Silly Sunday: Female Friendship Vengeance Story, Inspired by Alia and Ranbir and Kat

Happy Sunday!  I wrote soooooooooooooooo much yesterday, and like good high quality stuff, reviews of Bhavesh Joshi and Veere Di Wedding.  So this morning, I get to write short total trash, in a nice change of pace.  Let’s pretend the world is a bad romance novel of the Judith Kranz type and rewrite reality!

Alia and Ranbir Romance as an Elaborate Revenge Hospital Soap Opera

I’m going to highly fictionalize this, so just take the names “Alia” and “Ranbir” and “Katrina” and so on as character names, not the actual people.  Alia is a talented eager young medical student.  She is assigned to be supervised by Katrina Kaif, middle-of-the-road general practitioner, and is depressed, because everyone knows Kat isn’t talented and just got her position because she was sleeping with Salman, head of her previous hospital, and then she was able to use that to get a job at this hospital.  More over, she was just dumped by the Rockstar hotshot young surgeon here and everyone knows she must have done something wrong to deserve that.  Alia’s uncle Karan who she is staying with, the retired former head of the hospital, tells her to give Kat a chance, he knew her when she was a student and she was perfectly nice.  Alia doesn’t really believe him, thinks he is behind the times and doesn’t understand women, so Alia is standoffish at first, but Kat is really really nice to her, and Alia comes to like her and be friends with her.

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And then Alia is given a special prestigious fellowship, which will be supervised by Ranbir.  She goes to tell Kat about it, feeling a little cautious, but it is such a wonderful opportunity, she can’t pass it up. Her uncle Karan pulled a lot of strings to help her get it.  Kat listens to her explanation, and congratulates her sincerely and tells her it will be a wonderful opportunity.  But also tells her, for her own good, Kat is going to tell her story.  She knows there are rumors flying around the hospital, but she never liked to tell her side of things because she likes to keep her life private.  However, for Alia’s own good, she is going to tell her now how it all happened.  Kat was a poor orphan, raised in an institution and never knowing love.  She met Salman when he came to give a guest lecture while she was in medical school and they fell in love.  Finally she had happiness, his family was kind to her, everything was good. He got her a job at his hospital after graduation and then planned to be married.  But then he was accused of causing the death of a patient through medical negligence and was destroyed by guilt, ordered her away from him because he was no good NO GOOD.

Broken-hearted and confused, without the man who had meant everything to her, Kat fell into the trap of Hotshot Surgeon Ranbir.  He seduced her at the job interview itself and convinced her to move in with him.  And only later did she learn that he had been seeing another popular doctor at the hospital, Dips, at the same time.  She tried to break up with him, but his charm was too powerful.  She was caught in his web and unable to escape.  Even though his family abused her and he didn’t respect her.  Until he tired of her and moved out of their shared apartment, and she returned to work to discover that the hospital somehow hated her more than ever, blaming her for the break-up.

Kat tells all of this to Alia to warn her to be on her guard, because Ranbir will try the same tricks on her.  Alia sleeps on it, then takes the fellowship and meets Ranbir.  He is charming and sincere, and tells her that he knows she must have heard terrible things from Kat about him, they are all true, but he has done a lot of soul-searching since then and he isn’t the same man, he just wants to help her learn to be the best doctor she can be.  Alia listens to all this, wide-eyed, and then tells him that is all she wants too, after all he is so smart and so talented and so perfect, she can see why Kat fell in love with him.  Ranbir purrs and preens himself.  She goes to work the next day with her hair in a braid, modest clothes, and a delicate little bindi.  She also stops off on the way to buy food and put it into her tiffin container from home.  She insists on calling Ranbir “sir”, humbly invites him to share her lunch, and shyly fumbles with her dupatta to make sure it is always modest and proper.  Slowly, they grow closer.  She tells him how she wants to be a doctor to help people, to be the best she can be, and if her small abilities are able to support him in his great achievements, it will all be worthwhile.  She tells him that he seems so young at heart, although so wise, that she feels sometimes like he is just a boy her age, and other times like he has the wisdom of the ancients.  She drops flowers from her hair and shyly asks him to help her put them back.  She laughs to hysteria at all his jokes and can’t believe he came up with them himself.  She is so charmed when he compliments her that she can’t even talk, shyly bowing her head and saying “no no, you shouldn’t say such things!”  Oh, and of course she touches his feet to take his blessings before her exams, because he is so far above her.

