Silly Sunday Post: Happy 25 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 25 Characters in Need of More Story

I was tempted to do one long post for one of these, but that would break the list pattern.  Plus, be harder to write.  So some will be longer, some will be shorter, but there will be a full 25.  And that will give you all a lot to talk about in the comments.

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Chalte Chalte: It’s Rani’s Birthday This Week! And This is the Best SRK-Rani Movie!

Is that a controversial statement?  Not the birthday part (can’t really deny that), but the best SRK-Rani part?  I don’t think so, they’ve worked together a lot, but they haven’t actually been the main “jodi” in most of their films.  It’s really just this one and Paheli and Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna.  So, okay, you can fight with me over whether this is a better movie or Paheli or Kabhi Alveda Na Kehna.

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Random Songs Post: Let’s Play Antakshari!

I wanted to do a songs post, because this week is wearing me out and I don’t have the energy for a “real” post.  And also because it was Mardi Gras yesterday and I have a great Mardi Gras song.  But I couldn’t think of any other Mardi Gras songs, so instead of doing that theme, I came up with another.

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