TGIF: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Who Has the Best Hair?

I did eyes last week, and now I guess I am just moving up on the body?  Seems like maybe it would make more sense to move down, but I have far stronger opinions about hair than I do about noses.

Best boyish bangs


Image result for salman maine pyar kiya


Image result for shahrukh chaahat


Image result for akshay kumar young


Young Shahid

Image result for shahid kapoor young

Kumar Gaurav

Image result for kumar gaurav


Best 90s Perm


Image result for madhuri hair


Image result for juhi hair

Shilpa Shetty

Related image


Image result for sridevi 90s

Pooja Bhatt

Image result for pooja bhatt hair


Best curls


Image result for taapsee pannu curly hair

Anupama Parameshwaran

Related image

Taapsee Pannu

Image result for taapsee pannu curly hair

Nithya Menon

Image result for nithya menon curls

Bobby Deol

Image result for bobby deol jhoom barabar jhoom


Best Mullet


Image result for saif ali khan mullet


Image result for hrithik krrish 3


Image result for shahrukh koyla

Amrish Puri

Image result for amrish puri koyla


Image result for sanjay saajan


Best Boycut Hair


Image result for kajol dushman


Image result for anushka pk


Related image


Related image


Related image

Zeenat Aman

Image result for zeenat aman short hair

Twinkle Khanna

Image result for twinkle khanna short hair

Manisha Koirala

Related image


Best Manbun

Kunal Kapoor

Related image

Ranveer Singh

Related image

Shahid Kapoor

Related image

Shahrukh Khan

Image result for shahrukh khan don 2


Image result for dulquer long hair


Overall Best Male

Shahrukh Khan

Related image


Image result for madhavan hair

Anil Kapoor

Image result for anil kapoor hair

Shashi Kapoor

Related image

Shammi Kapoor

Image result for shammi kapoor hair

Allu Arjun

Related image


Best Hair Overall Female


Image result for kajol hair


Image result for priyanka hair

Jaya Bachchan

Image result for jaya bachchan hair


Image result for rekha hair


Related image


Image result for sadhana bangs



My winners:

Best Bangs

Image result for salman maine pyar kiya

Best Perm

Image result for madhuri hair

Best Curls

Related image

Best Mullet

Image result for saif ali khan mullet

Best Boycut

Image result for twinkle khanna short hair

Best Manbun

Related image


Best Overall Male

Image result for anil kapoor hair


Best Overall Female

Related image


So, what’s your vote?  Who wins each category, and who wins overall?


40 thoughts on “TGIF: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, Who Has the Best Hair?


    90s Perm = Madhuri

    Curls: Nithya Menon’s hair is exactly the same texture as mine! But I vote for Kangana having the best curls. They are so even and spirally.

    Best Mullet = Sanjay of course! He doesn’t just have a mullet, he embodies the mullet

    Best Short Hair = Tabu. She’s the only one where it doesn’t look wiggy

    Best Manbun = Kunal of course. He’s the only one wearing the manbun instead of the manbun wearing him.

    Overall Male = Anil. Even better when it’s silver.

    Overall Female = Gotta agree with you on Bhagyashree which surprises me.


    • Yes! This is the magic of Akshay. Sometimes, you hardly notice him. Sometimes, he is burning up the screen hot. And you never know which Akshay will show up! It must make living with him so exciting.

      I was thinking I should clarify whether I meant GOOD 90s perm, or representative 90s perm. Representative, I think Pooja definitely wins.

      My only major issue with Queen, I really want the ending to have her with big poofy curls flying free, instead of perfect relaxed hair.

      Sanjay and the mullet, really a special bond. Similar to Madhuri and the 90s perm. Maybe that’s what drew them together.

      I suspect most of the others actually are wigs. Which is too bad, because Tabu and Twinkle at least looked great in it.

      Absolutely. There should be a law only Kunal Kapoor is allowed to wear a manbun ever.

      And Anil still has the hair! Right? I’m not just being naive and idealistic, that is his real hair? Of course, the balance is a ton of horrible body hair everywhere.

      Bhagyashree really is amazing. Like, it was hard to concentrate watching Maine Pyar Kiya because her hair was just so fabulous.


          • Well I just finished watching Namastey London which is retrograde and ridiculous in so many ways but Akshay burned up the screen, zomg. Even with the weird henna rinse that kept coming and going in different scenes. Akshay burning with lust for Katrina in every scene and hoo boy was that nice to watch for two hours.