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Finally, Ranbir asks her to meet his parents.  They are delighted with this modest girl, especially when they learn who her uncle Karan is, and who her father is back in the village, all respectable fellow medical folks.  The next day, Ranbir comes to work and gives her a long speech, he never thought he could love again, but with her he is young and decent again, he feels reborn, she makes him be a better man, and so he wants to marry her so that he can stay that better man.  Alia says “I am not worthy” which Ranbir takes as a yes.

The whole hospital is abuzz with the news, and Katrina comes to Alia in front of everyone and offers her sincere congratulations.  Alia looks conflicted for a moment, but then accepts them and insists that Katrina come to the engagement function.  Her uncle Karan goes to meet with Ranbir’s parents to arrange the details.  He suggests, since this romance started at the hospital, why not end it there too?  They will have the engagement function in the main lobby, Karan is sure he can pull some strings and arrange it.  It will be something a little different, people will like it.  And the staff can all come too, just stay a few minutes after their shift.  Neetu and Rishi are charmed by this idea, and agree.  The day of the engagement arrives, Alia is dressed modestly and formally as always, Karan goes to bring Alia out and asks “are you ready?  Are you sure you want to do this?”  Alia silently nods.  And then goes out and puts the ring on Ranbir, and offers her hand for him to give her his ring.  He puts it on her, everyone applauds, and then Alia pulls the ring off and throws it away!  Everyone is horrified!  She stands up and yanks off her veil and sari to reveal a sexy choli-lehenga outfit.  And she declares “Ha-HA!  My plan has succeeded!  You have messed with the minds of so many women, convinced them that they are wonderful only to tear them down, and now I have done the same to you!!!!! And it was all so easy.  Of course I don’t love you, I don’t even respect you, I don’t need you at all.  No woman does, we can do just fine on our own.  My uncle Karan helped me set this all up, he hates you as well, and he is returning from retirement to take charge of the hospital again and make sure you never work again.  Also, Dips is here, I called her and explained the situation and she came back with her awesome boyfriend Ranveer who has just been pretending to be friends with you in order to gather information and now they are both laughing at you.  And Sonam too, from college, she helped me pick out the outfits that would win you over.  And of course Kat, my good friend, who never did anything wrong and had her life destroyed by you.  And now, while we all watch, her ex-boyfriend Salman is going to surprise her with a proposal in front of everybody.”  And then that all happens, Ranbir and his family leave the hospital in shame, and Dips and Sonam and Kat and Karan dance all night in triumph wearing fabulous outfits.


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    Hmmm . . . I think “over the top” would be putting it mildly when describing your final scene. Does Karan dance, too?


  2. Haven’t read the post yet because bahubali 1 is on tv. But I had to come here and say that Manohari has the most decent, most respectfully dressed dancing girls in this history of dancing girls songs in Indian films. Almost no cleavage baring, the majority of the song has the girls shown whole (as opposed to parts). My random thoughtwave suggests that it is definitely a sex song and this is a raasleela sequence. That is in continuation of the Kanna theme Amarendra has later in the film. This would make the girls gopikas – Manohar=krishna, Manohari=gopikas.

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    • It’s the only logical explanation! If Salman pulls a surprise engagement on Kat at Alia and Ranbir’s Sangeet, as Alia is destroying Ranbir with her words, and the whole thing is captured on cell phone by the twitterati, then just remember I predicted the whole thing.

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  3. Lol.. this is way too much fun than whatever PR spin that’s going on..why don’t we give a semi-happy ending to Ranbir also-maybe he gets a call from Mahira that she’s visiting India again & got Cuban cigars for him?


    • But Ranbir is our soap opera villain! He deserves no redemption. Well, unless there is a massive redemption arch, like he goes insane after the confrontation, is slowly brought back to sanity by a saintly psychiatrist who he grows to love but does not feel he is worthy of. That could be Mahira maybe?

