Silly Sunday: Ice Cream Themed! A Spy Movie with John and Prabhas and a Love Story with Shahrukh and Kajol

Happy Sunday!  I have to go lead a meeting at church in a bit, but first I get to be totally frivolous and ridiculous with the Silly Sunday stories.  Hopefully I don’t mix this up with my meeting agenda and accidentally start reading it aloud.

Spy Movie: John Abraham and Prabhas Team Up

We open with two intercut action scenes.  John is in some international place doing a big jump around, roll over tables, high kick kind of shoot out.  Meanwhile, Prabhas is in Hyderabad casually talking his way into a drug deal and then finally arresting the dealer and having one tiny fight scene moment when the dealer tries to escape, and he knocks him out.  And then John gets a phone call calling him back to the office in India, and Prabhas gets a little kid messenger sent to call him back to his office.  Both John and Prabhas are given the same briefing.  There is a Big Bad, an American NRI businessman (Anil Kapoor) who is trying to steal Indian technology secrets.  It is their job to stop him.  But, they won’t be working alone.  Prabhas will be given a partner from RAW, and John will be given a partner from local police.  Prabhas has to go to the local RAW office the next day to meet his partner, and John has to fly to Hyderabad.

Related image

(He does look good in uniform)

That night, Prabhas goes home to his big combined family household, where he is alternately fussed over and ignored.  His big brother has a new corporate job, everyone is very excited over it, Prabhas sits down in front of the TV and fights for the remote with his little nephew while his mother absentmindedly gives him a plate of dinner.  His sister Anushka comes over and casually takes the remote away from him and puts the cartoons back on for her son, Prabhas complains, she whacks his head, he says something grumbly about how he thought he was rid of her after she got married, know she is back to bother them again, if only his parents had chosen a better husband he could have been rid of her!  She jokes that next time, why doesn’t he pick the husband for her.

John goes back to his sad life, packs up his empty apartment in Delhi, one garlanded photo of his mother and nothing else on the walls, works out, eats a healthy dinner, has a drink, and goes to bed.

Next day, Prabhas and John meet for the first time in the waiting room of RAW agency in Hyderabad.  Prabhas starts flirting with the receptionist right away, Tamannah, but she keeps shooting him down.  He keeps flirting until finally John walks in behind him and gets him in a chokehold and tells him to leave her alone.  Prabhas makes a joke, and then flings powder from the desk in John’s eyes and gets loose, it looks like they are about to fight for real when their boss (Nassar) pokes his head out and says “I see you have already met your partner.  Good, come in for the briefing on the mission”.

John and Prabhas unhappily sit down and are briefed.  They need to stake out the local offices of the American company, waiting for the informer to arrive.  And the best stake out location is……the ice cream shop across the street!  Prabhas and John will have to work it together, John has the spy smarts and technology and experience, Prabhas has the local knowledge.  And their codenames will be “Strawberry” and “Rocky Road”.  They will work independently, no more direct orders, if they have any messages to send, Tamannah will be their contact.

John and Prabhas continue to hate each other at first.  Decide to work the case completely separately and see who gets a break first.  So John sets up his surveillance technology and stuff, and Prabhas makes friends with the little boy who brings chai into the office.  They each get a break, only to discover they were investigating the other one!  John overheard conversations about the new mysterious guy, and it was just the office ladies talking about hot Prabhas who they were sure was interested in one of them because he kept asking questions.  Prabhas heard from his chai kid about new technology at the office, and it was just the bug John planted which had been found.  John and Prabhas end up at the same stake out, both waiting for something to happen, until they finally figure out that they are just waiting on each other.  After another fight, they finally decide to work together when John comes to Prabhas’ house to apologize.  There is a misunderstanding (duh) because Anushka thinks that Prabhas has made good on his threat and found her another husband and is furious and embarrassed and yells at John and tries to send him away.  Until Prabhas comes home and she realizes what is really happening and John is too much of a gentleman to tell Prabhas about the misunderstanding.  She runs after him to thank him privately when he leaves, and he says something super nice and charming about how a woman like her clearly doesn’t need a brother to set her up.

Image result for anushka shetty

(Yes, she doesn’t get Prabhas in this one.  But she gets John Abraham, and isn’t that almost as good?)

Plot Progresses.  Prabhas and John are awkwardly working together, Tamannah stops by to check on them and makes fun of Prabhas in his pink hat and shirt behind the counter, but also seems a little jealous of all the ladies from the office who are flocking to the shop to have two hot men serve them ice cream.  Prabhas convinces her to meet him after the shop closes and gives her a private serving of a special ice cream and she starts to melt a little.  John has to go over to Prabhas’ house for planning meetings and Anushka starts dressing up specially for him and he awkwardly brings a pint of ice cream for her and a toy for her son.  Everything seems perfect.