          • Yeah, Nameste London is goooooooood Akshay. And right after that, Hey Baby, bad Akshay. At least, for me. If you want more Akshay-Kat yearning, check out Humko Deewane, which also has bonus Anil. Or his cult hit among the non-desi internet fans, Tashan. Soooooo brilliant, sooooooo weird (way too weird for the Indian audience).

            On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 11:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Best boyish bangs:
    Kumar Gaurav
    Best perm:
    Best curls:
    Kangana and Bobby
    Best mullet:
    SRK in Koyla
    Best manbun:
    Best male:
    I can’t chose. Madhavan has beautiful hair, but also Prabhas, and Shashi and Tovino Thomas, and Ram Charan, and can we talk about Rana?
    Best female:
    I absolutely love Priyanka’s hair on the photo you posted. I would kill to have the hair like this. And I like Katrina’s hair.

    I don’t vote for best boycut because all look terrible.


    • Yaaay, Kumar Gaurav gets some love!

      I was thinking it would be a Sanjay blow out for the mullet, but it looks like Madhuri as Best Perm might be an even bigger winner.

      I really want Kangana and Bobby to co-star now, just so we can see them go curl to curl.

      Even I, SRK lover that I am, have to disagree with him as the best mullet choice. I think I would put him just ahead of Amrish Puri and behind everyone else.

      Really? Ranveer? Not Kunal?

      I was thinking Tovino, but all I could find was big beard and small hair shots, no big beautiful hair close-ups. Anil, on the other hand, soooooooo many hair shots.

      I like your strong stand on boycuts

      On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 3:19 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Kangana and Bobby have done a movie together in 2009 – Vaada Raha

        I just love everything in Koyla, SRK’s mullet included, and I can’t vote for anyone else.

        Manbun – I was always team Kunal, but I think the muscles made me vote for Ranveer. Now when I look at his photo better , his bun is not good.

        Almost all Boycuts here are terrible, because you can see it’s all wigs, and all “old aunty style”, like if a woman has short hair she must look bad. I personally like short hair but not in Bollywood.

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        • And, strangely, they both straightened their hair for it. Maybe there was some sort of suicide pact thing? They didn’t want to risk the challenge of the other’s curls, so they both agreed to avoid the battle and go straight?

          Thank you! I have always found Koyla a surprisingly undervalued movie. Not just for the “why not” factor we were talking about, but some actual interesting statements on a woman’s right to choose her husband and a marriage of the heart rather than the ceremonies.

          Tabu really pulls off the cut I think. And it makes her look younger than she looks now with longer hair, if that makes sense. I think she has a short hair face and it will always be more appealing on her. But for the rest of them, agreed.

          On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 4:17 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • You know what I like in Koyla, or better what shocks me everytime? The Madhuri-Amrish wedding scene. She is unconscious and everybody sees it, but nobody objects.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Yep! That movie does an amazing job at showing how vulnerable a woman is without a man. With Mohnish Behl gone, there is no one to protect her interests but herself and she doesn’t count. I wish the movie had just been about that, Madhuri kidnapped and forced into this marriage and finding an ally in Shahrukh, equally oppressed. Instead of getting distracted with the whole diamonds plot

            On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 4:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Bangs: Shahid
    90s Perm: Madhuri Dixit (you know what’s weird…sometimes in certain pictures like this one she reminds me of my mom who was quite pretty back in the day (and still is)
    Curls: Taapsee…I think she looks 10x prettier with the curls because her hairline doesn’t suit a straightened look
    Mullet: only Saif can make it look sexy though Sanju really is a walking mullet…can’t pick Hrithik because he’s disqualified in the hair department…because that stuff ain’t real which pains me to admit
    Boycut Hair: Anushka…I honestly didn’t hate it on her
    Manbun: Kunal…always Kunal
    Best Male: probably Madhavan, but I would pick Arjun Kapoor over any of these dudes
    Best Female: I really don’t like the really long hair look (no offense, Margaret!), so I would have to go with Kajol…her hair styling isn’t showy but it always looks pretty good


    • Well, now you are dead to me if you don’t like the long hair look. You and my father, he described it recently as “creepy”. But I will try to forgive and forget.

      Shahid’s bangs really do perfectly evoke that sort of little-boy-just-growing-up feeling, don’t they?

      My Mom had that perm in the 90s. I think everyone’s Mom had that perm. Except her’s was a little more Pooja Bhatt and less Madhuri.

      Yes! Nithya Menon too, their whole face is better when they let their hair curl. Kangana has the strongest curls, but also I think can pull off straight hair the best, just with her face.

      All of Hrithik’s hair is real, and so is Amitabh’s, and on this I will stake my faith. Rajinikanth, him I will reluctantly let go.

