretly sex crazed, and the brother having an affair with his sister-in-law is the one you root for. So yeah, having one character that appears to be good stay good through out kind of spoils it. Unless Salman is presented as “bad” and then revealed to be fully good, sort of like his Kick or Wanted character, that would be fun and in keeping with the films.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 3:45 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Or maybe they’re just spreading around all this stuff about Salman only playing a good character so when the twist comes in the film, it’s actually unexpected instead of everyone knowing and waiting for the twist since it’s the Race franchise.


        • That’s good! I’m seeing the Dabangg tour on June (assuming nothing goes wrong, legal or health wise, to make Salman cancel it), and I was kind of rolling my eyes at Daisy being included. But if she is there to dance, I am happy to have her.

          On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 3:46 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Did you see Jai Ho? Not that I’d recommend that as a film, but Daisy’s intro is basically about a 10 minute dance by her, which was awesome. Maybe you can search youtube for that clip. She was an assistant to Ganesh Acharya.


          • Oh, now I am sad about her career! We need more real dancer heroines. Too bad she hasn’t seemed to go anywhere, hopefully Race 3 will help.

            On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 3:55 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • OK, I found the clip for you, and it’s only 2minutes 44 seconds! I don’t know why I thought it was longer. Maybe because I remembered it as such an intense display of pure dance, such as you don’t see any more. Anyway, here it is:


          • Thank you!

            Semi-related, I realized when we were discussing the National Awards that I’ve actually seen Shashaa Tirupati perform live. She was at the Rahman concert tour I saw, and I remembering thinking, not just about her but about everyone performing, that these were some of the best musicians I have seen in my life. Rahman didn’t just hire a random back up band, he clearly wanted true collaborators, who could improvise with him and drive him on to higher heights and so on.

            Considering that Prabhudeva is going to be on the Dabangg tour, I am curious of they brought Daisy along partly so he would have someone he could really dance with? He can always dance around Jacqueline and Katrina, but there must be something special about having someone to work with that can really understand what he is going for.

            On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 4:03 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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