Until Prabhas is checking surveillance footage and hears John and Anushka talking, because John forgot to turn off his wire.  He is flirting with her, and then there is silence when they clearly kiss, and Prabhas is FURIOUS!!!!!  He confronts John, who misunderstands and thinks he is talking about a flirtation John had with one of the office workers, says it was “just for the mission, didn’t mean anything, he got what he wanted from her”.  Prabhas starts hitting him, John is confused but eventually has to hit back in self-defense, big big fight with shirts torn off and rolling around in the ice cream trays.  And all the female workers from across the street running out to watch.  Finally Tamannah shows up and orders them to stop, and when that doesn’t work, grabs the hose from the street cleaner and turns it on them until they calm down.  And then pulls them into the walk-in freezer to talk it out.

Prabhas explains that John is playing with the heart of his sister, she’s already been hurt once, he’s not going to let some smooth Delhi guy come in and break her heart all over again.  John says that Anushka is a grown woman who knows her own mind and it’s not Prabhas’ place to say who she can and cannot talk to.  Tamannah suggests that they just call Anushka and see what she says.  Tamannah calls her up, and Anushka answers in tears, her son has just been kidnapped!!!!!!  And there is a ransom note for Prabhas.

John and Prabhas and Tamannah immediately start working together.  The note warned Prabhas to return the computer disc he stole, clearly it is Evil Anil Kapoor that is behind everything.  They go through the surveillance footage and find where he probably has the child stashed.  Prabhas will deliver the disc, John will go in and rescue him, Tamannah will go undercover as his office assistant to steal back the disc.  Of course, each of them end up in a fight scene, but in the end the little boy is rescued and the disc is saved.  Anushka is so grateful that when John and Prabhas show up at the house, she leaps up and hugs John in front of every body, while Prabhas complains a little that he helped too, doesn’t he get a hug?  So Tamannah hugs him so he will feel better.  HAPPY ENDING.

Image result for tamanna prabhas

Tag scene, Anushka and John’s wedding, Tamannah is there as Prabhas’ guest meeting his family.   But then Tamannah gets a call and grabs Prabhas and drags John away too, Anushka ends up sitting alone on the marriage bed eating a pint of Rocky Road ice cream.



Rival Ice Cream Love Story with Shahrukh and Kajol

Kajol is a powerful business woman running an ice cream empire.  We see her being interviewed on TV by someone who refers to her as a “sweet shop owner” and she gently corrects them that she has an MBA from America and has never even made ice cream in her life, she just saw an opening in the market and jumped in.  Her shops promise efficiency, cleanliness, and courtesy, her brand stands for something and people are choosing it all across India.  At which point the interview surprises her by showing her footage of her newest shop, in downtown Bombay, that is left empty while the local ice cream shop across the street has a line out the door.  What does she say to that?

Related image

(Kajol is awesome and powerful in suits like in VIP 2)

And then we see the local ice cream shop.  Run by Shahrukh and his 3 much younger sisters.  One sister is a little flirty (Parineeti) and he snaps at her, not for flirting but for only serving the cute boy customers and ignoring the rest.  Another sister (Kriti) is on the register and very rude, irritated that the customers are making her ignore her book, Shahrukh chides her for being rude and takes the book away until after work.  And the third sister (Kiara Advani) is very shy and can hardly speak above a whisper, so Shahrukh repeats the question she asked the customer and sends her back to the freezer to bring out more ice cream.  There are 3 garlanded photos on the wall, a man and two women, and Shahrukh explains to a customer who asks that the name of the shop, “Two Mothers”, is because he had two mothers.  His mother died when he was a baby, but when he was 12 years old, his father married again, a wonderful woman who became his second mother.  After his parents died, he wanted a place where he could feel safe taking his sisters every day, so he quit his fancy job in the hospitality industry and opened this shop, and named it “Two Mothers” so that his mothers would always be watching over it.  The girls grew up here and someday they will take over the business from him.  The same person asks how Shahrukh can be sure the business will last, with the competition from the chains, and Shahrukh smiles and suggests that he just try the ice cream.  The person tries the ice cream and closes his eyes in ecstasy, then goes outside to call Kajol and tell her they have a real problem.  Because he was a corporate spy for Kajol all along!

Kajol decides to see for herself.  Not realizing that right before she arrived, all the sisters were talking together.  They want Shahrukh to be happy, and they also want him to be less obsessed over their lives.  He follows Parineeti around on her dates, he locks up Kriti’s books if he thinks she isn’t getting enough sleep, he tries to make Kiara speak to the customers so she will be less shy and she hates that.  The best solution, he should finally get married.  But he’s so oooooooold, who would want him?  Maybe a woman as old as he is.  But the only women his age who come into the shop are ones with children and husbands already.  They just need to look for the next single woman who is old like him.  And of course, that is when Kajol walks in.  She starts asking questions about the shop, and they ask questions to her, saying it is for a school project.  Is she married?  Is she engaged?  How old is she?  And it ends up with the girls spontaneously offering her a job.  Kajol takes it, thinking it will give her a chance to learn more and maybe steal their recipes.

Image result for shahrukh khan

(So old!!!!!  So unattractive!)