      Anushka pulled it off and it looked interesting, but on Tabu and Manisha and Twinkle I felt like it actually made them look more pretty instead of just neutral.

      Always Kunal. For almost everything.

      Oh I should have included Arjun! He’s got those good Kapoor genes.

      Kajol’s natural hair is gorgeous, thick and strong and all of that, you can see it in her early roles. And I feel like she has taken good care of it so it is good looking even now, after years of processing.

      On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 3:38 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I agree with most of this, by @filmilibrarian, except on the long hair. I really think it looks good & Bhagyashree is a very good pick.

      Overall male to Madhavan seems fair. Haven’t seen much of Arjun Kapoor.


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  5. I just don’t think I’m a fan of bangs on men.

    90s perm: Pooja, if we’re going for 90sness.

    Mullet: I always associate Emraan Hashmi with mullets. He sort of always looks like he’s got one.

    Manbun: I’m not loving the little braids, but still Kunal. I think Kunal can do anything with his hair.


    • “Sort of always looks like he has a mullet” is one of those specific descriptions that i immediately understand.

      I think Kunal can do anything with anything and still look good.


  6. Love Tapsee & Nithya’s curls. Very gentle & teasing, not fierce like Kangana’s.

    Post on hair & no Sai Pallavi?

    Diana Penty has the most gorgeous hair among the current lot in Bollywood:

    Short hair
    Parvathy rocked the boycut in Blore days & in real life

    Preity Zinta in Lakshya

    Are we not including women with short hair cut in real life? Kiran Rao, Mandira Bedi etc?

    How did you ignore Prabhas? His hair is a character in itself in Bahubali. And Bhalla rocks a mean manbun. Too tired to find pics.

    Oh also no weird blonde hair category? Wd have been fun.
    Salman in Veer, Kareena in one of her phases-of the top of my head.


    • Once again, you have found my glaring exceptions. I love love love Mandira’s current look, and think it is so much more striking and interesting than back when she had long hair. Shahrukh might have had to struggle to choice Kajol over her if she was cool and short haired instead of traditional and big haired.

      And here, here is some Bhalladeva for you.

      On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 11:25 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. None of those 90s ladies are sporting perms. That’s just Indian hair. To paraphrase Beyonce, they woke up like this. I know from personal experience because my hair went there in the 80s with almost no effort (those styles were popular in 80s USA but 90s India), maybe 10 minutes with a curling iron to refine the curls like that sridevi photo. Many Indian people have naturally wavy curly hair, so if you layer it, disheveled curls result, without needing a perm. (Divya Bharti is a good one to add to this category btw).

    If anything, it’s possible, though unlikely, that Kangana has something called a “spiral perm”, a permanent processing treatment that yields uniform spiral curls. But I love it anyways.

    Best overall female hair – kangana, rekha

    Best overall male hair – kunal, maddy, and grey Anil the Silver Fox
    Honorable mention – dulquer holds promise

    Best man bun – kunal of course, but shahid wears it well with that sly wink 😉

    Best boy cut – these are all awful, though Tabu is passable. Indian women hair is too thick and too many follicles per square inch, making a boy cut looks like a helmet. It works well on Kiran Rao because she has finer yet

    Best curls – Kangana, Kunal(!)

    Young Shahid is to Bangs what Young Sanju is to Mullets. It’s a symbiotic relationship in both cases.

    You have picked lovely pics of Madhuri and PC to post here.

    Now I have to see Bhagyashree in a movie to witness her hair. It’s clear that her hair and her face are a natural fit for each other and enhance each other, possibly moreso than with any other actress here.


    • Awful photo of Maddy and his hair btw. Are you trying to handicap his vote margin? 😉

      Very subtly sexy photo of Kajol, with the bare back. Very strong reliable tresses.

      Preity has lovely hair always.

      I really like Jim Sarbh’s mancurls too!


      • All the good photos I could find of Maddy had shorter hair. Or Saala Khadoos, but that seemed like prejudicing the voters too much. This was the best I could do for a neutral option that still had hair.

        I love Preity’s hair in Dil Chahta Hai, but I don’t remember noticing it that much in other films. Besides Lakshya, where her hair had a whole coming of age journey all its own.

        On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 12:41 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Preity has the similar strong reliable tresses that kajol had, but less of it, so it works well that she keeps it at a shorter length than kajol. And it’s fun to see her try different hair colors in different movies, while never going wild with color.


          • One more thing… Preity in DCH, now THAT’S a Perm!

            A perm results in that slightly bedraggled wet poodle look, which you can tame down with some gel.