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      • Psychs can’t be saintly.. she’s smoking older woman who sees through him straight & wants to help him. But it would be unprofessional and of her to fall for him or start any kind of relationship. So he gets out, and there’s Ayan waiting for him at the hospital to pick him up along with his mom& niece.


        • The logical redemption arc would be that he has a nervous breakdown, goes into the psychiatric hospital, and through a lot of talk therapy works out that he has been in love with Ayan for years (not gay, because I hate the trope of the insane cruel gay man, just a wee bit bi and totally in love with Ayan in particular) but his evil parents twisted him up so that he felt like he couldn’t admit it, therefore he kept picking on these women and spreading the misery on, making them unhappy helped make him forget his own unhappiness. And once he has his breakthrough, he calls Ayan, just as Ayan is about to leave the country forever and never see him again, and they are finally united and stand up to his parents.

          Only problem is, that makes Ranbir sympathetic, and I don’t want him to be sympathetic!!! I want him to stay eeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

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          • Okay, real life Ranbir can be redeemed, but soap opera Ranbir can’t. The show always falls apart when the villain turns boring and good.

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  4. (Disclaimer: I can not stand Ranbir and his parents. I think Alia is talented and versatile and could go a long way. And she should stay as far as possible from Ranbir. Yet, the fanfic is so outlandish that I wanted to add a….)

    Secret plot twist

    Ranbir never intended to go through the whole marriage thing. Because of course, old habits die hard. Irony never works so perfectly, that he would fall and completely change his ways for this new, young, seemingly perfect but secretly pretending Alia. He was going to propose because his troubled bad boy image was starting to turn against him. There was no way he could be seen causing another bad break up. Especially with Alia’s connections unlike poor, struggling Kat. He is secretly thrilled at Alia’s big reveal. Why not? He no longer has to get married. He is not only not responsible for the break up, but also Alia’s betrayal was just the right amount of cruel for him to be seen as a ‘victim’ and not a ‘sissy’. Yay!!??? Ohh, and Dips has already moved on and couldn’t care less. Ranveer only went through because he was mildly amused by Alia’s tricks. Kat has had enough of the drama, quits the hospital and starts a dance school. And Salman finally decides he wants to remain a virgin after all!


    • Do Indian soaps do that thing where it all resets season to season? Because this is the perfect last 5 minutes reset. Season 2, Kat has been written off the show, Salman is still around to give wise advice sometimes, Ranbir is pretending redemption but is still eeeeeeeeevil, and maybe Dips and Ranveer have joined the cast/hospital staff along with Alia. And then Ranbir pretends to have a nervous breakdown, makes them all feel guilty, slowly works his way into their confidence, breaks up Dips and Ranveer, tricks Alia into ruining her career, gets his best friend Ayan to seduce Karan and destroy his reputation, and seemingly triumphs. Until the twist at the end when it is revealed that Ranbir’s new secretary was actually SONAM in disguise, she has been collecting data on him all season and now will blackmail him into really marrying her so she can control and punish him. And that sets us up for season 3, possibly with Alia written off the show having married her businessman boyfriend, Dips and Ranveer now deadly enemies, and Ranbir under the thumb of Sonam who is determined to change him, and also fix all the problems he caused in season 2.

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      • Season 3-Indian version would have Sonam would have changed her face to Priyanka before marrying Ranbir & revealing her real self. She also poisons Karan inorder to get his estranged BFF SRK back in town. Ranbir, meanwhile gets the same face surgery as Priyanka & changes himself to Ranveer. So now he gets all the cool surgeries, gets back with Dips & gets away from Priyanka. Now he has eyes set on the new intern-Janhavi. The real Ranveer is comatose somewhere & is tended by Anushka. Before dying he transfers his soul into Anushka who joins the hospital. She spots the Ranbir/Ranveer with Dips. Anushka goes to Dips & does a cool surgery that only Ranveer could have done proves himself.


