News Round-Up: 3 Stories to Make You Angry

You know how sometimes you just need a little jolt of anger around mid-afternoon to keep you going?  Not big anger about stuff that actually matters, but just gossip news incited anger.  I am here for you!

Prernaa Arora is That Particular Kind of Rich Lady Horrible

Prernaa Arora, co-head of KriArj, who wears incredibly expensive clothes and talks about being young and thinking outside the box and breaking the standard business practices.  And is also a wealthy producers daughter who was essentially handed her production studio at age 26.  We already know she thought it was okay to take payment for products that were not her own (oh, by the way, another lawsuit against KriArj for selling rights on behalf of film producers without having purchased them in the first place), and to not bother to pay her partners who were actually making the products.  A particular kind of rich MBA horrible.

And now there’s a new story, she is also that particular kind of rich lady horrible.  Her masseuse is suing her.  A female masseuse, who was put on salary and expected to be on call midnight to 8am.  She went five months without her promised payment, finally demanded her salary, only for Prernaa to become physically abusive towards her.  She filed suit, and now Prernaa is saying she is a thief and a liar.

Without any other context, I would be open-minded and wait to see this play out.  But seeing as this is Prernaa, who already reacted to John Abraham’s law suit by calling him inexperienced with no knowledge of production, before finally agreeing to an out of court settlement, I think I am siding with the maid.  Prernaa is just like that I guess, one of those almost sociopathic rich people who are so used to only thinking about their own needs, and to money being something that appears from the air, that it doesn’t occur to them that for other people, money is an actual necessity that needs to be paid as promised (oh, and the masseuse wanted the money to help pay for her husband’s cancer treatments.  Those poor people, so frivolous!  Prernaa needed it for important things, like super expensive clothes for another photo spread about how she is the future of the industry) (full story here)

Image result for prernaa arora

(Not that I am shaming women for buying expensive clothes, just that Prernaa in particular always dresses soooooooooooo fancy in her photospreads and is so perfectly turned out, and then her finances and businesses seem like a total disaster.  Her priorities are just upside down)


Akshay Kumar is playing Prithviraj Chauhan in a Film Focusing on the Prithviraj/Sanyukta Love Story

Now, if that last story didn’t give you that nice “righteous anger” jolt, I have another option for you!  More info on the Yash Raj historical with Akshay.  Akshay is playing Prithviraj Chauhan, supposedly, and the film will focus on the love story between him and Sanyukta, yet another totally made up historical romance.  So, there’s one thing to get mad at, that they can only make historical movies about romances.

And here’s a second thing, Akshay?  Really?  I just cannot picture him as a historical figure.  For one thing, I think he looks really bad in traditional clothing.

Oh, and a third thing, this looks like to be YET ANOTHER historical bemoaning the loss of the “Hindu culture” and the wrongness of the “Muslim invaders”.  Which irritates me personally because I can’t stand the politics of it, and also because I can’t stand the bad history of it.  It wasn’t “Hindu India” and “Muslim Invaders”!!!!  There wasn’t an “India” to be Hindu or Muslim!  It was just a group of warring states, some of whom shared a religious tradition and some didn’t. (story here)

Image result for prithviraj chauhan


Priyanka Fake Quotes Bringing up SRK Fake Romance Again Some More

This Nick Jonas thing is bringing the PC/SRK rumors out of the woodwork again, and once again I find it really gross.  Whoever is doing it (PC, her team, random media making stuff up), it’s just yucky.  They are creating a narrative that makes any idea of marital love seem false, true love can only be in the affair, and lasts forever and ever.  And Priyanka, the Other Woman, is the victim, with Shahrukh, the Married Man, as the second victim.  His wife, his kids, they are just inconveniences in the path of True Love.  Who thinks like this????  What a disgusting story to think is acceptable.

Image result for priyanka chopra shahrukh

And to make it even grosser, bollywoodhungama went ahead and compared it with Raj-Nargis-Sunil Dutt!!!!!  Because I certainly look at Nick Jonas and Priyanka and think “oh yes, just like Nargis and Sunil” (sarcasm).  Not to mention the vast difference between Raj and Nargis’ publicly acknowledged married-in-all-but-name relationship, and the no more than rumored fragile and unsubstantiated SRK and PC romance. (story here)

Quote from “friend”:

“When this superstar couldn’t offer her the stability of marriage, and still wanted the relationship to continue, Priyanka did a very brave thing. She put an end to the relationship firmly and moved on instead of hanging on to a relationship with no future.”