            So either DCH is Preity’s actual natural hair plus gel, and she straightens it with a blow out in normal life, or she normally has the straight hair we see her in in all other movies, and she got a perm for DCH.


          • I am going to be lying awake nights now puzzling over this.

            On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 2:49 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Preity also seems to have a great hair face. Priyanka too. Loads of different cuts and colors look good on them, even if they wouldn’t work on anyone else. At least, you wouldn’t think someone could wear both a and b styles, you know?

            On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 2:30 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I can believe some of them are just a brush out, but there is no way Pooja and Shilpa are natural, that’s definitely a perm.

      I like Shahid and Sanju with symbiotic hair, that’s the perfect description. I might add Shammi and his 50s bouffant.

      Have you not seen Maine Pyar Kiya? I think that might be the only movie where Bhagyashree had her full amazing hair. And it was distractingly amazing.

      On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 12:30 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I would have to see other photos of pooja and shilpa IRL from that era to better judge, but based on stereotypical wavy curly Indian hair, I guarantee you that neither has a perm.

        In fact, Pooja’s 90s hair = my 80s bedhead. I literally did wake up like this! That top poof was called a “hair bear” (a pun on Care Bear). To maximize the poof, put mousse in the hair while it’s wet, then air dry is good enough, but blow dry upside down while “scrunching” your hair in your hands to add multidirectional curls and body.
        Shilpa’s look is just a variation on Pooja’s look, a little more coiffed in ten minutes with hot rollers, curling iron, round brush blow dry, and/or blow drying upside down with something called a Diffuser. My diffuser and my hair were best friends for a decade lol.

        My default hair for several years was that Madhuri photo. Collar bone length hair, long layers in the back, face framing layers in front, a 2-5 minute round brush blow dry of the front layers to get that face framing flip, and let the rest air dry. Voila,no perm needed.

        Ironically, there’s probably a photo of me in every single one of the looks here, including the mullets (usually more SRK in the business front and more saif hrithik in the party back), the helmet-head boycuts, and every one of the perm and curl and boy bang looks, and never once did I get a perm, not did I get it straightened.

        I even had Kangana hair when I lived in the PNW -temperate yet misty humid climate encouraged curls and uniformity, blow dry rightside up with an upside down diffuser to encourage the spiral and enhance the bounce. People used to compare my hair to Juliana Margulies hair from ER, which was on tv back then. Then brush that hairdo out – voila, Anupama hair. Again, all without a perm.

        Now that I’m middle aged, i have fewer follicles and thus less hair. Plus I live in a hotter drier climate now. So when it’s long, it’s like Sai pallavii photo in the comments, when it’s medium, it’s like tapsee or nrithya. I wonder if I can finally achieve Tabu’s finer flatter boy cut. I’m tempted to try, except that my grow out looks like that photo of Anil but every single day lol..


        • But we love Anil! He won Best Male Overall! Although, that’s also with a mustache. There might be something about balancing the look with a matching mustache that really sells it.

          On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 4:04 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. Fabulous hair is every Bollywood leading man/woman’s best asset.Just ask Akshay Khanna.I’m with Reflects on Life about 90s curls.They are 100% genuine.If Nithya and Tapsee didn’t bother to put any products on their hair, their hair would look about the same as Madhuri or Juhi’s in the 90s.Right now we’re at the tag end of the craze for straightened hair.People have just about stopped asking me when I’m going to get my hair straightened.

    Bangs- Kumar Gaurav of course. (Did you really expect me to say any different?)
    Mullet- Not even Hrithik can make me like it.I hope it never comes back.
    Boycut -Wigs, all of them. I think Sonakshi Sinha in Force 2 is the minimum any heroine dared to go.
    Manbun -Kunal. Shahrukh and Ranveer can’t seem to make up their mind to go the whole way.
    Jaya and Rekha have long fabulous hair.But then so did every other heroine till the 80s.


    • Oh good, I put in Kumar just for you, I am glad you appreciated.

      Priyanka looked amazing in her shortish hair in Pyaar Impossible, but I think that must have been a wig too. Which is too bad, I think it is one of her most flattering cuts ever.

      Do you remember in Kaagaz Ke Phool, there is a sequence where Waheeda shows up to a party in make-up and styled hair and painted nails? And Guru freaks out on her about changing her natural beauty? I assume that was the attitude until the 80s. Well, except for rebels like Zeenat Aman who just did whatever to their hair. Or Sharmila Tagore, she went styled too, didn’t she? It’s funny, in America short and styled hair was the boring respectable option and long natural hair was the rebellious option in that same era.

      On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 6:21 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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