Shahrukh is furious when he finds out, it’s a family business, why hire an outsider?  But the girls work on him, tell him that Kajol is a poor aging single woman with no one to support her, she wandered in desperate for a job, and besides if they hire her, maybe they can take time off in the evenings, have that family dinner he always wanted them to have.  Shahrukh softens and goes into work the next day ready to meet his aged spinster lady, and is stunned when it is gorgeous Kajol!  He is taken by her, but also immediately irritated when she starts giving suggestions for how to run the shop more “efficiently”.  They fight and fight all day, and Kiara and Kirti are worried. But Parineeti tells them not to worry, she’s seen this before, fighting usually means love.

Slowly Kajol gets more and more involved in their lives.  She helps Kiara to get over her shyness and talk to the cute boy she likes.  She suggests that Kirti come up with a reading schedule and present it to Shahrukh as a contract they can both agree to instead of fighting all the time.  She suggests to Parineeti that she offer to take one of her sisters along on her dates instead of Shahrukh as chaperone.  The girls all love her, and Shahrukh goes between loving her and being angry with her, but mostly is just confused by what he is feeling.  Kajol keeps being surprised by moments of liking him, when she sees photos of him bathing Parineeti (the youngest) in the kitchen sink as a baby, because her mother died when she was only 6 months old and he had to take care of her.  Or when he reads aloud to Kirti so she will calm down and go to sleep when she is obsessing over an exam.  Or when he helps Kiara breath deeply and calm down when she is over-whelmed with shyness.  Or just staying up late to do the laundry and pick up the house after the 3 girls are already in bed.

But then it all goes wrong at the interval when they see the TV interview and realize who Kajol is.  Shahrukh is ready to hear an explanation, but the girls are furious, insist he throw her out of their lives and never let her in again.  And so they block the door when she comes to explain and tell her that she isn’t good enough to ever see their brother again and demand she close her rival shop if she is really sorry.  Kajol gets angry too, declares she will not be closing the shop, she will be managing it herself!

Image result for shahrukh kajol fight

(I do like it when they fight each other)

And so the second half starts with the two shops on opposite sides of the street.  Kiara’s new boyfriend, an artist (Vicky Kaushal), helps them freshen up their sign.  Kirti uses her computer engineering studies to set up a computer system to make the ordering process more efficient.  And Parineeti goes off on her own to seduce and win over Kajol’s closest assistant, Varun, the one who was her informer in the first scene, and learn what is happening at Kajol’s shop.  Varun knows what she is doing and pretends to be won over, hoping to get secrets from her in return.  Kajol offers discounts, uses TV ads, all the things big corporations can do.  Shahrukh’s shop has the local loyal customers and the new look and fights back.  Until finally it gets really ugly when a rumor starts that Kajol’s chain uses adulterated ingredients, it’s poison.  No one knows where the rumor started, Varun breaks up with Parineeti, sure it is her family that did it, and in the break-up they realize that they may have come to really care for each other.  Kiara and Kirti fight, each sure the other started the rumor and disapproving of it.  Shahrukh is mad at all of them and says he doesn’t care who did it, he just wants it to stop.

Kajol is miserable, her shop is empty, her business is going down day by day.  Finally, she comes to Shahrukh’s shop drunk and miserable, to ask him what she did that was so wrong, she just loved him is all, loved him and his daughters, maybe it started as a lie but by the end it was true.  Shahrukh feels terrible, doesn’t say anything, just holds her and then takes her home and puts her to sleep in his bed.  She wakes up the next day to find a message on her phone telling her “watch this”.  It’s a new TV ad, put together by Varun and Vicky and Shahrukh and the sisters while she slept.  Shahrukh and his sisters going to her ice cream shop and talking about how nothing is more important than family, and he trusts his family with her ice cream.  Kajol is touched, rushes downstairs (of course they live above their shop) to see that there are already people gathering in her shop, the ad worked!  She turns back to see the three sisters smiling at her, and Kiara tells her “he’s in the freezer”.  She goes into the walk in freezer to find Shahrukh and thanks him.  He tries to brush it off as “just being neighborly”, but she asks if he really meant what he said about trusting her with his family, he half smiles and admits that yes, he did.  Kajol tries to be professional and says “in that case, might I suggest a merger?”  Shahrukh asks “of the businesses or of the family?”  Kajol smiles back and says “both?”

HAPPY ENDING!  The wedding takes place in the ice cream shop, obviously.  Vicky is hired as the new graphic designer for the new rebranding of the whole chain as “Kajol and Two Mother’s”.  Kirti is hired as the new head of computer programming.  Parineeti is brought in as Kajol’s new personal assistant, meaning she will be working “very closely” with Varun.  And Shahrukh is the quality control specialist, he gets to obsess over all the ice cream and make sure it is up to his standards.



Phew!  That was exhausting, I am ready to go to church now and relax.


Out of these two stories, if we could only make one, which would you pick?  And any casting/story changes?

3 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Ice Cream Themed! A Spy Movie with John and Prabhas and a Love Story with Shahrukh and Kajol

  1. `
    I may be dense, but why is the new name “Kajol and Two Mother’s” ??

    Anyway, I would make the other one. John Abraham and Prabhas behind an ice cream counter is just too good to pass up.


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