Conclusion by BH:

The resolute stand taken by Priyanka Chopra over a relationship that had no future echoes what the great Nargis did when Raj Kapoor couldn’t offer her the security of marriage. Nargis firmly terminated all personal and professional association with Raj Kapoor and married Sunil Dutt.

I just can’t believe that PC and Shahrukh, if they had a relationship, had anything that would ever conceivably have resulted in marriage.  This isn’t an innocent PC being seduced with promises of love and marriage, because there’s no way that was in the cards, Shahrukh is just not going to get a divorce.  Even if he was passionately in love with PC, which I also doubt based on the fact that every move he makes is obsessively tracked by the press and they haven’t been near each other in years.  And if she has been patiently heartbrokenly waiting for him to call for the past, what, 7 YEARS????  Until finally being won over by the noble soul that can heal her wounds, Nick Jonas.

It’s just insulting, is what it is, that we are actually supposed to believe this version of events.  COME ON!!!!



Oh, one more thing, if you are new to Indian news press or never really thought about it that much, it’s important to know this story is coming from BH.  They aren’t respectable or worthwhile or intelligent or anything, but they are slightly less willing to get on the bad side of celebrities.  They don’t usually print this sort of incendiary gossip, which means someone somewhere is giving them the nod that it is okay.

And I am thinking it is likely Priyanka’s team because there is no advantage in Shahrukh doing it.  And this is what this story has been like for 7 years, obviously fake stories (again, not saying it is impossible they had an affair at some point, just this version of 7 years of a serious relationship is clearly fake) that make Priyanka look noble showing up in slightly more respectable sources indicating they are being fed and confirmed by someone, not just made up randomly.


Oh, and coincidentally, BH also had a news item today that Priyanka is publishing an “honest” memoir to come out next year.  Gee, do you think keeping this story alive might possibly help her book sales? (sarcasm)


21 thoughts on “News Round-Up: 3 Stories to Make You Angry

  1. Priyanka Chopra is just revolting. There. I said it. People can come at me but I won’t change my opinion about this. This whole thing started around 2011 or 2012 during the time of Don 2. Constant articles would come out and early on SRK refuted them even going to the extent of mentioning once that he had gone to see Priyanka’s parents to explain to them that none of this is true so that they don’t feel uncomfortable about her working with him. Another time he had said Gauri believes in him regardless of rumors and that’s why they’ve been married for so long. There was a disgusting article that came once referring to “Priyanka’s friends” as the source – the whole thing was insulting Gauri Khan and how she is a nobody and nothing except an insecure wife who can’t measure up to PC and how she should fix her problems at home instead of freezing out PC. There were rumors going around at that time that Gauri had banned Priyanka from parties and events and that her friends like Suzanne Roshan were doing the same. Karan Johar went ballistic when the article came out and put some angry quotes on twitter telling her something like “don’t mess with goodness.” Then came more articles about how SRK desperately wants PC in Happy New Year but Gauri won’t let him. This time both SRK and Farah Khan refuted the articles on twitter. Meanwhile, by this time, SRK and Gauri were already aware they were having another child. As soon as the baby was born, Priyanka gave an interview where she was asked if she knew SRK was having another baby and whether or not she was invited to the Eid party where everyone was invited to introduce Abram to them. She claimed she didn’t know and admitted that she was not invited but insisted that SRK is wonderful and they’re really close.

    The arrival of the baby pretty much ended the rumors and then suddenly out of nowhere she gave another crazy interview when nobody was even talking about them anymore. The WHOLE interview was about SRK and how scared she is now to talk about him and so on. Every few months, she would give mysterious quotes about her “complicated” love life, how she is dating someone but can’t say who, the guy will have to be “king” amongst men and a “showman” and so on and so forth. From copying his quotes to his favorite songs to even his favorite perfume, she would just go on and on. Then of course the jacket stunt and her “heartbreak” and how she was in a “long committed relationship” in Mumbai.