          • And then a time jump. Anushka and Dips are now parents of the incoming female intern Sara Ali Khan, Ranbir/Ranveer is dead (or is he?) and his child with Priyanka, Ishaan Kapoor, has suddenly appeared declaring his right to the hospital and challenging his “good” brother Sushant Singh Rajput, son of Ranbir’s dead brother who was never mentioned before now. Also, obviously, both of them fall in love with and fight over Sara. Ranbir also reappears but seems to have amnesia, or else be a lookalike and not really Ranbir. Priyanka and SRK are written off the show because of contract disputes, and replaced by the lower priced Suniel Shetty and Chitrangda Sinha with an explanation of a car crash and plastic surgery. The ratings start to drop as it turns into a boring show drowning in the SSR/Ishaan/Sara love triangle, so there is a sudden switch midseason and Ranbir/Ranveer arranges the death of Suniel and Chitrangda (the audience never embraced the recasting anyway) and reveals that he is actually Ayan, who got plastic surgery after Ranbir/Ranveer’s death so that he could look like him and return to rain vengeance down on everyone.

            And then maybe Alia is reincarnated with memories from her past life? Also, a snake goddess.

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        • And then Dips and Anushka fall in love and have hot sex!!!! Oh wait, probably not in the Indian version.

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  5. I’m just so glad I didn’t read this last night. Not only would I have not been able to enjoy BB on tv, I would have also not been able to get any work done today either!!

    I’ve been a bit busy so I’m not exactly sure why you hate Ranbir so much! I mean sure I can’t stand a whole lot of his films but I’ve never really seen him as being pompous. If anything, his failures have humbled him and the more I see of Sanju, the more I’m convinced Rockstar wasn’t a fluke.

    I wanna add a plot twist that’s totally in line with the staples of Kat, Dips, Alia, Ranbir and Karan.

    So after Alia ends her speech, there’s a huge cheer from very drunk women all around the place. There’s a lot of snarky ‘oh snap’ and ‘she did NOT!!’ and people taking videos.

    Ranbir just sits there with his elbows on his knees and his head held low. Alia keeps looking over the crowd triumphantly and Dips, Kat and Karan join her on the stage. Ranbir doesn’t move. Karan makes snarky remarks *insert snarky remark* and he raises his head to look at them. Dips is doing her signature giggle and she tells him while doing her giggling thing “what?! You really thought karma wouldn’t catch up to you?” he returns his gaze to his shoes. Seeing no response coming from his side, Katrina goes “forget it guys. He’s never been the kinds to take complaints from women very seriously, has he? Let’s just leave. He can do whatever he wants to with his life.” And then, they all herd everybody away from the place and Ranbir just sits there with his head held low. All alone.

    Before getting in the car, Alia throws one look back and she can see him rubbing his brows and just collapsing back in the chair with his eyes shut.

    Karan catches her looking at him and asks her if she was regretful of what she just did. Alia gets a steely look and tells him “only an idiot would ever actually fall in love with him.”

    The girls go to karan’s house and spend the night driving and laughing and gossiping. Alia tells them with tales of how she convinced him she was so in love with him and how she got him to fess up to all his sins.

    It’s nearly 4am when she gets a text from an unknown number saying “I know you hate him but please don’t throw away the dupatta he gave you to wear tonight. It’s the only thing he has left of his mother.”

    Alia reads the text out loud and they’re all like “who’s sent this message?!” they try sleuthing the number but they have no luck. In the end Alia is like “fuck it, I’ll just go and return it right now” and she goes and gets the dupatta and she’s trying to fold it but she’s too drunk and she can’t find the ends. Everybody is drunk and laughing hysterically and Karan is like “this fabric is so cheap and the embroidery is so dated, I’m really surprised you even wore it!” and they’re being really bitchy about it. Alia is like “oh come on, he told me it was a family heirloom! I had to sell the ploy. I HAD to wear it!” And Dips and Kat and Karan look at each other and laugh. Alia asks why they’re laughing. So karan says “Darling, his mother was a society girl and she had couturiers over for Sunday brunches even before anybody in Mumbai did Sunday brunches. This is probably just a prop he used with a lot of girls” Kat nods in agreement and says “yeah, he gave me a cheap diamond ring when we first started dating saying it belonged to his mother too. He never asked for it back and it’s probably laying at the bottom of some junk jewelry drawer now” Dips laughs and says “wow, diamond ring! Lucky you! I only got this old scooter which, you guessed it *makes air quotes” belonged to his mother.” they all laugh. Dips continues “I swear, I could’ve bought two new cars with the money I’ve sunk into that piece of junk. Even the kabadi doesn’t take it. I’ve converted it into a lawn ornament now and it has dahlias growing out of it’s seats now”

    They all laugh hysterically. Alia just holds the dupatta up and says “say what you will ladies, but I won the jackpot with the cheapass, gaudy dupatta” and this prompts a round of drunk selfies with the dupatta. In the process, they accidentally drop it over a plate of chocolate cake. When they try to wash it, one of them accidently spills red wine over it.

