News Round-Up: Desi Boyz Fall Out, Sanju and Manisha Come Together, Rajini and Kamal Face Off, Saif and Sara Go to Court, and Akshay Stands Alone

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  Rest assured, I have been reading the headlines and stuff all along, I just haven’t been writing about them.

Desi Boyz Fall Out

Well, this is a tragedy!  For those of us who are possibly over-invested in a fake friendship created to sell movie tickets between two middle-aged attractive men.  Anyway, “sources” say that John Abhraham called up Akshay first thing when he had his KriArj problems, since Akshay is basically their in house star, worked with them over and over again.  And Akshay quietly removed himself from the issue.  Refused to talk to John or take a stand or do anything.  Because if it’s not in Akshay’s best interests, Akshay is not getting involved.

Well, that’s not fair.  Akshay has gotten involved before.  For instance, I still appreciate the comments he made back during the “intolerance” craziness.  He was fair and did not take advantage and supported Aamir and Shahrukh’s right to free speech.  But Akshay is not going to make a fuss with producers who he has a good history with and jeopardize his projects with them just for the sake of a friendship.  Anyway, now rumor says John is mad at him, and OH THE TRAGEDY!!!!  One of the greatest friendships of our time, immortalized in the poetry of this exquisite song, is now dead (sarcasm).

(Do you suspect I mostly reported this story so that I would have an excuse to play this song?  You are correct!)


Sanjay and Manisha Reunite

Prasthanam, which I just looked up and looks all kinds of depressing, is being remade by the same director who made it in Telugu, in Hindi.  8 years later.  Kind of interesting, either he couldn’t find anyone interested until now, or he thought the 8 year gap means the story would feel fresh.  Anyway, it does look like sort of an awesome role for Sanjay, man who marries a widow and raises her son as his own and then it turns into a sort of Shakespearan power struggle kind of thing.  I’m down for Manisha and Sanjay together onscreen, and for Sanjay as a troubled Shakespearan patriarch.

(Hi Angie! this song is just for you)


Rajini and Kamal Face Off Once Again

Okay, this is WEIRD!!!!  Months ago I did a story on 2.0 possibly releasing the same day as Vishwaroopam and how everyone said Kamal and Rajini weren’t rivals, they were still friends, it was jut a coincidence.  And then Vishwaroopam moved to release opposite Kaala, and still everyone said they weren’t rivals it is just a coincidence.  But now both 2.0 and Vishwaroopam have been rescheduled months out, and by golly, they have once again both landed on the same day!  So it’s beginning to look like this is the biggest coincidence ever, or in fact they ARE rivals and are purposefully pushing to release at the same time.  Which is stupid, because this are very similar movies (both big budget action things), so they are going to split the audience and both lose.

(Not nearly as good as “Desi Boyz”)


Saif Rescues Sara

We have a lot of back and forth about nepotism and when it is and isn’t appropriate and so on.  But this time I think (hope) we can all agree it is totally fine.  The Kedarnath people were suing Sara to give them back her dates after she switched to working on Simmba with Rohit Shetty and Dharma films.  I can see both sides, Sara thought the film was dead and moved on, Abhishek Kapoor was working on saving his film and managed to find funding only to learn he had lost his leading lady.  Anyway, before it actually went to court Saif stepped in and helped them come to a settlement and figured out dates so Sara can do both.  Which is just such a “Dad” thing to do in a way I can’t find a way to object to.  Sara’s only 24 and hasn’t even had her first movie come out yet, she couldn’t possibly be expected to handle this situation, obviously her Dad was going to step in and help her.  When I was 24, I had my Dad help me clear out my apartment when I got bedbugs.  Same to same.


Akshay Ignores Priyadarshan

Speaking of Akshay, it’s not just John that he is dropping if it is expedient.  Priyadarshan has, supposedly, been trying to cast him in something for the past 4 years, and Akshay is just not interested.  He’s moved on, he knows Priyadarshan isn’t commercial enough for him, so he isn’t taking his calls.

It’s cold and pragmatic, and I can’t bring myself to hate Akshay for it.  Doesn’t make me like him any better either, but doesn’t make me hate him.  Priyadarshan was never a close friend, and it’s not like Akshay is stopping him from working with other people.  He’s just making a decision with his head instead of his heart.  And anyway, it’s not like Priyadarshan’s career is in trouble or anything, he can do fine without Akshay, he just wants him out of habit.  If Akshay was loyal and good to people, I’d like him better, but his movies would probably be less profitable.  If he can take a chance on something like Airlift or Gold because he ignores phone calls from Priyadarshan and John that would ask him to spend his industry heft elsewhere, that’s okay.