    SRK on the other hand completely started ignoring her after 2013. Sometimes reporters would try to trap him by asking him about her HW career and he would go out of his way not to name her or give any quotes that could be made into a soundbite by sticking to stuff like “everyone that’s gone there is doing well.” He has also off and on given quotes like “Gauri is my first and last girlfriend. I’ve never been with anyone else in my life” because I think this is the only way he can sort of deny the PC stuff without naming her and giving her attention which I think she badly wants.

    I don’t think SRK is a saint and it’s possible *maybe* something happened during Don but the rest of it makes no sense whatsoever. She is planting articles that she had a 6 year relationship with him and comparing herself to Nargis?!! It took her that long to realize there was no future even though he badly wanted to keep her??! She is the dumper?! She didn’t realize when he had another baby with this wife?! Or when he kept producing movies in his wife’s name? Or kept living with his family and going on vacations with them and spending all his big moments with them from holidays to his own birthday? When are we supposed to believe they ever met when both PC and SRK were basically living in totally different countries? Who is she kidding with this stuff and why is she still doing this when he clearly doesn’t want to be associated with her?

    She also announced yesterday that she’s writing a book where she will “expose” her life that will come out in 2019. God help us.

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    • Yeah, this matches my memory and reactions exactly. It’s not that the original affair (if it happened) bothers me. Or rather, it bothers me in a different way because assuming that they did have an affair, and assuming it was not with Gauri’s knowledge and acceptance, then I do think it was wrong of Shahrukh to break a marriage promise and, to a much less degree, wrong of Priyanka to enable that.

      But that’s a whole different thing from this constant public shaming for 7 years, which revolves around attacking the one person who was clearly blameless in the whole thing, Gauri. Every little planted story and not-so-subtle interview quote all leads to the storyline of Priyanka being the noble one who is in the right and silently suffering, Shahrukh as the halpless victim following behind her, and Gauri as the fly in the ointment that must be removed. And the 3 kids as just not existing.

      It’s a hard thing to explain (as I am sure you have also experienced), because it sounds like you are shaming her for having an affair with a married man while leaving the married man off the hook. Or like (as you said) you think Shahrukh is a Saint who could never do anything wrong. Or that you are putting the sanctity of marriage over people being happy. But it’s not that at all, it’s not the potential “facts” of the story, it’s the way the story is presented and allowed to fester and come back over and over again. The story itself is the issue, not the reality. It’s none of my business if a married man had an affair beyond a general “shame on you” feeling, I’m not blind enough to think it’s impossible for Shahrukh (or any man) to every cheat, and if a married man does cheat, I certainly blame him more than the woman he is cheating with. But these stories are clearly coming from somewhere, and all the evidence points to Priyanka planting them over and over and over again for 7 years.

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      • You said it exactly. Worse than anything is the blaming and shaming of Gauri Khan who is clearly the only blameless one in the whole scenario no matter what the actual truth is. The audacity of going after the only innocent one makes me so angry. If the affair was actually happening, PC wanted Gauri Khan to treat her well and keep inviting her to parties?! She was upset about being frozen out and wanted better treatment from the wife whose husband she’s trying to steal?! What planet is this woman actually living on?

        To be honest, I don’t even understand the endgame here from Priyanka’s perspective. What is there to gain from doing these antics? She won’t get SRK as he’s been avoiding and ignoring her for years. Her behavior means that she won’t get any movies with him either. Is this an attempt to be remembered as being part of an epic tragic love story? Huh? Isn’t she trying to build a career in HW and doing whatever she is with that ex-boy band member? What is the point of hanging on to dear life with this story? I can’t make head or tails of why she’s doing this or what she wants to gain from this.

        SRK is stuck because I don’t think he wants to get into a he said she said situation like Hrithik and Kangna under any circumstances. It’s a pointless public fight and people believe whoever they want to regardless of available evidence. Instead it just captures more attention and becomes a bigger scandal.

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        • It’s not quite the same, but is very similar to how Rekha keeps spinning out the Amitabh story. Which never made sense to me either, in terms of an end game. Again, setting aside the actual truth or false of the affair, Amitabh was never going to leave Jaya no matter what so what was the point of hammering away at it in public?