    Part two coming up after dinner.


    • I don’t necessarily hate Ranbir the person, but I’ve decided Ranbir-the-evil-surgeon-in-medical-soap-opera is completely irredeemable. Well, at least in season 1. By season 5 he has seemingly reformed and there is a new big bad, because the audience got tired of the same old thing. Maybe one of our “good” characters from season one gets hit on the head and turns bad. Or has an evil twin that takes their place and keeps the “good” twin locked up in the basement. Or Ranbir’s estranged sister Riddhima appears and is more evil than he ever was.

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  6. Ok part two now:

    So they’re all trying to get the dupatta cleaned when it gets caught on a door knob and rips. They’re all shocked and karan quietly takes it from them, wraps it and puts it in a bag and says “I’ll just give it to the driver and he’ll drop it”

    But Alia insists that she wants to be the one handing it over because she wants to throw his cheap sentimentality in his face too.

    When she arrives at Ranbir’s house at 5am, she finds Ranbir still in the clothes he wore for the event, with just the fronts undone, directing servants in taking off the decorations. His grandmother, Mumtaz, is sitting in a wheelchair looking very frail and crying softly. Alia is standing in the open driveway when she’s noticed by a servant who calls out her name and suddenly everyone rushes to her saying “she’s back, she’s back, she’s changed her mind.” Ranbir just stands looking at her with a quizzical look and Mumtaz is tugging at his sleeve now crying happy tears saying “oh I told you she won’t leave us!!”

    Alia makes the long slow walk upto the grandmother, crouches besides her and lets Mumtaz slobber kisses all over her. Then she quietly hands the bag over and says “I’m sorry naniji, I just came over to give you this”

    Mumtaz opens the bag and looks at the dupatta and then looks at Ranbir who just stares at it. With a sombre expression he says, “I gave it to you to keep. It’s yours now”

    With a mean smile Alia tells him “yeah, the shy, dupatta wearing girl thing, that was an act. I’m more of a day dress and chucks kinda girl”

    Ranbir, attempts a smile and says “cool.” then asks how if she took a cab there. She says snarkily that she actually came in her uncle’s Merc and the driver is waiting outside so she should leave. Mumtaz just folds her hands in a shaky namaste and has tears streaming down her face when Alia bids her goodbye.

    In the car, she calls up Karan and spills the details and laughs. When she arrives back her flat, just before she gets out the driver tells her that she made a mistake. She asks the driver what he meant but he says that he’s just a lowly servant and he shouldn’t have said that to her but he couldn’t stay quiet about it. Then he leaves.

    Drunk and confused, Alia goes to bed. When she wakes up, she finds that videos from last night have gone viral. They’re all anyone can talk about and it’s even on the news and in the papers. There’s a bunch of reporters outside her building and they chase her all the way to the hospital. There she finds Karan and Kat and Dips huddled in his office. When she arrives, Karan takes her aside and says that chairman of the board is very unhappy with the negative press about his top doctors and Ranbir has resigned and he’s going to take up a position at an up and coming hospital. Just when they’re having this conversation, Boman Irani, the dreaded chairman, has them all called into the board room.

    The board looks immensely displeased with them. Salman is also there.

    Boman addresses the four and asks if the press reports are true, that they laid a trap to bring down Ranbir for allegedly being a bad boyfriend.

    Alia takes the lead and assumes responsibility boldly. She says he’d been a menace and he needed to be taken down.

    “And who appointed you judge and jury for his alleged crimes?” asks Sushmita, one of the board members.

    Before Alia could respond, Sush says, “And who exactly told you he was such a rotten boyfriend?”