(apprapo (sp?) of nothing, I just really like this teaser)

20 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Desi Boyz Fall Out, Sanju and Manisha Come Together, Rajini and Kamal Face Off, Saif and Sara Go to Court, and Akshay Stands Alone

    • Really makes Priyadarshan seem desperate, doesn’t it? Like the guy you know from work and really don’t want to date, but he keeps sending you presents because he can’t take the hint.

      And really, is Akshay THAT desirable? Surely there is someone else in the Hindi industry that he can work with. Move on Priyadarshan!!!! He’s just not that into you!!!!!

      On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 1:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Poor John hes doesn’t deserve any of this, hes one of the most humble down to earth actors and you rarely hear any controversy about him maybe Im just bias because I met him in IRL once and he was super duper sweet and actually talked to me instead of other arrogant actors who just ignore you. I wish only the best for him!


    • At least his move seems to be doing really well. Not spectacular, but very well for a film on a tricky topic with no big names.


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  3. Suggestion – Mehbooba for next tweetalong! Over-dramatic, exaggerated and we can drink everytime Ajay changes hairstyle (spoiler – often)

    And is this story about Priyadarshan real? Because it sounds like something totally invented.


    • Glad you appreciated the Mehbooba reference. I had options and I picked that film just for you,

      The Priyadarshan story comes from “sources” so, you know, it’s as real as you want it to be. He is working on a big budge historical now, that’s true. And it would make sense for him to offer a role to Akshay. But whether he has been desperately chasing down Akshay for years, or if he just asked once and got turned down, who knows!

      On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 2:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Well John has sent a email clarifying his position viz a viz akshay.
    I dnt know how to put a tweet over here. Kindly teach me.


    • For tweets, just copy the link to the tweet, then go down one line and past it, then down another line before you start typing again. The same for any link, image or video or anything.

      I think this is the tweet you want:


  5. Regarding rajni vs kamal hasan both of them have recently plunged into politics fill time. So maybe they don’t have time for movies etc or it may be a show of strength thing.


    • Oh Ranbir! Oh Alia! I have SUCH a bad feeling about this! You know, not actually knowing them in the real world at all and just from movie screens. But still, Oh Ranbir! A new young girlfriend isn’t going to magically make you young again and erase all your mistakes! And Oh Alia! Don’t try to grow up too fast!!!

      11 years is TOO MANY YEARS!!!! If you are 24 and 35. If they have to date, they can wait until they are 35 and 46, and then I won’t mind. At least, if I were Queen of the Universe, that would be my rule.

      On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 9:09 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Prasthanam is a very good movie for its emotions, screenplay and the dialogues – conflict between Sai Kumar-Sharwa-Sandeep Kishan – though the story line may be depressing.. Deva Katta is a good director – one of the new wave like Mohankrishna Indraganti (Ashta Chemma), Krish (Vedam, Gamyam), Sekhar Kammula (Anand, Leader).
    And I rate hero Sharwananand very high – similar to Nani – not doing mass masala, but movies on the ground. I think you did not like his Satamanambhavati, but you should try Malli Malli Idirani Roju , Gamyam, Prasthanam, Engeyum Eppodum (Tamil), Amma Cheppindi.

    In Telugu version of Prasthanam, Sharwa has more meat than Sai Kumar. Role of Sai Kumar’s wife is very less (if I remember correctly). So, I don’t expect much from Sanjay-Manisha.


    • I think I have seen Malli Malli Idirani Raju and liked it. Very pleasant film, nice story, and Sherwananand did a good job.

      I have to think if they are casting Sanjay Manisha that they must give them at least one good scene together. Otherwise, why bother getting a name actress? But I could believe one good scene and that’s it.


  7. “Sara’s only 24 and hasn’t even had her first movie come out yet, she couldn’t possibly be expected to handle this situation, obviously her Dad was going to step in and help her. When I was 24, I had my Dad help me clear out my apartment when I got bedbugs. Same to same.” I love everything about this line. All absolutely true and the same to same cracked me up in the best of ways!!
    As to Alia and Ranbir…please please let it be a publicity romance that will end when the movie is over.


    • Yeah, Sara’s only 24 and leaning on her father to solve contract disputes, Alia’s 24 and starting a romance with the toughest to handle bad boy of the industry. She’s not ready! Unless her Dad steps in and fixes things for her, which he probably could if he had to. Ranbir and bed bugs seem very similar, don’t they? easy to get, impossible to lose, sometimes you just have to throw out your bed to get them out of it.

      On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 6:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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