          But then when I learned Rekha was in a long term committed live in relationship with a woman, it all fell into place. the Big Lie was to help hide the Big Truth. So maybe Priyanka has a similar Big Truth too? And needs the cover of this story to hide it? Which is a massive leap, but it’s the only thing that seems logical. I can’t even go with the “she’s just delusional” idea, because delusional looks different, it looks like Kangana who is out there talking obviously and publicly because in her version of the world there is nothing to hide. But this is still controlled and planned in some way. I don’t know, it’s just odd!!!!! I can’t think of anyone (besides Rekha) who was so insistent on keeping a gossip story going with no real support for it and no obvious advantage.


          • In the 70s it was easier to pull it off because nobody would be expected to have picture evidence. Things could be spread on hearsay. “We saw AB and Rekha at the airport together” type of stuff. It’s just not possible now when everyone has a camera phone in their pocket. If there is a raging 6-7 year long affair happening, you can’t possibly believe there is absolutely nothing to show for it, no blurry pics of restaurant dinners, no vacation pictures, no nothing.

            For someone who seems so keen on keeping the story going, if such pics actually existed, she would have surely spread them around by now. She could have even arranged to get “caught” by the paps at a specific time of her choosing if she wanted to make her affair public and put pressure on the man.

            What you’re saying might actually be true. The idea of a secret hidden relationship helps cover for the fact that she wasn’t dating anyone for a long long time at least publicly. Nick Jonas is widely believed to be gay (though who knows for sure) and most people think this is a staged HW relationship to keep both in the news. But it also helps her let go of the old SRK story because she has this one now to flaunt and yet she’s not letting go. Maybe because most people are not taking the Jonas stuff seriously at all and laughing at it so the backup can’t be dropped yet.


          • The timing might also be because she is coming back to India and the increased public scrutiny there. I bet she can do all sorts of things without being recognized in America, take off the make-up and put on baggy clothes and she becomes just another Indian-American. She really isn’t that super famous. But in India, like you say, everyone has a camera phone, and everyone’s going to be watching for her. If her Big Lie is already out there, that’s all they will be looking for and they might miss a Big Truth.

            Same with Rekha, every public event is focused on if she and AB were going to acknowledge each other, or her and Jaya, or whatever. And no one notices the woman who is on her arm at every event for the past 30 years. Even now in the camera phone era, it is barely noticed or talked about because everyone is looking the other way.


  2. That Prerna Arora story does fill me with righteous anger.The interview even more so.Girl from Dehradun who struggled to get where she is now.Yeah right,!You mentioned MBA,but i dont think she has any formal qualifications or it would have been listed in that interview of hers-in bold.
    I want to thank Anonymous above for that quick history on the SRK-PC romance stories. PC really seems to be living her Áitraaz’ role in real life.Come to think of it,she had a similar thing with Akshay Kumar also before being banned by Twinkle.I dont see any end game other than the satisfaction of her own ego or an intriguing PR story of being the woman-for whom-SRK-almost-left-his-wife.Most NRI,foreign audience also knows of SRK,so its a story that can play up wherever she is.No PC,no.You are much better than this.You dont need this.

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    • Glad I am not the only one who finds Prerna just infuriating! I looked it up to confirm, and yes, her father started the production house and got it going and then handed it over to her for her to run into the ground. It’s like the evil version of Sonam. Setting aside the fact that Sonam and her sister are actually good business people who make profits and pay their partners, they also are not hiding what they owe to their father or pretending to have made it on their own.

      I’ll be curious if these stories continue and, if they do, what effect it has on PC’s “comeback”. She’s already filming Bharat with Salman, so she’s not going to lose that, but I don’t know why anyone would hire her if they know she is going to bring along this toxic story with her. People really like Gauri and backwards badmouthing her like this is just not good for your career. I really thought it was over, the past few years have been almost silent on the SRK rumor front, and now this is the second BH story hinting at it with a “friend” source in a week.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 12:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • She started this back up last year actually starting with the jacket stunt that came out of nowhere. Then many interviews hinting at a “break-up.” This was helped along with stories about how SRK immediately left a party as soon as she arrived when she was back in India for a few days. She’s been working on this for a while. I wonder if maybe she thinks it helps keep her relevant in India when she doesn’t have much going on.