    Alia panics and looks at Kat, Karan and Dips and before they could get in a word, Salman says to Sush, “oh come on Sush, spurned ex girlfriends are the most trustworthy character witnesses for a man!! Didn’t you get the memo?” and he chuckles. All but the group in front of them snide and chuckle. Sush tells Salman “it’s at times like these when I thank God I’m gay!”

    Then she turns to the group and Alia starts to say something when Sush cuts her off saying I wasn’t finished talking. Alia shuts up. Sush informs the group that their antics have cost the hospital more than a 100 crore in the share market already and because of them, they’ve lost their most prized surgeon. Being responsible for this, Dips and Alia would need to tender their resignations by the end of the day. Karan and Kat being minor shareholders would need to appear before the board separately.

    End of part two


    • Well this is terrible!!!! A very depressing turn for my soapy TV show. Also, did you just make Sushmita gay? Does that mean she could end up with Kat in the end? Or Alia? Because I would be down for that.

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  7. Part three:

    Alia comes out of the meeting mad as hell and she’s nearly screaming in fury in Karan’s office. She sees sush and Salman go into her office and she follows them. She asks to talk to them and she’s very angry and aggressive. Salman tells her to calm down and she screams no I will not calm down. Sush gives her a death stare and tells her to get the fuck our of her office and come back when she’s calm and learnt some manners. Alia is still very emotional and Sush takes her by the arm and drags her out the door and slams the door shut on her face. Dips tells her quietly to just leave it but she says no, I won’t leave without talking to them. She she fake calms herself down and knocks. She’s asked to enter and sush, leaving back in her chair asks her “are you all calmed down and ready to behave like an actual fucking adult” with the sweetest smile on her face.
    Alia says yes and sush says good and gestures her to sit. She sits and Salman brings her a glass of cold water. She’s stunned bur drinks the water slowly. Sush leans forward over the table and Salman leans bit sitting at the edge of it close to Alia. When she’s done drinking the water, Sush goes “so what do you wanna tall about?” Alia says about Ranbir. “what about him?” Salman asks. Alia stutters a bit and then says “well, you guys already know what his reputation is like”

    “NO, we know what gossip around him is like. His reputation, as divulged by people who know of him from first hand experience is stellar and undiminished.”

    Alia says “But all the girls he’s dated say he’s not the guy everybody thinks he is”

    “so who is he?” sush asks.

    Alia says “what do you mean?”

    Sush says “well you dated him all this time and even got him to propose so I’m sure you MUST know what kind of a guy he really is!”

    Alia says “well I wasn’t dating dating him. I was faking it.

    Salman says,” he didn’t know that so he wasn’t faking it so that means he must have shown you the real him. So tell us, what is he really like?”

    Alia is lost for words and stuttering so sush answers for her “lemme guess- kind, considerate, goes out of his way to help people, you can call him any time of the night for help, brilliant surgeon, always has plenty of charm and jokes ready for whoever he sees in need of it”

    Alia says “well that’s just for show”

    Salman says “ok. So please tell us what he gets from putting on a show of being a fantastic human being 24/7, 365 days a year?”

    Alia just stares at him and scoffs “GIRLS!! this show helps him get the girls!! Do you guys not see that?!”

    Salman goes “unbelievable!” and sush is like “Omg so what you’re saying is that a young, good looking, single doctor pretends to be extra nice so he can impress girls?! Quick, call the police Salman!! This crime must be reported!!” and they give a obviously mock shocked look and then laugh.

    Alia goes “Maybe this is funny to you guys but he’s really ruined the lives of so many young girls here!”

    “in what way?” Sush asks.

    “two timing, for starters, then the emotional abuse…”

    “emotional abuse?!!” Salman asks

    Alia says “yes, like disappearing for days, not picking up calls for hours, deliberately forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, being cheap…”

    “what do you mean by being cheap?” sush asks

    Alia says “oh come on! We all know he’s making a crore plus a year but he never spends a dime on his girlfriends”

    Salman gets up and starts pacing. “I give up! It’s like talking to a teenager!”

    Sush leans back in her chair and says “how did you conclude that’s what he makes in a year?”

    Alia smiles and says “I’ve seen the logs and I can do basic maths”

    Sush is irked but she forces a smile and says “does your math include pro bono work and charitable contributions towards the in-house pharmacy?”