        Her diehard fanbase is made up of Indians only. She has been MIA for years now in terms of work so I do think they have lessened simply because ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

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        • It’s interesting that the stories have suddenly switched to “break up” instead of “affair”. Probably a good option for returning to India, it would be pretty obvious that she is not part of his circle (like you mentioned, stuff like not being invited to the Eid party), so you can keep spinning that as “bad break-up” for infinity. And then if they do end up at the same party, you can plant something like that “yeah, but he left right away” or “it’s just because he is trying to get back with her and she is remaining strong”. There’s just no way to kill it, not positioned as “she dumped him and he wants her back”, anything that happens can be spun into some kind of explanation that fits that scenario.

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          • The “break-up” is the gift that keeps on giving. Affair stories wouldn’t have worked at all if she was back in India on any semi-permanent basis because it would be too obvious that it’s not true. At some point, you have to have to provide picture proof and that was not going to happen since SRK stays far away from her. Gossip stories can only go so far without something more concrete to back it up. It was easy to do during Don time because they were working together and promoting. Now there would be no chance.

            On the other hand, this is perfect. You can spread stories without proof about him wanting her, her resisting and being strong, his evil wife not letting him attend parties where PC is, focusing on his face at award shows and breathlessly looking out for small interactions and so much more.

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          • And again, same strategy Rekha used. Although she was a lot kinder to Jaya in her version, making it that poor suffering Jaya finally broke down and gave an ultimatum and Amitabh chose his marriage and children. Not this strange “he still loves me and his wife is the bad guy” story.

            And it worked for Rekha for 30 years and counting.

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  3. I remember, once when I was little I told my mother: Wow, how cool must be working in a shop. People give you money everyday and you can do what you want with them. Unfortunately my mom destroyed my happy vision saying: you can’t do this. This money is not yours. That day I learnt that working in a shop is not fun, and that I can’t use money that is not mine. Seems that Prerna hasn’t learnt similar lesson and I hope people will stay away from her and her company in the future.


    • Her next few films are already taken away from her I think, Shahid and Shraddha’s electricity epic is now being produced directly by the studio instead of KriArj. But on the other hand, I also just saw an interview with the marketing person for KriArj defending her. So I guess they are still trying to stay in the business.

      It reminds me of a job I had at a children’s bookstore, run by a rich lady using her husband’s money. I’m guessing the husband got tired of footing the bills, and by the time I quit, we were getting calls from vendors who hadn’t been paid, a couple weeks after I left she stopped paying paychecks. It was just no concept of money, that if she didn’t have it she should have shut down the business, not blithely kept going and trusting us to carry her.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 4:45 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. `
    Last time you blogged a negative column about Priyanka you were buried in abusive comments. Not this time. I wonder if her loyal fans and less loyal these days?


    • No, I think they just haven’t noticed this post because I hid it a bit.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 7:49 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. My takeaway.No Don 3.Ever.Unless maybe sometime in the future someone will reboot the Don franchise with Aryan.Prerna is not a rare case.Almost every actor has a history of getting bounced cheques.In the good old days when Dileep had clout in the Malayalam industry, he tried suing a producer -unsuccessfully of course.


    • That particular kind of spoiled little rich girl bounced checks, that INFURIATES me. But maybe it’s just me. I think if it was a gangster bouncing checks, or a rich businessman, I would be less angry.

      And yeah, for the past 5 years or so every time Don 3 comes up, there is an unspoken “of course, without Priyanka” part to it. I think they have to kill her, the character that is. Which might be a really good plot device anyway, avenging Roma and watching Don process his feelings over her death would be a great direction to take the franchise.

      On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 8:22 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. Why are we only blaming PC there are two parties involved we never know what the inside story is, it is possible that SRK did have an affair but since its a male dominant industry and we are too biased of his fandom we see HIM as the victem, same with KR and HR


    • Did you even read the post or the comments? Nobody actually cares about the affair, whether it happened or not. It’s about dragging on the story in the media over and over hitting out at people who are truly innocent like Gauri Khan and spreading stories slyly without naming the guy so he can’t even respond even if he wants to. This is sleazy and a way to have your cake and eat it too.

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