    Alia goes “what?”

    Sush leans forward and asks her if she knew that he waives off his fee for cases that involve kids, young mothers and people that can’t afford him and a huge chunk of whatever he has left goes to the pharmacy’s charitable funds so poor people can have world class medical services without worrying about costs.

    Alia is speechless. But what about the girls? She asks feebly.

    Salman says “since we don’t hire minors at this hospital I’m guessing all his “girls” were consenting adults who could use their brains and since we’ve had zero harassment complaints against him, while five of his colleagues have suggested the consequences of our zero tolerance policy, I’m guessing a few of his exes may have exaggerated a bit in his stories. But this is just a guess! You would know better given you were engaged to him”

    End of part three


    • Wait, now I am all confused! You are redeeming Ranbir’s evil surgeon? This is quite the twist! Feels more like interval of a 3 hour movie than soap opera. But I will go with it and see what happens.

      On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 1:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I have no idea where it went. I shouldn’t type things when I’m half asleep. But I’m happy with this. 😁

        Also, dude, Alia the undercover revenge agent is so my Alia prabhas fanfic. 😂 NOW it makes sense, no?! 😂 you even have karan as Nawaz’s twin 😁


  8. Part four

    Alia goes “actually I do know better because he confessed everything to me”

    Really? Days sush

    Alia says “YES, he told me himself about the missed birthdays, the vacation plans he always cancelled the last minute to be at the hospital… The… The festivals he… He didn’t celebrate with them… Because he was… At the.. Hospital…”

    Sush and Salman smile at her. Go on, says sush.

    Grasping at straws, Alia says “But the to timing rumors!!! Everybody knows he always put Wendy whatsherface before his girlfriends! And she was a married woman too!!”

    Sush tells her calmly, “I’m Wendy whatsherface. Wendy was my ex husband’s surname. Yes, that’s right. I used to be married to a man back when being gay wasn’t an option in India. And you’re right, he always put me first. I was his mentor during his residency and he never forgot the bond we developed. In fact, I’ve asked him to come look at the case in ward 501 and he’s coming to handle that despite the media, despite all the people here that laughed at his misery just 16 hours ago and despite the possibility of running into you here. What else have you got?!”

    “what about Kat?” Alia says

    “what about kat?” asks Salman as he shoots her a look.

    “well, she… He broke her heart!”

    “oh boo freakkin’ hoo! She’s always been an attention hog with a victim mentality. That’s why I broke up with her too!”

    “and Dips?” Alia asks

    Sush says, “even doctors can’t handle a clinically depressed partner. It’s very harsh to judge him for that especially considering her entire family resisted his attempts to get her help”

    Alia scoffs “I suppose you guys have an explanation of what he did to Karan too!”

    Salman says, “actually we have a pretty good explanation for what karan did to him.” he looks at sush and continues. “back when he was just a resident, he saw Karan drinking at the hospital. After multiple warnings, he reported Karan to the management. Him being a legacy hire and a minor shareholder, we couldn’t fire him. But it’s quite brilliant that he used his niece to take down his aechnemesis!”

    Alia is enraged, “uncle didn’t use me. It was my decision to so that after I heard his stories!”

    “after you heard his stories from whom?”

    After a long silence, Alia says “uncle”

    Sush and Salman plaster a fake smile on their faces and she says “now that that’s cleared up, is there anything you’d like our help with. She says no and leaves saying her resignation will be at her desk by evening.

    I’m too tired to write more but it goes like she finds proof of karan’s ploy, goes into an existential crisis. Later that week she gets a call from the hospital and Ranbir has requested her presence for a critical surgery of a child so she goes and she sees him perform his magic on that 16 hour surgery. Later she watches him sleep on the floor in the nurses lounge and she brings him a blanket. When he wakes up they talk. She apologises and he says nothing can be the same ever again but I’m happy I got to love you. Alia is all happy and she brings breakfast to his house the next morning only to learn he has already taken up the job and moved to bangalore. When he comes back after several months alia is in his room. She lives in his house now and has been taking care of his granny all this time. There’s cute talk, Alia has an emotional breakdown scene, they kiss, the end.

    Gawd I’m so sleepy!! 😂

    Ranbir leaves


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